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AmateurLogic.TV Video Podcast

AmateurLogic.TV Video Podcast

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Your source for practical amateur radio and technology hacks, mods, and tips.

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Podcast Episodes

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  • AmateurLogic 130: Echolink Pi is Back
    Sun, May 12, 2019

    George completes the 2019 Echolink Pi/SVXlink project. Tommy discovers an interesting new online SDR. Mike, VE3MIC joins us with a really cool BlueDV-AMBE server project. Plus another Foreign Food taste test, courtesy of Kevin Mitchell, ZL1KFM.1:23:36

  • HamCollege 52
    Sun, Apr 28, 2019

    General Amateur Radio Exam part 23. Solid State devices, Standing Waves.1:04:40

  • AmateurLogic 129: Peanut Voice Octopus
    Sat, Apr 13, 2019

    Tommy demonstrates the free Peanut D-Star app. Emile shows how to use the Raspberry Pi as a voice keyer for his Icom ID-9100. George erects the MFJ Octopus Antenna and details some tips to do it quicker and precise. Plus the usual fun and your viewer email and posts.1:07:31

  • HamCollege 51
    Sat, Mar 30, 2019

    General Amateur Radio Exam part 22. Simple Decibel power calculations. Receivers1:11:07

  • AmateurLogic 128: Windows 10 on Raspberry Pi
    Sat, Mar 16, 2019

    George runs the full Windows 10 Pro (not IOT Core version) on the Raspberry Pi. Emile visits the W5DDL Hamfest in Rayne, LA. Tommy builds an Arduino Battery Monitor/Alert.1:22:25

  • HamCollege 50
    Sun, Mar 3, 2019

    General Amateur Radio Exam part 21. Decibels and Power. S units. Amplifier Classes.1:09:19

  • AmateurLogic 127: Winter Projects
    Sat, Feb 16, 2019

    Emile and the Ozone ARC participate in Winter Field Day. Winter is the perfect time to catch up on projects. Tommy shows how to update the firmware of a DVMega. After six years, George revisits Echolink on the Raspberry Pi. SVXlink part-1. Plus your viewer email.1:11:25

  • HamCollege 49
    Sun, Feb 3, 2019

    General Amateur Radio Exam part 20. More on modulation. Coaxial cable loss explored.1:07:03

  • AmateurLogic 126: Blue Thumb DV & 1/4 Wave Stubs
    Sun, Jan 13, 2019

    Tommy reviews the Blue Thumb DV. George and the crew pull out the test equipment and experiment with 1/4 wave stubs. This live demonstration helps clear up some of the mystery. Mike, VE3MIC sits in for the Cheap Old Man to help keep expenses under control.1:31:49

  • AmateurLogic 125: Happy New Year
    Tue, Jan 1, 2019

    The official unedited version of our almost 4 hour 2018 New Yearís Eve Celebration live stream.An International group of guest help ring in the New Year with tales of the past year in Ham Radio and projects.Plus classic AmateurLogic.TV ĎHalf Speed Theater.íGeorge and Tommy welcome:Mike Morneau, VE3MICLaird Nigel P Lawrence G0MEJ KG0PLAndy Anderson, KP4AANCarmen M Centeno Calero, WP4QERDan Van Evenhoven, N9LVSAmanda Alden, K1DDLJeff Carrier, K0JDSA cameo appearance by Emile Diodene, KE5QKR.3:56:45

  • HamCollege 48
    Sat, Dec 29, 2018

    General Amateur Radio Exam part 19. Overmodulation and Test Equipment.1:16:01

  • AmateurLogic 124: 2018 Christmas Special
    Sat, Dec 15, 2018

    Part 2 of Georgeís enhanced DTMF Radio Control and Monitoring project. Tommyís quick and easy PiStar hot spot build instructions. Emile celebrates Skywarn Appreciation Day. Mikeís back with his Photoshop collection and a holiday ALTV Retrospect. Plus another unexpected AmateurLogic Foreign Food and Beverage Taste Test featuring Moxie Soda, Capín Eliís Blueberry Ale, Haribo Piratos and Cajun Kringle.2:08:40

  • HamCollege 47
    Sat, Dec 1, 2018

    General Amateur Radio Exam part 18. SSB, Speech Processors, ALC and Beverage Antennas.1:02:27

  • AmateurLogic 123: Turkey Time
    Sat, Nov 17, 2018

    Part 1 of Georgeís DTMF Radio Control project. Tommy with Easy D-Star Programming using CSV files. Emile supports TourDeCure Nawlins. And another AmateurLogic Foreign Food Taste Test featuring Rum Butter from the UK.1:29:28

