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Ludwig Mises: Mises Institute Lectures by Ludwig von Mises

Ludwig Mises: Mises Institute Lectures

by Ludwig von Mises

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Ludwig Heinrich Edler von Mises was a notable economist and social philosopher. Von Mises was born in Lemberg, Austria-Hungary. Early on, von Mises was particularly interested in history and politics. After graduation, in 1900, he therefore began to study at the department of law and government science at the University of Vienna.

Titles of Lectures by Ludwig Mises include:

"Liberty and Property"
"Recollections from the University of Vienna"
"Socialism versus Free Market Exchange"

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Patrick Barron: The Greek Crisis and the Impossibility of the Euro

Thu, Jul 02, 2015

Patrick and Jeff discuss European integration, which pits creditor nations like Germany against hapless debtors like Greece under the yoke of the Eurozone. With the Euro operating as a political project rather than a real currency, spendthrifts like Greece chronically find themselves unable to service debt. Greece, says Patrick, represents an example of Say's Law in action and a clear refutation of Keynes's belief that creating artificial demand via cheap credit stimulates production. Think Greece can't happen here? Look no further than California, with its public pension crisis and huge debts. If you're looking for a sober and hard-hitting analysis of what's really at issue in Greece, stay tuned for a great discussion with Patrick Barron.

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ナ「kasz Dominiak: Culture in Hoppe's Private Law Society

Thu, Jun 25, 2015

ナ「kasz Dominiak is an adjunct scholar at Nicolaus Copernicus University in Poland, and a student of political philosophy. His research as a Summer Fellow at the Mises Institute involves the cultural aspects of a libertarian legal system, with an emphasis on the works of Hans-Hermann Hoppe.ナ「kasz and I discuss what a private law society might look like in Europe, starting with Hoppe's example of "10,000 Liechtensteins." We discuss how private law develops from tradition and custom, rather than top-heavy state edicts. And because states destroy culture—in fact states view culture, custom, and tradition as enemies—reducing state power will cause cultural institutions to reassert themselves. ナ「kasz concludes that a truly libertarian society would be far less libertine than most western nations today, because high-risk individuals would bear more of the direct costs stemming from their lifestyle decisions.We discuss the tension between liberty and free immigration in supposedly democratic states, where arbitrary national borders rather than private property boundaries cloud the issue. And we discuss the Hoppean conception of private defense, where protection against invaders would be largely a function of collective agreements and insurance arrangements.If you're interested in Hoppe, private law, and the role of culture in libertarian theory, stay tuned for a great interview.

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Jonathan Newman: Inflation and Business Cycles

Fri, Jun 19, 2015

This weekend, we continue our series featuring some of the young scholars who are spending their summer here at the Mises Institute as summer fellows. One of these young scholars is Jonathan Newman, who is working on a PhD in Economics just across the street from us at Auburn University. Jonathan is not only a thoroughly Austrian scholar, but he is also an excellent teacher. He is concerned about his students—he cares about them—and he cares about being an effective instructor, unlike so many young people who seem to go into academia just to publish. We thought you would enjoy hearing Jonathan teach some high school students on the subject of inflation.

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14 Years with the LvMI: An Interview with Dr. Mark Thornton

Thu, Jun 18, 2015

Mark Thornton is interviewed by Phil Pepin on The Pursuit of Freedom radio show. They discuss Dr. Thornton's experiences teaching Austrian economics, the development of the Mises Institute and Austrian economics from the beginning, and the growing acceptance (and opposition) of Austrian ideas in the United States. Questions: 2:25 - Most memorable moments teaching Austrian economics11:11 - Do you think the impact (of the Mises Institute) has been significant?16:52 - How many Mises Institutes are there at this point?19:56 - Discussion of the development of Austrian Economics, starting with Mises escaping Austria during WWII 24:46 - Further discussion on Austrian Economics breaking into the mainstream29:07 - Discussion on civil unrest caused by the state34:04 - Discussion of 'free trade' agreements from the quote: "All these free trade agreements are not free trade at all, but actually managed agreements. They're corporatist agreements."37:45 - Discussion of China's foreign policy relative to the United States'

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Demelza Hays: American Millennials Head for the Exits

Fri, Jun 12, 2015

Demelza Hays, a Summer Fellow at the Institute and a graduate student of the Toulouse School of Economics in France, represents the new breed of young libertarians. Having grown up reading Rothbard, she's already firmly in the anarcho-capitalist camp. And unlike her parent's generation, she recognizes that America is far from the freest place on earth. Since her teenage years Demelza has developed an ex-pat mentality, living abroad both in India and France.Demelza, like many anti-state Millennials, is serious about engaging in personal secession from the American leviathan. Now she's preparing to become a resident of Liechtenstein and obtain a PhD in economics. Her academic interests, particularly in the area of blockchain technology and decentralized currencies, fit with her personal views and personal life.If you're a young person (or not so young person) interested in expatriating, and you want to know the job skills and mentality required, stay tuned for a fascinating interview.

