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Golf Smarter Podcast by Fred Greene

Golf Smarter Podcast

by Fred Greene

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GOLF SMARTER will help lower your scores through strategy and course management tips. This podcast is interactive! Google Earth allows you to look down the fairway from the teebox as you listen. Click on the "Website" link below for more. Each week, host Fred Greene asks course pros to provide local knowledge on how to attack their courses, architects to reveal their design philosophy secrets, and PGA experts to help us avoid being our own worst enemy on the course. They all agree that you play better, and it's more fun, when you GOLF SMARTER. Listen for contest giveaway!

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454: Golf Simplified with Donald Crawley; Director of Instruction for The Boulders

Author: Fred Greene
Fri, Sep 12, 2014

454: Donald Crawley is the Director of Instruction at The Boulders Golf Academy in Carefree Arizona, just outside of Scottsdale. Since 1996 Donald has been regularly named one of the “Top 100 Teachers in America” by Golf Magazine and was also named “Best Teacher in Arizona” by Golf Digest. He has helped thousands of students with his Golf Simplified method, which made him the perfect instructor to have on Golf Smarter.


This is only 15 minutes of our conversation. In the full 50 minute Members Only episode, we also discuss course management, strategy, the basics, Tiger, Bubba, and more.

To hear the entire show, either join Golf Smarter for Members Only, or purchase it right now for only $1.99 in our Golfers’Mart at GolfSmarter.com

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453: 237 Rounds by September 1 –– in Canada! with Michael Hamel

Author: Fred Greene
Tue, Sep 09, 2014

453: Long time Golf Smarter Member Michael Hamel plays at least 36 holes everyday. In Ontario Canada! So far this year, he's logged 237 rounds, and he's not slowing down. In only 6 years of playing golf, Michael is down to a 3 handicap...although he'll say "up" to a 3 since he was in the 2s. He's also been a Personal Trainer for 25 years. When he fell in love with golf, he went for his TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) Certification so that he could become a better golfer, and to help others to be in better golf shape.

This is only 25 minutes of our conversation. In the full 55 minute Members Only episode, we get into detail on what golfers can do to improve their fitness and stamina.

To hear the entire show, either join Golf Smarter for Members Only, or purchase it right now for only $1.99 in our Golfers’Mart at GolfSmarter.com

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452: The Drought Crisis of 2014 with Don Chemeledos of The Presidio GC

Author: Fred Greene
Tue, Sep 02, 2014

452: Fourteen states are struggling from severe drought conditions. Now in it's third year in California, things have become so desperate that courses are starting to close because they cannot maintain playable conditions. General Manager of The Presidio Golf Course in San Francisco, Don Chemeledos joins us to discuss the severity of the drought and the unique ideas he's instituted to make it through this critical period. He also shares players' tips on how to play off of dry, hard pan and areas of the course that have no grass to get your club under.

This episode is brought to you by Audible.com. For a free audio book of your choice, open a new account today at http://audiblepodcast.com/golfsmarter.

Golf Smarter Members have till Oct 1 to get an additional, exclusive discount on a new GameGolf unit. Prices have just dropped to $199US, but our Members are the only people who also get an additional 10% off with the checkout code "golfsmarter". To take advantage of this offer, click on the Game Golf ad on our home page at GolfSmarter.com

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451: How to Use Game Golf to Lower Your Scores. Pt2 with CEO John McGuire

Author: Fred Greene
Tue, Aug 26, 2014

451: John McGuire, CEO of Game Golf, returns for pt2 of our conversation on the hottest tech product in golf today. We discuss details on what you can learn about the best and worst parts of your game from the data collected. As with any data analysis, the real value is when you take the 10,000 foot view and see the big picture of your strengths and weaknesses.

John also announces for the first time anywhere a price drop from $249 to $199 for a new Game Golf. If you’re interested in purchasing a GameGolf, please go to GolfSmarter.com and click on their ad on our home page. That will let them know you were referred by this podcast.

John also provides an additional exclusive discount to Golf Smarter Members. Due to his contractual obligations with his partners and retail channels, we're not allowed to publicly provide information on what the discount is or how to get it. Please don't publicize that info on the web or he could be in big trouble, and it would definitely jeopardize our relationship.

There’s another 30 minutes of our conversation that you’ve yet to hear. John and I get into a lot more detail on the types of data gathered, and how to interpret it. If you’d like to hear it now, it’s available when your a Golf Smarter Member, or as an Individual Episode of our Golfers’Mart.

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450: Game Golf has Arrived and It Really Helps! with CEO John McGuire

Author: Fred Greene
Mon, Aug 18, 2014

450: Game Golf is the hottest golf technology on the market today and it could be the most unique game improvement tool you'll ever use. In Spring 2013 (episode #376) we first met CEO John McGuire when he was raising funds to bring the product to market. The GOLF SMARTER community displayed more support then any other group who participated in the Indigogo funding campaign. Now Game Golf is available, and after using it since October 2013, my game has improved, my scores have gone down, and I’ve broken 80 six times! Before Game Golf, I hadn’t had a round in the 70s in over 5 years and only did it 3 times.

In this episode, John talks about how PGA Tour Players, the PGA of America, and the Golf Channel have all become investors. Also he shares his excitement after seeing news reports the day before we recorded that President Obama has been using Game Golf as well.

This is part 1 of a 2 part conversation. Up next in Part 2, we will talk about how to use Game Golf, how to analyze the data, how it improves your game, new pricing, and most importantly, how Golf Smarter Members get an exclusive discount not found any where else.

We also have just published 2 new videos about Game Golf on our GolfSmarterTV channel. The first is my introduction and review of Game Golf, the second is another conversation with John as we’re playing 18 at Lake Merced Country Club in San Francisco.

This episode is brought to you by harrys.com. Harry’s! For guys like you and me who want a great shave experience for a fraction of what we’re paying now. Just go to Harrys.com and get $5 off your first purchase by entering the check out code GOLFSMARTER.

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