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Zooming in the Lens Podcast

Zooming in the Lens Podcast

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ZITL podcasts are candid and down-to-earth conversations with Katrina and guests as they play and practice, with the words of many wise thinkers from the past and present. Personal real-life spirituality doesn't ask us to buy tickets to the East to get enlightened - it connects us direct into using what is already present for us in daily life, revealing life AS a practice. Using work, love, obligations, and material desires - perceptions within the far out to the down-home. Katrina’s desire for ZITL Podcasts is to create talking & living experiences by allowing many modalities the safe-space to unmask and communicate the varying spiritual perspectives, religious, ancient wisdom and texts - allowing for space from the cloud of dogma; equally freeing up space also from not pushing it away. Instead, the intentions for this podcast are rooted in the art of discovery and sharing. Katrina and all of the guests use this space as you hopefully are, too... to learn from each other and open to real-life practice. - zitlcourse@gmail.com - www.FunctionalYogaOnline.com - Facebook.com/functionalyoga - Ram Dass.com/Zooming -Instagram.com/functionalyogaonline - Podcast music & editing by: Ian Hatton at MIXFORPIX.COM In an effort to bring you our best, new episodes may be released weekly OR bi-monthly. Subscribe via iTunes to be alerted on new episodes! Thank you for your patience and support!

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