  • HamCollege 46
    Sat, Oct 27, 2018

    General Amateur Radio Exam part 17. Solar Propagation Effects, Delta Loop and Log Periodic Antennas.54:28

  • AmateurLogic 122: ALTVís 13th Anniversary
    Sun, Oct 14, 2018

    As one of the first video podcasts period, AmateurLogic.TV celebrates 13 years this month. Tommy builds the SDR Pi. Emile discusses the Internet of Cheap Old Things. George exposes Harmonic Distortion. Jim joins the party and shows us the interesting projects heís been working on.We announce the winner of our 13th Anniversary Sweepstakes. Sarah Clark, K4EMT will be receiving an Icom IC-7300 HF Transceiver, MFJ-4230DMP power supply, Heil Sound iCM microphone and BM-17 headset, MFJ ĎBig Stickí antenna and RG8X coax, Gordon West amateur license study guide, and a pair of AmateurLogic Faux Gold PL-259 connectors. Thanks to Icom, MFJ, Heil Sound & Gordon West Radio School for making this possible.1:51:14

  • HamCollege 45
    Mon, Oct 01, 2018

    General Amateur Radio Exam part 16. More Skywaves and more HF Antennas.01:24:31

  • AmateurLogic 121: Hamfests from Huntsville to Tokyo
    Sat, Sep 15, 2018

    In this episode we cover a few new products and fun at Huntsville Hamfest and Tokyo Hamfair.1:42:00

  • HamCollege 44
    Fri, Aug 31, 2018

    General Amateur Radio Exam part 15. Skywaves, MUF, more HF Antennas.

  • AmateurLogic 120: Raspberry Pi for PC & Mac
    Tue, Aug 14, 2018

    George installs Raspberry Pi Desktop for PC and Mac.Tommy visits John Amodeo on the new set of Tim Allenís Last Man Standing. Watch it come together.Emile shows the long awaited, multifunction, PiClock.October will be ALTVís 13th Anniversary. We are celebrating with another contest. Get all the details here.1:21:16

  • HamCollege 43
    Sat, Jul 28, 2018

    General Amateur Radio Exam part 14. Emergency Communications, Skywaves, Yagi Antennas.53:58

  • AmateurLogic 119: Field Day 2018
    Tue, Jul 17, 2018

    Join the AmateurLogic crew for Field Day 2018. We assembled and raised a Hex Beam, Cobweb, and Off Center Fed Dipole this year. Jocelyn Brault, KD8VRX/VA2VRX talks about licensing requirements for operating in another country and Field Day at VOA. Arne Carlsson, K5ARN/SA7CAR added a little Swedish flavor to the topic. Emile leads the Field Day charge in South Louisiana. Plus it turns out the real Swedish Fish is not a fish at all. Itís a horse!1:40:14

  • HamCollege 42
    Sun, Jul 1, 2018

    General Amateur Radio Exam part 13. Digital Modes pt 5, HF Antennas part 3.01:00:21

  • AmateurLogic 118: Hamvention 2018 Wrap Up
    Sat, Jun 6, 2018

    No matter how many hamfests youíve visited, itís hard to top the excitement and variety of gear youíll find at Hamvention. Join AmateurLogic as we visit Hamvention 2018. We found some unique new products you wonít want to miss. How about a LTE PTT handy talkie that covers all of the US, Canada, or Mexico. Or an Android cellphone with built in DMR radio. Weíve also got the scoop on one of this yearís top food choices. As well as visits and updates from a few friends youíll recognize.1:24:47

  • HamCollege 41
    Sat, May 26, 2018

    General Amateur Radio Exam questions part 12. Digital Modes part 4, HF Antennas part 2.01:02:16

  • AmateurLogic 117: Sounds of the Studio
    Sat, May 12, 2018

    How would you describe a particular artifact in someoneís transmit audio so they understand what you are hearing? In Sounds of the Studio, we listen to some common audio problems and effects to see what everyone calls them.Peter shows us some new microcontroller boards designed especially for python. Emile catches a ride on the Ham Shack Hotline, and itís cheap too.1:23:56

  • HamCollege 40
    Sat, Apr 28, 2018

    General Amateur Radio Exam questions part 11. Digital Modes part 3, HF Antennas part 1.01:05:41

  • Special Presentation: Clyde Haehnle Remembering WLW & VOA
    Tue, Apr 17, 2018

    AmateurLogic.TV Special Presentation: Clyde Haehnle, Remembering WLW 500 KW Super Power and Building VOA Bethany Relay Station. Recorded May 17, 2014 at the National VOA Museum of Broadcasting. Clyde was the last surviving engineer from the WLW 500 KW era. His stories recount some of the major achievements in broadcasting during itís heyday.49:13You will probably also like our special 2013 tour of the VOA Museum.

