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The Three Keys to Complete Self-Command by Guy Finley

The Three Keys to Complete Self-Command

by Guy Finley

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A secret power lives within you that can put you in charge of every moment -- no matter where you are or what's going on around you.

When you learn to awaken this new life-energy, you will be able to: - Enter any situation with confidence.

- Remain calm and effective under all circumstances.

- Be in charge of your emotions, your thoughts, and your actions.

- Always be fearless about the future because you are in command of your destiny.

- Know that you can take any experience -- even if it's challenging or scary -- and turn it to your benefit, so that you become inwardly stronger, more flexible, and better able to fulfill your highest purpose in life.

- Enrich all of your relationships, never be manipulated or intimidated, feel at ease just being yourself.

So what is this secret power that can improve our lives in so many dramatic and positive ways?

True Self-Command.

When you have it, it's reflected in every aspect of your life.

In your career your actions are efficient, effective, and filled with integrity.

In your relationships it's natural to express and receive genuine love. You're able to understand and communicate with your co-workers. You're never dragged down by anyone else's negativity.

In your spiritual work, you never lose sight of your steadfast aim to invite the Light into your life. Your pure wish for higher understanding is your constant companion and guide on the road to your True self.

One of the greatest rewards of enjoying real self-command is the confidence of knowing that no matter what happens, you're always in charge of yourself. We never have to fear "losing it" -- and then regretting it later . . .

. . . when our plans don't go as we want

. . . when we have to deal with rude people

. . . when others don't appreciate us

. . . when we get bad news

Regardless of the circumstances -- even those that cause stress or worry -- we're able to keep our head, clearly see what needs to be done, and act without hesitation.

And when you remain in charge of yourself, you're in charge of every situation, because the goodness you touch within yourself touches and helps everyone else.

It almost seems miraculous. When you enter each moment with True Self-Command, you are guaranteed success in achieving your heart's deepest desire.

But sometimes self-command seems out of our reach -- and if we haven't been using this celestial tool to transform each and every day of our life into an exciting step forward in our journey toward wholeness and happiness, then there's just one reason: we've forgotten that this dynamic ability to master ourselves is our God-given right to possess.

Most of us have forgotten, and it's because from the time we were children we've suffered disappointments and losses that made us feel helpless. We watched as the people we looked up to crumbled when faced with unwanted events.

Perhaps we saw our father grow depressed over a financial setback . . . our mother become anxious and fretful each time she had to make a decision . . . our teacher discourage or humiliate a fellow student.

More important, we weren't taught that there exists within us something timeless that can never be defeated -- it's only been covered up by self-compromising thoughts and self-sabotaging attitudes.

But now you can know for yourself the life-transforming fact that True Self-Command is part of your authentic, original nature.

You just have to remember that it's waiting for you to tap into its endless resources; you just have to learn the secrets to harnessing its special, life-elevating energy; you just have to realize the importance of claiming what is rightfully yours. And you can, because all this, and more, is revealed in Guy Finley's empowering new video and audio program, "The 3 Keys to Complete Self-Command."

This is your opportunity to discover and use the 3 Keys that unlock the treasure of your higher mind. Once you use them to reclaim your natural inner confidence and self-command, you'll feel lit up from within, and that light will shine upon everything you do:

- You'll know how to ask for what you want

- You'll meet each moment with real enthusiasm

- You'll know how to use any event to your true advantage

- You won't be discouraged by others' criticisms or doubts

- You'll keep possession of your heart and mind

- You'll feel at ease wherever you go

- You'll be genuinely happy

We all know that it's impossible to control other people and events. And insisting that we must just brings stress and heartache.

But we can command ourselves. And when we do, the entire universe is on our side.

Everything you need to know about True Self-Command -- and how to experience the confidence, clarity, and contentment that it brings -- is clearly laid out for you in Guy Finley's "3 Keys to Complete Self-Command."

You can put this completely practical information to work immediately to change the way you meet every moment of your life.

Order "The 3 Keys to Complete Self-Command" and take command of your life!

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  • Published: 2002
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