Spiritual Solution for Your Finances


Free Resource - May 17th, 2010
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A Spiritual Solution for your Financial Health

Download this free radio interview with Leena Patel on how to nourish your health both spiritually and financially. Recorded on The Money Show with Bill Moller, Leena Patel transforms a call-in financial radio talk show into an opportunity to address the importance of giving whether it be financial or otherwise. This talk was published through our TeachOutLoud service and it is available to download on MP3. You might also want to check out Leena Patel's site: www.leenapatel.net/ for yoga videos and other multimedia.

A Spiritual Solution for your Financial Health

If you enjoy this talk check out Leena Patel's second interview on The Money Show with Bill Moller where she further extrapolates on the ideas discussed in the first interview.

Finding Peace with Money

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Meditation on the Infinite Self

A guided meditation with Leena Patel. Patel's soothing voice encourages deep relaxation and an expanded awareness of the inner self as an abundant and limitless Being.

Available on MP3 Download.

Listen to a free sample of: Meditation on the Infinite Self

Downloads by Eknath Easwaran & Nilgiri Press
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LearnOutLoud.com is now featuring new audio downloads by spiritual teacher & author Eknath Easwaran. You may recognize Easwaran from his popular and critically acclaimed translations of the Bhagavad Gita, the Upanishads, and the Dhammapada. You can read about Easwaran and browse the audio downloads that we currently feature by him here:

Eknath Easwaran Author Page

We are currently offering 6 audio books on audio download by Eknath Easwaran. Here they are with some brief descriptions:

Climbing the Blue Mountain: A Guide for the Spiritual Journey - Four Essays by Eknath Easwaran filled with inspiring stories and spiritual teachings excerpted from his book Climbing the Blue Mountain.

Gandhi the Man: The Story of His Transformation - Easwaran’s biography of Gandhi’s life and spiritual path which focuses on the way Gandhi lived so that we can make it applicable to our own lives.

Mahatma Gandhi: His Search for Truth - An essay featuring Easwaran’s personal recollections of Gandhi’s impact on India along with the story of Easwaran meeting Gandhi.

The Monkey & the Mango: Stories of My Granny - Short stories based on Easwaran’s childhood memories of his Granny and her wise teachings drawn from everyday life.

Renewal: A Little Book of Courage & Hope - Short readings of spiritual insight to inspire courage, hope, and peace in your heart.

Strength in the Storm - Easwaran's teachings on the practice of calming the mind through life's challenges and the stress & anxiety that come with these challenges.

We hope you enjoy these outstanding new spiritual teachings by Eknath Easwaran and we hope to add more in the future.

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We have launched a new TeachOutLoud Free Stuff section!

Over 700 free educational titles have now been published through our self-publishing TeachOutLoud service. And we've now added a new section to our TeachOutLoud site devoted entirely to free audio downloads and podcasts that have been published there. You can now browse over 700 free titles in our TeachOutLoud Free Stuff Section:

TeachOutLoud Free Stuff

You can browse by all our categories. Here are the categories along with how many free titles we have in each category:

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