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Mindfulness-1 Mind is necessary evil, you can drop it for peace  by Girish Jha

Mindfulness-1 Mind is necessary evil, you can drop it for peace

Know, how mind becomes an evil force in life and mindfulness an opportunity for peace

by Girish Jha

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All audio files are live recordings that benefitted people from all walks of life i.e. diplomats, military at high altitude in Himalayas, students, teachers, engineers, technocrats, doctors and women. We have kept the originality and did not polish these audio files. However, for the sake of disclaimer, we have eliminated the experiences shared by people.

How to start and where to start: Read all the titles of the series here and choose the one that is very close to YOU. Start the practice from guided practices in it. If there are 2 practices, it means YOU need to repeat minimum 7-times each. You can repeat the practice 2-3 times/ day. You will experience the change and are ready for the next in the series.

Mindfulness -1 know how mind is evil force and why to transform it for peace

What is Mindfulness?
There are hundreds of definitions by modern philosophers, practitioners and researchers but those defined and explained by great masters who discovered and invented the practices are original, and authentic.

If anyone defines and explains with reference to those definitions, given by masters, can help you awaken, realize and transform your life.
We bring to you those definitions, understanding and traditional practices from many traditions, texts and teachers.

Myths and facts: there are many myths associated with mindfulness practices, needs to be understood, dropped for better understanding, and experience. The title of mindfulness and its subtitle help you to explore deeply the philosophy, practice and applications of mindfulness/meditation.
One of the greatest myth that modern man has – mindfulness and meditation are different. They’re looking at the circumference and not at the center.

What is Mindfulness?
1. It is 600 years old tradition started by master, Kapila and later Buddha redefined it for contemporary society.
2. It is a practice, because you should know the steps and practice it. It is a non-practice because it is effortless. Mindfulness follows paradox logic, it begins with the practice and becomes a non-practice – effortless, natural and easy.
3. The discipline of mindfulness helps YOU to discover that entire life can enter into the state of mindfulness, until then, it is still a practice.
4. There are more than hundred approaches to mindfulness, because masters realized that practice needs to be customized to individual’s temperament and problems in life. It does not mean there are many types of mindfulness/ meditations. It is only one with many approaches.

How to practice:
1. Listen to the audio file. Every audio file explains mindfulness with reference to your aspiration, challenges, problems and opportunity in life.
2. The guided practice helps you to gather the scattered mind and allow you to go deeply within.
3. You have awakening to new subjective experiences, don’t get carried away by them. let them come and go.
4. If you have any question , you can ask by clicking here - Ask A Question

1. Every practice in the series consists of 5 -7 or more steps to help you experience the deeper state of mindfulness.
2. Every step is accepted or rejected by your mind in the beginning, but as experience grows, you discover the meaning and essence of every step as it starts happening to you naturally.

The live recordings also includes tools, thoughts, talks on
• Personal transformation
• Awakening tremendous energy for excellence in life
• Helps improve sound sleep, overcome fatigue
• Induces deep relaxation , inner calm and happiness
• Awakens to higher and intuitive mind for creativity, performance and productivity
• Overcoming day to day life challenges

Disclaimer : The information contained in our Website, Programs and Services is not, and is not intended to be a substitute for, professional advice, diagnosis, treatment or cure that can only be provided by your own Medical Provider (including doctor/physician, nurse practitioner, physician’s assistant, or any other health professional), Mental Health Provider (including psychiatrist, psychologist, therapist, counselor, social worker or other mental health practitioner), spiritual counselor or member of the clergy. Therefore, do not disregard or delay seeking professional medical, mental health or spiritual advice because of information you have read on this Website or received from us. Do not stop taking any medications without speaking to your own Medical Provider or Mental Health Provider. If you have or suspect that you have a medical or mental health problem, contact your own Medical Provider or Mental Health Provider promptly. Read more about policy of use, personal agreement, testimonials, programs and services, implicit agreement, external links on website at www.girishjha.org

Evolve and help others to evolve
Girish Jha

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  • Published: September 2015
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