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Marketing TidBits with ComboApp by Art Dogtiev

Marketing TidBits with ComboApp

by Art Dogtiev

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We have many years of mobile app marketing experience under our belts and we continue to recognize how these four influential marketing areas intersect with one another. To put it simply, the success of an app marketing campaign is generated by a cumulative effort of these four compelling areas. During each episode we are inviting a guest, with an extensive background in one or more of the previously mentioned fields, to talk about a specific communications topic and to discuss the news of a week. By bringing these topics to your attention, we hope to keep you highly informed on what is going on in the world of mobile, digital, social media and public relations.

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  • Sleep Disorder Treatment Apps with Melissa Lim, MobileSleepDoc app CEO and Managing Partner
    Wed, Jun 17, 2015

    This week we feature a special guest, Melissa Lim, the MobileSleepDoc app CEO and Managing Partner. We’re focusing on the app history, marketing challenges Melissa faced when the app was released on a market and how mobile apps help people with a sleep disorder in general.   We also touch upon advantages and disadvantages mobile apps have, compared with other...

  • Mobile Game Analytics with Allison Bilas, VP of Product at GameAnalytics
    Wed, Jun 10, 2015

    App user behavior analysis it’s not an easy task, but when it comes to mobile game user behavior it’s when things become really complicated! There are only a few companies on the market that tackle this hard task and empower game developers with the right toolbox.   This week I’m talking to Allison from GameAnalytics and we’re covering the range...

  • App Engagement with Dennis Mink, VP Marketing at Liftoff
    Tue, May 19, 2015

    What is the most important metric for you to measure as an app owner? It’s not how many installs your app is getting, it’s about engagement inside of the app! This week I’m talking to Dennis Mink, VP at Liftoff, Inc. From the average price to acquire a registered user to the cost of acquiring a user that purchases a...

  • Apple Watch Notifications with Spencer Burke, Mobile Strategist at Appboy
    Wed, Apr 22, 2015

    Apple Watch Notifications and Apple Watch as the rising smartwatch star are on the table for me and Spencer Burke to talk about this week. At the beginning of April Appboy announced the support for customizing both short-look and long-look Apple Watch interface notifications.   We’re talking about how these notifications may change the dynamics of iOS app user interaction...

  • Mobile App Surveying with Pollfish
    Wed, Apr 01, 2015

    User feedback is highly beneficial and most valuable to mobile app owners. The range of use cases is very broad. Use cases range from deciding what app features should be improved or dropped to whether an app owner should display ads inside of an app to monetize it or choose another way of making a profit.   So how can...

  • State Of The Developer Nation Q1 2015 report
    Wed, Mar 11, 2015

    Quarterly, VisionMobile, the UK-based leading research company in the app economy, issues a comprehensive report that provides a snapshot of the mobile app world. This week we welcome back Mark Wilcox, Business Analyst at VisionMobile. We talk about competition between iOS, Android, Windows Mobile and other mobile app development platforms along with Apple’s Swift programming language stellar adoption. We also...

  • Mobile App Marketing with Charlyn Keating
    Thu, Mar 05, 2015

    On this week episode I cover a number of mobile app marketing aspects with Charlyn Keating, the host of Appreneur Summit, mobile app & game developer.   We talk about steps for an app developer to launch his mobile app on a market, common mistakes app developers do, differences between consumer and enterprise app marketing and app marketing trends for...

  • MAT Essential Reports To Master with Sandor Jones and Justin Romaniuk at TUNE
    Fri, Feb 27, 2015

    According to a recent VisionMobile whitepaper article, there are about 5.5 million app developers in the world. Global mobile ad spend is projected to reach $125 billion in 2018, this growth is fueled by an enormous number of mobile ad campaigns. A robust analytical tool for your mobile ad campaign is a must.   This week we have two guests,...

