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Swimcerely with Spindrift Podcast

Swimcerely with Spindrift Podcast

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Host Spindrift Beck talks with former and current collegiate, professional, sometimes Olympic swimmers about their lives, careers, likes, dislikes, etc. Mostly they just talk TV. You've never heard your favorite swimmers like this before!

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  • Swimcerely with Kristy Kowal
    Thu, Feb 09, 2017

    59.99 in the 100 yard breaststroke. It's a milestone barrier for even the fastest female swimmers of today. Imagine being the VERY FIRST woman to ever break a minute in the 100 yard breaststroke. That woman is our next guest. KRISTY KOWAL - 2000 Olympic silver medalist, World Champs gold and silver medalist, NCAA Swimmer of the Year (for UGA) in 1999 and 2000. LIKE, WHAT?! Check out this newest ep of Swimcerely to hear Kristy get Swimcere about everything from Lily King's finger wagging episode in Rio to the fast food place Kowal turned to for her lucky pre-race meal, tales of Olympic Trials failed and Olympic Trials succeeded, and much more. This is a special one, y'all. Special thanks to Kristy for joining us and to Brandon Slavinsky for his impeccable audio engineering. NAMASTE, CHERISHED LISTENERS!!!

  • Swimcerely with Caroline Burckle
    Wed, Aug 03, 2016

    WE'RE BACK....with guest Olympic bronze medalist and 2008 NCAA Female Swimmer of the Year CAROLINE BURCKLE!!! Get warmed up for Rio with this episode, in which Caroline chats with us about what it felt like to break Janet Evans' 500 free NCAA record, pre-Olympic Trials panic, her experience at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, and the exact moment when she knew it was time to retire from swimming. The University of Florida alum also chats about Rise - the "mind mentoring" company founded by Burckle and Olympic gold medalist Rebecca Soni - and offers a peek into some of the mental techniques that put her onto the 2008 Olympic team. Caroline is inspiration in its truest form, don't miss this one y'all. 

  • Swimcerely with Rebecca Soni
    Thu, May 19, 2016

    Ever wonder what it might feel like to have a mental freakout the day of the most important swim of your life?

    Ever wonder what it felt like to be the first woman in the WORLD to break the 2:20 barrier in the 200m breaststroke?

    Ever wonder what an Olympic podium ready room feels like? (spoiler alert: lots of trading makeup and sharing 1 small mirror with your fellow Olympic medalists)

    Ever wonder what multiple Olympic Gold Medalist and World Record Holder Rebecca Soni thinks about her career now? How she dealt with the retirement and what she channels her goals and energy into currently?

    This is the podcast for you! REBECCA SONI joins Swimcerely with Spindrift, y'all. She's funny, she's fast, she's extremely inspirational whilst simultaneously pulling back the curtain of the "Olympic" mystique that so most of the swimming world never gets a chance to peek behind. 

  • Swimcerely with Tyler Clary
    Mon, Mar 21, 2016

    TYLER CLARY, y'all!!! The 2012 Olympic gold medalist (200m backstroke), multiple-time American record holder, World Championships medalist, and NCAA Champion joins the show to talk about his early days as an age-group California swimmer, the experience of turning pro during his collegiate career, racing head-to-head with Ryan Lochte daily in practice, what it's like to date a former fellow-swimmer, his goals for the future (spoiler alert: he's about to have a legit career as a race car driver), and more. He's smart and driven and inspiring...enjoy!

  • Swimcerely with Madison Kennedy
    Fri, Mar 04, 2016

    2015 National champion (50m free), Pan Ams silver medalist, and former Cal Bear Madison Kennedy gets Swimcere today, you guys! Listen to this episode to hear the 2016 Olympic hopeful share her thoughts on the experience of bouncing back from barely missing the 2012 Olympic team, the importance of cross-training, the joy she's found in having a life outside of the pool, and much more. She's super fast in the water and refreshingly candid out of it. ENJOY!

  • Swimcerely with Megan Jendrick (Pt. 2)
    Fri, Feb 19, 2016

    Welcome to part 2 of Megan Jendrick's interview! The Olympic Gold medalist discusses the lows and highs of the 2004 and 2008 Olympic Trials, her life as a mom, and her experience swimming at the 2012 Trials for her son. Megan also details her future career and personal goals, including continuing to nurture ACQUA Events, the company she owns with her husband, Nathan. There's also a small moment during which Spin almost dies on account of realizing that her hero remembered swimming a race next to her. Life goal achieved. Thanks for listening, guys!

  • Swimcerely with Megan Jendrick (Pt. 1)
    Thu, Feb 11, 2016

    In a personal dream come true for its host, Megan (Quann) Jendrick (Olympic Gold Medalist, Sydney 2000 + Olympic Silver Medalist, Beijing 2008) joins the Swimcerely podcast today! In part 1 of what will be a two part discussion, Megan talks us through the seemingly inconceivable experience of winning an Olympic gold medal at 16 years old. Also discussed are memories from her time in Sydney, Megan's media persona in the early 2000's - for which she received some flack at the time, how she looks back on her "rivalry" with Kristy Kowal, and the visualization trick she used as a teen that set her apart from the rest of the world. 

  • Swimcerely with Maya Dirado
    Thu, Jan 21, 2016

    NCAA, World University Games, and Pan Pacs CHAMPION Maya Dirado gets Swimcere today, folks! The Stanford grad joins the show and discusses her early life as a synchronized swimmer, the struggle she faced deciding whether or not to turn pro after graduation, and her goals for 2016 and beyond. Maya also discusses her post-Rio career plans and offers insight into the job-hunting process from an athlete's perspective. STAY 100 YALL thx for the love. 