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Louis Rouanet: The French Liberty Tradition

Fri, Jun 05, 2015

Our guest this week is Louis Rouanet, a Summer Fellow at the Mises Institute and a formidable young Austro-libertarian scholar. Louis studies economics at the Paris Institute of Political Studies, and has published several articles at mises.org relating to his research work at the Institute.Jeff and Louis discuss the deep French libertarian tradition, which goes far beyond Bastiat and Jean-Baptiste Say. In fact, French economics was once a close cousin of the Austrian school. And while we tend to see France as hopelessly statist and egalitarian today, its intellectual traditions are radically liberal.Is France lost forever to the EU political project, and the likes of Hollande and Piketty? Or can she reclaim both her sovereignty and her liberty in the 21st century?

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Joseph Salerno: The War on Cash

Fri, May 29, 2015

Governments, at least modern western governments, have always hated cash transactions. Cash is private, and cash is hard to tax. So politicians trump up phony reasons like drug trafficking and money laundering to win support for bad laws like the Bank Secrecy Act of 1970, which makes even small cash transactions potentially reportable to the Feds.Today cash is under attack like never before. Ultra low interest rates are the norm for commercial bank accounts. In Europe, as the ECB ventures into negative nominal interest rates, certain banks threaten to charge customers for depositing cash. Meanwhile, certain European bonds now pay negative yields, effectively turning them into insurance products rather than financial assets. And some economists now call for the outright abolition of cash, which shows just how far some will go in their crazed belief that economic prosperity can be commanded by forcing us to spend rather than save.The War on Cash is real, and it will intensify. Here to explain is Dr. Joe Salerno, who spoke on the subject at our recent Mises Circle event in Stamford, Connecticut.

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Seven Changes Needed in Baltimore and Ferguson Right Now

Thu, May 28, 2015

Communities like Baltimore and Ferguson have been crippled by government regulations and the American nanny state. Now is the time to allow local residents to break free of government wage controls, government schooling, and government prohibitions, writes Mark Thornton.This audio Mises Daily is narrated by Robert Hale.

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James Grant: The Forgotten Depression

Fri, May 22, 2015

James Grant, of Grant's Interest Rate Observer, recently joined us at our event in Stamford, Connecticut, to discuss his new book, The Forgotten Depression—1921: The Crash That Cured Itself.If you've never heard of the Depression of 1921, it's because the federal government and the (then new) Federal Reserve did the opposite of what they did in 2008: federal spending was cut, the federal budget was balanced, and interest rates were allowed to rise. In other words, real austerity measures were implemented. The result? A short economic contraction that healed itself.If you want to understand why TARP stimulus, too big to fail bank bailouts, and quantitative easing make our current economic crisis worse, there's nobody better than Jim Grant to explain.

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Stop the Violence窶 Here窶冱 How

Fri, May 15, 2015

Mark Thornton and host Albert Lu discuss the recent violence and in cities such as Ferguson or Baltimore, and if the solution to this 'urban blight' is more punishment and enforcement of the individual, or more economic and personal liberty for the individual.Dr. Thornton has recently written a Mises Daily article on this topic, which can be found here.

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James Ostrowski: The Illiberal Progressive Mind

Fri, May 15, 2015

Our guest this week is uniquely qualified to discuss modern progressives from a libertarian perspective. Jim Ostrowski, whom Murray Rothbard called "one of the finest people in the libertarian movement," is a lawyer, writer, activist, and chronicler of progressive dysfunction in his native New York. He's the author of Progressivism: A Primer on the Idea Destroying America, which explains progressivism more as personal psychology than a coherent view of the world. If you're interested in how progressives managed to capture the 20th century, stay tuned.Modern progressives believe the state should control, or at least involve itself, in nearly every aspect of human activity. They believe countless things about government and human nature that are manifestly not true. Deeply hostile to liberty, they never accept responsibility for the disasters caused by the political, economic, legal, cultural, and social policies they advocate.But should libertarians engage with progressives? Should we attempt to match their long march through the West's great institutions? Or should we write them off as hopelessly statist products of the dominant culture?

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The Forgotten Depression

Thu, May 07, 2015

The Murray N. Rothbard Lecture, sponsored by Caitlin Long. Recorded at the New York Area Mises Circle in Stamford, Connecticut, on 7 May 2015.

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David Stockman: Against Crony Capitalism, Part 2

Thu, May 07, 2015

David Stockman is our guest this week in the second of a two-part interview. Stockman was a congressman, Ronald Reagan’s budget director, and a private equity fund manager who saw the devastation brought to American companies by an economy built on cheap debt instead of real productivity. His book The Great Deformation is a tour de force exposテゥ of crony capitalism, an indictment of Treasury Department and Federal Reserve bailouts following the crash of 2008, and one of the most important books on crony capitalism ever written. His Contra Corner website is a daily must-read for anyone interested in the truth about our rigged economy.

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The Constitution and the Free Market

Thu, May 07, 2015

The Bruno Leoni Lecture, sponsored by Christopher P. Condon. Recorded at the New York Area Mises Circle in Stamford, Connecticut, on 7 May 2015.

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