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My Inventions
My Inventions
by Nikola Tesla
Format: Audio Download ($9.99)

My Inventions: The Autobiography of Nikola Tesla
Jack Buck "That's A Winner!"
Jack Buck "That's A Winner!"
by Narrated by Bruce Horlick
Format: Audio Download ($9.00)

In his forthright and honest autobiography, St. Louis Cardinal, World Series, and Super Bowl broadcaster Jack Buck entertains his fans once more in a different, more intimate setting.
Memoirs of a Runaway
Memoirs of a Runaway
by Michael Kennon
Format: Audio Download ($6.95)

"Memoirs of a Runaway: A Story of Hope" is a tale of survival and spirituality. Isolation and reconnection. Most of all, it is a hand reaching out to those who travel down the same troubled path.
Fool for a Lawyer
Fool for a Lawyer
by Mark Crane
Format: Audio Download

From the Bronx, New York City, MARK CRANE writes this compelling, thoughtful, and often humorous memoir, the story of a subway motorman who fights to maintain his natural custody of his two children.
The Private History of a Campaign that Failed
The Private History of a Campaign that Failed
Format: Audio Download ($3.49)

Lessons learned by Samuel Clemens (Mark Twain) during his brief career as a Confederate soldier.
Building Wings
Building Wings
by Don Johnston
Format: Audio Download ($12.95)

This book is about someone who learns differently from others. My name is Don Johnston and I struggled in school. This is the story of my struggle and what I did to become successful.
An Autobiography of Buffalo Bill
An Autobiography of Buffalo Bill
by William Cody
Format: Audio Download ($36.00)

The incredible life story of the world famous great plains frontiersman, William "Buffalo Bill" Cody.
Geronimo, His Own Story
Geronimo, His Own Story
by Geronimo
Format: Audio Download ($17.00)

The autobiography of the famous Apache war chief, Geronimo.
Life Story of the Ringling Brothers
Life Story of the Ringling Brothers
by Alfred Ringling
Format: Audio Download ($26.00)

The story of 5 young boys who wanted to start their own circus, and ended up creating "The Greatest Show on Earth".
My Casino Caper
My Casino Caper
by Edd Byrnes
Format: Audio Download ($3.95)

Edd Byrnes, 'Kookie of '77 Sunset Street' and 'Vince Fontaine' of 'Grease' now reveals how he won 3 million dollars and was stalked by a criminal for it. His real life actor friends came to his aid.

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