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Why Can't We Be Good?


Free Resource (#686) - Nov. 10th, 2008
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Why Can't We Be Good?

In this talk from author & philosopher Jacob Needleman, he discusses his book Why Can't We Be Good? and the ways of reconciling what we know to be good with being able to do what is good in a practical sense. Needleman brings in quotes and ideas from various philosophers and religious teachers. He provides some examples in his own life of how he's made the transition towards being good. This talk is available on streaming video from FORA.tv.

Why Can't We Be Good?

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Full House: The Spread of Excellence from Plato to Darwin

We have always identified trends as bad (loosening of the moral fiber) or good (better ethnic eating in urban areas). But Stephen Jay Gould argues that this mode of interpretation is a bias that needs correcting. In Full House, Gould presents the truth about progress, evolution, and excellence, as well as a different way to understand trends other than as entities moving in a definite direction. Gould examines how the misinterpretation of data and statistics can result in bad science and social policy, while focusing on the nature of excellence from Plato to Darwin and the misconception that progress is inevitable.

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Thomas Moore Audio
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Thomas Moore Audio

With a bachelor's degree in music from DePaul University, a Master's degree in Theology from University of Windsor, and an honorary doctorate from Lesley University, Thomas Moore is a spiritual polymath. This former monk, musician, psychotherapist, and university professor writes on the everyday cultivation of soul.

Married to artist and yoga instructor Hara Kirin, Moore lectures worldwide on spirituality, holistic medicine, and the arts. He was awarded a Humanitarian Award from Einstein Medical School of Yeshiva University. He has always had a special interest in Ireland and it's culture and he serves on the board of Turning Point, a bereavement counselors training program in Ireland.

His latest book Care of the Soul in Medicine is available as an audio CD and is the fruit of two years of research into how health care is delivered. It provides practical advice and solutions for dealing with common issues.

A Life at Work, available both as an MP3 download, addresses the unhappiness that can exist in the work place. He provides a contemplative guide to discovering a purpose in our working lives that allows the reader find their own personal greatness.

In his live program A Magical Life, Moore recommends focusing on the important things in life and slowing life down to enjoy the ordinary sacredness of everyday life. Gain some spiritual wisdom from Thomas Moore today.

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