  • AmateurLogic 116: Friday The 13th
    Sun, Apr 15, 2018

    Emile completes the ĎCheap Old Loopí, Peter loves his FRG-7, Tommy & George experiment with the D-Star apps for iOS and Android with an Icom ID-4100 and Kenwood TH-D74A, Mike joins us for a look at his Inverted VE3MIC OCF Antenna, plus more lots fun and information.1:27:07

  • HamCollege 39
    Sat, Mar 24, 2018

    General Amateur Radio Exam questions part 10. Digital Modes pt 2, Interference.58:18

  • AmateurLogic 115: Hamfest Acadian Style
    Thu, Mar 15, 2018

    Tommy, George and Emile visit the 2018 Acadiana Hamfest in Rayne, LA. Good food, good friends and good times in South Louisiana. We visit with vendors and attendees to find out what makes this event so special. Emile teaches Tommy and George the proper way to eat Crawfish.1:14:21 of a Hamfest unlike any other.

  • HamCollege 38
    Sun, Feb 25, 2018

    General Amateur Radio Exam questions part 9. Digital Modes pt 1, Grounding.54:03

  • AmateurLogic 114: Whatís New with Martin Jue, K5FLU
    Sun, Feb 11, 2018

    Peterís infrared experiments part 2. Tommyís Active Antenna. Emileís HF Loop part 1. George at the Capital City Hamfest with Martin Jue(MFJ) and Will Jourdain(Icom).1:23:13

  • HamCollege 37
    Wed, Jan 31, 2018

    General Amateur Radio Exam part 8. CW Operations, Q-Codes, Inductors, Transformers.01:06:20

  • AmateurLogic 113: IR CAD Weather Meter
    Sat, Jan 13, 2018

    Peter experiments with infrared remote control. Tommy fiddles with Tinkercad. Emile becomes an amateur weather scientist. George tests a variety of components with an ohmmeter.1:22:57

  • HamCollege 36
    Sun, Dec 31, 2017

    General Amateur Radio Exam part 7. More operation discussion. More Impedance questions.01:13:00

  • AmateurLogic 112: ALTV's Christmas Spectacular
    Sat, Dec 09, 2017

    Tommyís battery power solution for Arduino. Peter wants to make new Hams. George builds the ultimate color ĎHeads Upí Display. And Mike joins us for some special holiday fun.1:28:37

  • HamCollege 35
    Sun, Nov 26, 2017

    General Amateur Radio Exam part 6. Selecting a frequency.AM, FM and Sideband demonstration. Impedance.01:08:03

  • AmateurLogic 111: Some Fella with Blue Teeth
    Sat, Nov 11, 2017

    Tommy builds a dummy load with a scope sample port. Peter controls an Arduino from his phone with Bluetooth. George experiments with LED current draw. Emileís got a new tuner.1:15:01

  • AmateurLogic 110: MFJís 45th Anniversary
    Tue, Oct 31, 2017

    Itís MFJ Enterprises 45th Anniversary.Join us in this bonus episode of ALTV for Interesting interviews, tours and fun.1:45:42

  • HamCollege 34
    Mon, Oct 30, 2017

    General Amateur Radio Exam part 5. Volunteer Examiners, good operator practices. Reactance demonstration.01:02:55

  • AmateurLogic 109: ALTVís 12th Anniversary
    Sat, Oct 14, 2017

    Celebrate ALTVís 12th Anniversary with us. Emile prepares for a spooky Halloween with Sonic Pi. Unveiling the new RigPi. Mike, VE3MIC updates us on recent projects. Icom/MFJ/Heil Sound/AmateurLogic IC-7300 base station giveaway.1:40:13

  • Ham College 33
    Sat, Sep 23, 2017

    Foreign contacts and third party traffic. Series and parallel Inductors. Inductor demonstration.01:06:39

  • AmateurLogic 108: Huntsville & A Bit of Everything
    Mon, Sep 11, 2017

    A little bit of everything. George visits friends at Huntsville Hamfest, Tommy explores Icomís IP100H IP Handi Talkies, Emile studies ITU Designations, and Peter discusses recent FT8 Updates.1:25:27

  • Ham College 32
    Sun, Aug 27, 2017

    General Amateur Radio Exam part 3. More on the band plans. Series and parallel capacitors.01:14:17

  • AmateurLogic 107: FT8, Scope Kit, Pi Zero W
    Sat, Aug 12, 2017

    Peter operates the new FT8 Digital Mode from Joe Taylor. Tommy builds the DSO138 Scope Kit. George discusses the Raspberry Pi Zero W. Wayne build an Antenna Tripod.1:24:08

