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By the Way, Daily Podcast by Worldwide KFUO

By the Way, Daily Podcast

by Worldwide KFUO

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Running Time
1 Min.
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  4.5  Stars Based on 3 ratings
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By the Way daily devotional by Dr. Paul Devantier on Worldwide KFUO.

Worldwide KFUO provides quality programs and resources that nurture Christian faith, support and supplement the church's witness to the Gospel and strengthen communication efforts of local congregations. Enter KFUO in the iTunes Podcast search engine to see a complete listing of Worldwide KFUO programs.

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Reviewer personalmedia
 February 17, 2006
The By the Way, Daily Podcast is a brief one minute breath of inspiration. Christian believers will find the uplifting musings of Dr. Paul Devantier on Worldwide KFUO refreshing and encouraging in their daily walk with Christ.

The production quality of this podcast is exceptional. I listened to several of the archived podcasts and found each one to be flawless in its sound and presentation. I would recommend this podcast to anyone who wants to spend a few moments each day contemplating the power and glory of God in their life. Devantier brings listeners some amazing insights with these daily devotionals.

Reviewer LOLDavid
 February 17, 2006
This was good moment of reflection to have in your day. I'd like it to be a little longer. Dr. Paul Devantier has a great soothing voice and gives you some brief words of wisdom to consider as you go about your day. I just wish it was more like 3 minutes than 1 minute. But for what it is, it's done very well.

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  • Published: 2002
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