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HistoryPodcast is a show simply devoted to history. Anything and everything related to history will be covered. If you have a passion for history this is the podcast for you. Many historical figures are covered including Lawrence of Arabia, Benedict Arnold, and Cortez the Conqueror.

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If They Had an 'American Idol' Show for History Lecturers...
Reviewer Dusibello
 December 22, 2007
this guy would not be going to Hollywood... Voice is nasal, and the inability to correctly pronounce the names of international places and historical figures greatly annoys this listener... The UC Berkeley webcasts are where one should go for quality history lectures...

Reviewer personalmedia
 February 17, 2006
The HistoryPodcast opens with a cool collage of historical sound bytes. The host gives a short update on the podcast’s popularity and growth. The core content of most of the podcasts are biographical portraits of famous people throughout history.

I listened to the podcast about Mata Hari and found it to be quite informational. The host covered the events of her life from the beginning until the end. This is a great podcast to subscribe to if you are interested in history. Past podcasts have featured Benedict Arnold, Lawrence of Arabia, and Cortez. This podcast is definitely worth checking out.

Reviewer mbadvisor
 February 17, 2006
An astute follower of history would have to agree that on a “technical” basis, John Hanson, would be considered the first president of the United States, but under the Articles of Confederation, not our current Constitution. Hanson served one year, 1781-82. Unfortunately, most Americans do not realize that the Constitution was approved by states’ ratification in 1794. This tidbit of information would only be useful during a Trivial Pursuit game and not for the SAT history review. As the reader declared, if a 2nd grade student were asked who the first President of the United States was, hopefully, the answer would still be, George Washington. Nevertheless, an interesting piece of our history

Reviewer J.E.
 February 17, 2006
The History Podcast covers one topic in history per each 10-minute episode. Most of the past shows have profiled famous historical figures, such as Lady Godiva, Mata Hari, Benedict Arnold, and John Hanson. The host of the show is reasonably well prepared. He reads from a script for the most part, so at least he stays on track.

I think this is a good podcast on the whole. So far the host has chosen some really fascinating people to highlight, which of course helps maintain listener interest. I would, however, like to see him move away from simple profiles and tackle some major historical events in future shows. Also, I think the show could benefit from a bit of analysis from the host. In the episodes that I listened to, he pretty much just presented the info and that was that. Sometimes it helps to be able to put this information into some kind of context or to hear some discussion of the big picture. It's still a good podcast, though.

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