  • Video-Game Industry Disruption in 2015 with JOOST VAN DREUNEN, CEO at SuperData Research
    Thu, Feb 19, 2015

    According to this year’s forecast, the video gaming industry will reach a $90 billion threshold. This week we welcome back Joost Van Dreunen, CEO of SuperDataResearch.com. The SuperDataResearch team specializes in digial game research as well as publishing comprehensive reports. In this interview we discuss what aspects will disrupt the video-game industry in 2015. According to Joost, the following 5...

  • App Annie Index: 2014 Retrospective report with Oliver Lo, EVP of App Annie
    Tue, Feb 10, 2015

    App Annie is the equivalent to ComScore for the mobile app ecosystem. During this episode we look at what the mobile app world looked like in 2014 with App Annie’s EVP Oliver Lo. On January 28th the company issued the App Annie Index: 2014 Retrospective report. In this interview we cover top app trends, top apps and publishers by country,...

  • Social Media Marketing with Brett Relander, digital marketing author and speaker at BrettRelander.com
    Tue, Feb 03, 2015

    Social media marketing is one of the time tested app marketing channels. Many app developers either promote their apps or use Google+ and Twitter. This week I decided to cover some ground for both platforms and help app owners to be more efficient in their app marketing efforts. My guest is Brett Relander, contributor for Entrepreneur.com and HuffingtonPost.   Brett...

  • App Marketing in Australia with Marie-Pier Rochon, marketing and PR professional at ThisAppGirl
    Tue, Jan 27, 2015

    This week we take a virtual trip to the Australian app ecosystem to talk about local app marketing topics. We cover the differences between US and Australian app markets as well as the best techniques to gain loyal users for a mobile app. We also talk about what app marketing techniques are the hardest to crack for a mobile app...

  • App Development with Brant DeBow, CTO of BiTE Interactive
    Tue, Jan 20, 2015

    This week we have a very special guest with us. We usually cover the marketing side of mobile app development, but in this episode we’re talking to Brant DeBow, CTO of BiTE Interactive. In this segment we cover topics related to app development.   We also cover Swift language and its adoption, app development for enterprise and problems associated with...

  • Digital Marketing with Magdalena Georgieva, product manager at HubSpot
    Tue, Jan 13, 2015

    There is no doubt that mobile app marketing has brought some specific techniques into the mobile world, but we have to remember that this is just a branch of digital marketing and there are many digital marketing principles that apply to it. This week we’re talking to Magdalena Georgieva, product manager at HubSpot. We cover topics such as what marketing...

  • Christmas Special: 2014 Recap and 2015 Forecast
    Wed, Dec 24, 2014

    As 2014 is coming to an end, we want to take a look at what happened this year in the mobile world and what we may expect in 2015. On this special Christmas episode, we’re talking with five guests who have previously been on the show. We wanted to hear their thoughts about this past year and their forecasts for...

  • App Store Optimization with Laurie Galazzo, Content Strategist at AppTweak
    Wed, Dec 17, 2014

    This week we bringing the conversation back to App Store Optimization (ASO). We are specifically discussing what mistakes people make with ASO, what App Store categories are easier and more difficult to do App Store Optimization for and how important it is to be objective while doing a keywords analysis. We are also looking back into what 2014 brought to...

  • App Marketing Challenges with Sheila Bhardwaj, Director of Account Management at Tune
    Tue, Dec 02, 2014

    There are many app marketing challenges that make the lives of app developers insanely difficult these days. What are those challenges you may ask? This week I want to figure it out with Sheila Bhardwaj, Director of Account Management at TUNE. If the company name doesn’t immediately ring a bell, HasOffers and MAT should!   Apart from these challenges, we...

  • Mobile App Search with Brent Harrison, VP Marketing and Consumer Products Content at QUIXEY
    Tue, Nov 25, 2014

    How do we search for apps? Could there be a better way than just launching the App Store app on an iOS device or a Google Play market app on an Android smartphone? In many ways the mobile app ecosystem follows the same path as websites did. This week we are talking about mobile app search with Quixey VP Marketing,...

