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The Eight Great False Responsibilities of Life by Guy Finley

The Eight Great False Responsibilities of Life

by Guy Finley

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There is an undetected lie that has been propagated on this earth for more than 2000 years.

This lie is so big, and so widespread, that almost every person on earth is caught in the web of its deception EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Fortunately, some have learned to recognize and walk away from this lie. These rare individuals have discovered the true nature of success in life... and for their discovery, they enjoy more fun, freedom, creativity and relaxation than most people can even dream of.

So what is the lie?

We have been taught -- from a very early age -- to shoulder a whole host of needless responsibilities!

In particular, there are Eight Great False Responsibilities that we have been tricked into accepting as our own. These false responsibilities drain our vital life forces and leave us very little energy with which to meet life. This is the reason why so many of us always feel tired and stressed these days, even though we work hard and try our best to stay ahead of the curve.

We must learn to recognize, and then consciously drop the burden of these eight false masters in order to reclaim the energy we need to fill our lives with what is truly important.

All great things that we are capable of as human beings require our time and energy. True Love requires our energy to flower. Friendship requires our energy to strengthen itself. Creativity requires our energy to actualize. Excellence requires our energy in order to achieve it.

But when our time and energy are wasted carrying burdens that aren't our own, we are kept from living a naturally expansive, creative, and carefree life.

This is your chance to discover and drop the weight of these eight false responsibilities for good! In his newest audio program, "Escape The Eight Great False Responsibilities in Life," best-selling author Guy Finley opens a window to the inside of our mind and exposes the truth about these immense unsuspected barriers blocking our way to Higher Success.

Just as a fish doesn't recognize the water he swims through, we don't recognize these dark cornerstones of the mass consciousness because they are so tightly integrated into the fabric of socialized behavior.

For example, in today's world it is considered "normal" to get stressed when we have too much to do, or to rush around getting things done. But, in reality, these states are not "normal." By listening to Guy's new audio program, you will learn that they are the punishing effect of carrying around false responsibility #4. Just as:

- Worrying about upcoming situations or events is an effect of carrying false responsibility #3.

- A huge amount of relationship problems are an effect of carrying false responsibility #5.

- Feeling like we haven't accomplished enough during our day (or in our life!) is an effect of carrying false responsibility #6.

- Harboring guilt or regret is an effect of carrying false responsibility #8.

The happy result of dropping these self-wrecking responsibilities is less stress, more energy, and more time to fulfill your aspirations for a richer life.

There should be no doubt that learning to fulfill your potential in life is better than the punishment of carrying around false responsibilities that lead nowhere. That's why I hope you'll use this opportunity to make this crucial understanding your own.

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