  • Swimcerely with Matt Thompson
    Thu, Jan 07, 2016

    Matt Thompson - former National High School Record Holder, individual NCAA Top-3 finisher, and Olympic Trials semifinalist ('08, '12) - gets swimcere today! The Stanford graduate-turned-fashion-executive details what his swimming career was like as a gay athlete - shedding light on his experience in the closet as a younger athlete and then speaking to the freedom of coming out in the latter half of his career. Matt and Spin also chat about their prelims/finals rituals, memories from team trips, and reminisce fondly over a time when Matt once left Spin stranded on a beach in Florida. FRIENDSHIP! 

  • Swimcerely with Katie Meili
    Thu, Dec 24, 2015

    MERRY CHRISTMAS, SWIMCERISTS! (Is that an acceptable fan name? Does this show have fans? lololol). Today, Pan Am gold medalist Katie Meili gets swimcere! The Columbia grad joins the show to talk about being a self-described average age-group swimmer, the factors to which she credits her evolution into one of the world's best breaststrokers, and her current life as a professional swimmer. Spin and Katie also reminisce about capture-the-flag related childhood injuries, a shared love of Texas Age Group Swimming, etc. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL AND TO ALL A GOOD PODCAST

  • Swimcerely with Jessica Hardy
    Thu, Dec 10, 2015

    Olympian, World Record holder, and National Team member Jessica Hardy gets swimcere today! Spin and Jess discuss her early days as a SoCal swimmer and water polo player, the experience of making the 2008 Olympic team followed by the heartbreak of what followed - including the subsequent fight to prove her innocence, what it means to her to finally be an Olympian, and her goals for 2016 and beyond. Also discussed is Hardy's new book: "Swimming Toward The Gold Lining: How Jessica Hardy Turned Her Wounds Into Wisdom" (a fascinating read). Thanks so much for tuning back in, you guys. ONE LOVE.

  • Swimcerely with Ariana Kukors
    Thu, Oct 29, 2015

    2012 Olympian and former World Record holder Ariana Kukors gets Swimcere this week! Ari discusses the experience of growing up in a swimming family alongside two other very fast swim-siblings, and how missing the 2008 Olympics by .08 seconds lit a fire under her that caused her to win gold at the 2009 World Championships and break a World Record in the process. Spin and Ari also discuss her training regimen leading up to 2012, what Ari's life looks like post-retirement from the sport, and, of course, there's mad TV talk. STAY BLESSED YALL

  • Swimcerely with Laura Sogar, Bethany Adams (feat. Emily Rose Williams)
    Thu, Oct 22, 2015

    Welcome to the college swimming episode! NCAA Champion, World University Games medalist, and National Team member Laura Sogar and 5-time All-American Bethany Adams get swimcere today! We are also joined later in the episode by Emily Rose Williams, captain of the '14-'15 University of Texas Women's Swim Team. We reminisce about our days of collegiate swimming including: recruiting trips, the worst practice we ever had at Texas, accidentally picking a drug-smuggling gym to lift weights in, memories from training trips, and much more. Some may call this a filler episode, some may call it the best thing ever recorded (no one's going to call it that but you get the picture)! Thanks for listening!

    Sidenote: to see the pictures we discuss on this episode, check out the show's instagram: @swimcerely or, on twitter, @spindriftbeck

  • Swimcerely with Carol Capitani
    Thu, Oct 15, 2015

    Head Coach of the University of Texas women's swim team, Carol Capitani gets swimcere in today's episode! The 2013 women's Duel In The Pool Head Coach and 2013 World University Games Assistant Coach chats about her childhood as a swimmer, how her love of English and writing led her to coaching, and what it was like to live and coach in Singapore. She also speaks about her 14 years at the University of Georgia as Assistant Coach and Associate Head Coach and speaks to the emotions behind taking over as the head coach of a sports team at a major sports school...aka the University of Texas. Hook 'Em Horns!

  • Swimcerely with Cindy Tran
    Thu, Oct 08, 2015

    NCAA champion Cindy Tran gets swimcere today! The Cal Bear joins the show to talk about her life as an age-group swimmer, her infamous underwaters, collegiate career, and goals post-retirement, including a future in the Coast Guard. Lots of talk about the struggle of retiring from swimming ensues, Spin and Cindy share an embarrassing amount of insecurities about the process of transitioning from being a swimmer to a swammer. OK THANK YALL V MUCH FOR YOUR PATRONAGE AND FAREWELL

  • Swimcerely with Alyssa Anderson
    Thu, Oct 01, 2015

    Olympic gold medalist Alyssa Anderson gets Swimcere in today's episode, y'all! The University of Arizona grad joins the show from her home in San Francisco. Topics include: Alyssa's experiences as a Zona Wildcat, the 2012 US Olympic swim team's famous Call Me Maybe video (in which Alyssa played a big behind the scenes role), the 2012 200 free race at Trials that put her on the Olympic team, discussion of the pyrotechnics at Trials of late, and much more. Also, a voice-recording of Alyssa and Spin from 2006 is played, laughs are had, mems are cherished, etc. THANK YOU FOR TUNING IN, FRIENDS!

  • Swimcerely with Felicia Lee
    Wed, Sep 23, 2015

    Swimmer Felicia Lee gets Swimcere today in our first-ever episode of the show! The Stanford graduate-turned-pro swimmer joins the show to talk with Spin about topics including: an unscripted phone call from Spin's father, a 2-degrees-of-separation moment between Flee and Spin involving a cast member of Felicia's favorite TV show, creepy Facebook messages, injury, NCAA's, and Flee's goals in the pool today. Let's do this thing, y'all.

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