  • App Store Optimization with Hugh Kimura, Content Strategist at SensorTower
    Thu, Nov 20, 2014

    ASO is one of the best known acronyms in the mobile app development ecosystem. There are a handful of companies that provide a platform for performing App Store Optimization for an app. SensorTower, in my opinion, is the leading service provider among these various companies.   This week we are talking about ASO with Hugh Kimura, the SensorTower Content Strategist....

  • Game App Economy with JOOST VAN DREUNEN, CEO at SuperData Research
    Tue, Nov 11, 2014

    Games is the driving force behind the growth of major app stores both in terms of revenue and app numbers. This week we decided to invite an expert in the gaming field who comes from one of the leading mobile game analytical companies. Our guest is Joost Van Dreunen, CEO of SuperDataResearch.com.   The topics we discuss range from the...

  • Developer Economics with Mark Wilcox, Business Analyst at Vision Mobile
    Tue, Nov 04, 2014

    This week on Marketing TidBits, we have invited a special guest in from the company that captures the entire app development picture, VisionMobile.com. It is difficult to find another company that publishes comprehensive and insightful reports and surveys about different aspects of the mobile app economy as well as VisionMobile does. In this interview we talk about the company’s history...

  • “Before an app store” with Sean Casto, CEO at PreApps
    Tue, Oct 28, 2014

    With over two million apps on the app store, many developers are asking questions like how can I get feedback for an app before it’s launched? How can I make sure that my app is bug free? To answer some of these hard hitting questions, we invited the CEO of PreApps.com, Sean Casto. During our discussion, we covered some interesting...

  • App Review with Dave Caolo, News Editor in TUAW
    Tue, Oct 21, 2014

    Media coverage has become one of the most discussed app marketing techniques in recent years. To discuss this topic, we decided to invite Dave Caolo, news editor for TUAW (The Unofficial Apple Weblog)! TUAW covers all things Apple including their hardware and software.   In this interview with Dave, we give developers a perspective on how the app review process...

  • App User Behavior with Spencer Burke, Mobile Strategist at Appboy
    Tue, Oct 14, 2014

    In today’s episode we join forces with Appboy to discuss such topics as app user behaviour. During our discussion, we talked about five different app user profiles that Appboy has come up with to characterize different user cases and individual’s interaction with mobile apps in general.   Our discussion also covered app engagement in different app categories, which brought up...

  • App Performance Tracking with Marcos Sanchez, VP Worldwide Corporate Communications at App Annie
    Tue, Sep 30, 2014

    Any app developer who has marketed their app has used, or at least heard of the company, App Annie. In this interview with Marcos Sanchez, the VP of App Annie’s Worldwide Communications, we discuss the company’s history and such topics as – essential mobile app performance metrics, app discoverability and possible ways to resolve this 64 billion dollar problem for...

  • Content Production with Bernadette Burke, president of Brella Productions
    Tue, Sep 23, 2014

    When you think about marketing, one of the first things you visualize is the content you wish to create for your campaign. On this week’s episode, we discuss content production with Bernadette Burke, the CEO of Brella Productions.   Bernadette Burke is the CEO and President of Brella Productions, a full-service communications company specializing in video, interactive, and events. Bernadette...

  • Investments in Apps with Shaun Johnson, entrepreneur and investor from HandMade Ventures
    Tue, Sep 16, 2014

    This week we have invited Shaun Johnson, entrepreneur and investor at Handmade Ventures, to discuss investing and the criteria for choosing a specific project or startup to invest in. Throughout this interview we also touched upon what kind of apps the current mobile app ecosystem is severely lacking.   Shaun is responsible for partnershipship and deal sourcing at HandMade Ventures....

  • Marketing Storytelling with Inner Circle Labs CEO Julie Crabill
    Mon, Sep 08, 2014

     How storytelling helps in marketing   In this episode we invited Julie Crabill, CEO of Inner Circle Labs to talk about storytelling in marketing. We touched upon some of the best case studies that Inner Circle Labs has for successful marketing storytelling. We also discussed marketing stories told by various companies that inspire Julie and influence her to possibly mirror...

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