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Consciousness: The Inside Story Podcast by Maharishi University of Management

Consciousness: The Inside Story Podcast

The Inside Story

by Maharishi University of Management

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We explore the nature of consciousness and its connections to subjects such as quantum physics, neurophysiology, the arts and world peace.

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Reviewer PeachyKeen
 November 30, 2008
Consciousness based education is an amazing concept. It is so simple, so obvious that I now wonder why this is not being applied in every school. The idea of developing a student’s inner self to foster growth and success at all levels is just logical, but somehow this seems to be the first school that is actually doing it. As I listened to the other podcasts I got to hear quite a bit about very interesting programs at this Maharishi Uiversity of Management. They are a Midwestern College and have a website, www.mum.edu.. I hope that other Universities may soon follow in their footstep. May this be the beginning of the end of the black-clad, sickly, stressed out students academia seems so fond of developing.. MUM is a breath of fresh air!

Fact-Based vs Student Based Education
Reviewer Kbob108
 November 28, 2008
In the podcast on Cons Based Ed, Dr. Travus (sp?) explains that at his University they give priority to the students development of health and learning ability rather than putting emphasis on memorizing facts that will be obsolete in 5 years.
The way they do this is through TM meditation, organic foods, and taking one course at a time. I like this approach. Too many colleges only care about grades, frat parties and allumni donations instead of really trying to develop the student's brain, personality and life long talents.

Reviewer J.E.
 February 17, 2006
The Consciousness Podcast is produced by a school called Maharishi University of Management. I'm not really sure what kind of university it is, but it would probably be classified as "alternative" by a majority of people.

The episodes I listened to were essentially lectures from various professors at the school (one lecture was given by the president of the school). Each podcast emphasized consciousness, which is a term that this university uses to mean "alertness, awareness, intelligence", and how to attain it.

The lectures had some interesting points about the problems with traditional fact-based education, but on the whole I found them a bit difficult to follow.

I gave it 3 stars, but someone who is more in tune with their inner selves and more into meditative practices might rate it higher.

Reviewer personalmedia
 February 17, 2006
I found The Consciousness Podcast to be interesting and instructional. The topic of spiritual growth is one of my personal passions. This may influence my review of the podcast which I enjoyed tremendously.

I reviewed the podcast titled “The Tao: Expressions of Consciousness.” The message that “the teachings of all the great sages of the world are one and the same in content” is closely aligned with my personal beliefs. The broadcast was full of historical teachings and quotations that were expanded upon by the speaker highlighted in the podcast.

The quality of sound was clear and without distraction. The speaker spoke without faltering and so his message was easily absorbed. This podcast left me with much to think about long after the program ended.

Reviewer girijad83
 February 17, 2006
"Consciousness: The Inside Story" Podcast is based on an alternative world view. My views are aligned with the views presented in this podcast. The podcast I reviewed, Why is a Quantum Physicist Studying Consciousness?, talks about the changes in the perceptions of scientists. It provides a holistic view of the universe, which basically translates to - "the world is dual in nature, and it cannot be studied by breaking it down into parts, since life and matter exists as patterns and is dynamical rather than existing as a discrete structure!" The podcast is an excellent source of the ubiquitous alternative world view that makes us wonder as to what are we, who are we, and how are we related to the cosmic universe. I would recommend this podcast to scientists, social scientists, and to people from every other wake of life.

The audio piece is good in quality and clarity.

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