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Jennifer Hoffman Audio

My name is Jennifer Hoffman and I am honored and humbled to have been chosen as a channel for the Archangel Uriel.  I am a lifelong intuitive and spiritual healer with many life experiences that have allowed me develop the compassion, understanding and faith that is required of Lightworkers. As a young child I lived through a life-threatening illness that resulted in a near death experience and left me physically paralyzed. I spent much of my early and mid-childhood in a wheelchair and leg braces and had to re-learn how to walk and use my hands. Although my parents were told that I would never walk again, the doctors called my complete recovery a miracle. Then, as a young teenager, I was hit and run over by a car while riding my bicycle and had a second near death experience. Again, I was unhurt and walked away from the accident.  I was told by God, during both of my journeys 'through the tunnel' that I had work to do and I had to go back.

Much of my life has been a series of emotional ups and downs, personal tragedies and triumphs, successes and failures.  I have lived all over the world, worked in many different business environments and had an interesting career in technology.  When I wondered why I could not have a more 'normal' life Archangel Uriel revealed that I had to understand the full range of human experience and emotion in order to prepare me for my work as a spiritual healer and angelic channel and that it is now time to begin.

It is with great joy that I bring Archangel Uriel's message to the world. I am honored to be a part of this effort and to be a facilitator for the Great Shift, a time when all of humanity will have an opportunity to heal karma and to apply the lessons of forgiveness to all aspects of their lives. Through me, Archangel Uriel has channeled a number of books and articles and there are more to come.  Each month a new message will be posted on this website, along with channeled information about the Shift. Please return to this website often as I will post the information as I receive it. The Uriel Heals newsletter contains many messges and insights from Archangel Uriel. to help everyone, everywhere with the Shift in Consciousness.

Uriel's message applies to everyone and you can schedule an individual reading and channeling session by clicking here. These messages will answer any questions that you may have about your current life situation, transition and problems that you are experiencing.  You will also receive information and healing that you require for this part of your life path and to help you advance through the Shift in Consciousness.

Many Blessings,

Jennifer Hoffman

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