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The Truth About Getting Government Grants by Zach Keyer

The Truth About Getting Government Grants

by Zach Keyer

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Don't get sCAMMED - find out the TRUTH about 
how to get government grants!

Audio MP3 AND PDF Included!

Dear Grant-Seeker,

Times are tough and if money is being handed out you should know about it. Unfortunately some advertisements make it seem almost TOO easy to get a share of 'free money'. Is it really so easy? If not, where is the money and how can YOU get what you need?

Anyone who's sought relief with a government grant knows how hard it is to get the information they need, but what's really difficult is to actually get approved for a grant. What steps need to be followed? Are their agencies out there that can help? How will YOU get the grant you need?

Grants are out there - so where do you Begin?

Getting a grant takes patience and persistence. There are groups who spend all their time and effort accumulating grants - can you compete with them? You may not have to - many of these groups make funds available through local agencies that want to HELP YOU!

You can improve your chances by looking for local grants. Communities looking to help their citizens may be your best bet. But you also need to understand that all grants are not equal. "FREE MONEY" sounds enticing, but often there are many more factors involved

Even if you apply for a grant (and only after learning HOW to do it), you need to know what conditions are placed to receive the grant. Are you really prepared to handle a grant?

"What Type of Grant are you looking for?”

Narrow down your search and improve your odds by finding the best sources of grants for YOU. And if you can't get a grant, where do you go from there? Find out other options that can really help you get the assistance for business, personal or community needs.

Instead of paying hundreds of dollars for someone to give you information YOU CAN'T use, learn...

The Truth about
government grants

What are Government Grants?
What exactly IS a grant? Is it really FREE money?

What Organizations Can Help You Find a Grant?
Are there legitimate organizations that can help you find a suitable grant?

Why You Must Beware of Grant Scams
Find out what scams are out there to get your money, instead of getting the help you need.

How Do You Apply for a Grant?
What is involved in the application process and how can you be competitive?

Find Out the Hidden Costs of Applying for a Grant
Does it cost you money to apply for a grant? If so, how much and who are you paying?

Is a Government Grant Really Free Money?
What are some of the common conditions attached to receiving a government grant?

How to Find Out if You are Eligible for a Grant
Where can you get reliable information on your eligibility for a government grant?

Tips for Writing an Effective Grant Proposal
How can you write a grant proposal which will give you the greatest chance of being selected?

Where to Find Small Business Grants
Where can small business go to get business grants and how can you find them? foods and are they in YOUR diet?

What Type of Personal Grants are Available?
Can you get money to help with personal debts, housing or other personal needs?

Learn About Women and Minority Grants
Find out where women and minorities can find grants just for you!

Learn About Grants for Non-Profit Groups
Find out about grants for non-profit organizations like yours

How to Apply for Housing and Community Grants
Find out how to apply for housing and community grants in your area

What You’ll Also Get…

Where to Apply for Student and Education Grants
Get tips on applying for student and education grants

Where to Look for Help Beyond Government Grants
Where can you go if government grants aren't an option?

“How Would a grant change your life?”

Are you desperate for the relief of receiving a grant? Would you grow your business, apply for college or redeem yourself from burdening debts? 

If a grant would really change your life, than you owe it to yourself to take this seriously and find out the truth...

You Need to Know, so download ‘The truth about government grants’ right now!

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  • Published: June 2008
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