  • Ham College 31
    Sun, Jul 30, 2017

    Join Professor Thomas and Dean Martin for part 2 of our studies on the General Amateur Radio Exam. More on the band plans. Series and parallel resistors.01:16:15

  • AmateurLogic 106: Field Day At The W5JDX Shack
    Sun, Jul 16, 2017

    Field Day At The W5JDX and Ozone Shacks. Peter mods his BitX transceiver. Emile at the Jupiter Light House. And an old school Megger.1:12:41

  • Ham College 30
    Sat, Jul 01, 2017

    Ham College begins studies on the General Amateur Radio Exam. Why upgrade? Whatís on the test?01:19:46

  • AmateurLogic 105: George & Tommyís Excellent Adventure v2.0
    Tue, Jun 13, 2017

    George & Tommyís Excellent Adventure v2.0. Dayton Hamvention 2017 from a new location. We catch up with longtime ALTV friend and new ham, Jeri Ellsworth. Plus visits with many old and new friends, and interesting new products.2:11:59

  • Ham College episode 29
    Sat, May 27, 2017

    Safety part 3 and our final episode covering the Technician Exam Questions. Plus tips on taking your exam.01:00:46

  • AmateurLogic 104: May Day
    Mon, May 15, 2017

    Peter upgrades his BitX40. Tommy meets Buster D-Star for the Mac. Emile experiments with D-Rats. George tests the MFJ Receiving Loop Antenna. Plus a New Zealand Taste Test.1:17:38

  • Ham College episode 28
    Sun, Apr 30, 2017

    Safety Part 2 and more Technicians pool questions.01:00:20

  • AmateurLogic 103: The Un-planned Episode
    Sun, Apr 16, 2017

    Tommy repairs his mobile antenna. Emile makes a NOAA Heads Up Alert. Mike builds the Canadian Balun. Peterís Balloon fails and he repurposes an old laptop screen. Plus all the usual stuff.1:16:38

  • Ham College episode 27
    Wed, Mar 29, 2017

    More Coax, SWR, Dummy Loads and Technicians pool questions.1:13:42

  • AmateurLogic 102: Cheap Beacon, Fixing Stuff & Jansky
    Thu, Mar 16, 2017

    Peter repairs a Laptop Screen, Emile builds a Cheap Beacon, George continues the 433 MHz Saga, and special guest John Ossi, N3DRH has part 2 of 2 on Karl Jansky, the Father of Radio Astronomy.1:25:58

  • Ham College episode 26
    Sun, Feb 26, 2017

    More Coax, SWR, Dummy Loads and Technicians pool questions.1:13:42

  • AmateurLogic 101: Android RTL, BitX40 & lots more
    Sun, Feb 12, 2017

    Tommy explores Android RTL SDR, Peter completes a BitX40 transceiver, Emile takes a Byte of Pi, George talks about tool stores, and special guest John Ossi, N3DRH has part 1 of 2 on Karl Jansky. You wonít want to miss it.1:23:43

  • Ham College episode 25
    Sun, Jan 29, 2017

    Antennas, Coax and more questions from the Technician pool.1:10:55

  • AmateurLogic 100: Episode 100!
    Sat, Jan 14, 2017

    It's the 100th episode of AmateurLogic.TV.Peter makes a quick photo frame. Tommy shows why and how to secure your Microsoft account. Emile demonstrates how to evaluate your Wifi economically. And George experiments with 433 MHz transmitter and receiver modules for the Arduino. Plus the usual unplanned hijinks and shenanigans.01:13:44

  • AmateurLogic 99 Part 3 of 3
    Tue, Jan 03, 2017

    Our 2016 Year End Closeout.Part 1 of 3 from out New Year's Eve live stream event.42:50

  • AmateurLogic 99 Part 2 of 3
    Tue, Jan 03, 2017

    Our 2016 Year End Closeout.Part 1 of 3 from out New Year's Eve live stream event.1:05:43

  • AmateurLogic 99 Part 1 of 3
    Tue, Jan 03, 2017

    Our 2016 Year End Closeout.Part 1 of 3 from out New Year's Eve live stream event.1:05:43

  • Ham College episode 24
    Sat, Dec 24, 2016

    Antennas and more questions from the Technician pool.1:01:01

  • AmateurLogic 98: Christmas 2016
    Sun, Dec 11, 2016

    Our 2016 Holiday Spectacular.Peter has tips for taking tests. Emile makes a HF J-Pole antenna. Tommy revives a laptop with ShackBox. George has suggestions on Gifts for Ham Buddies. We sample New Orleans CheeWees. Our Canadian correspondent Mike, VE3MIC is back with some Kristmas Karaoke. Plus we give away prizes and more.It's an extra long 2:06:30 of seasonal fun.

  • AmateurLogic 97: Variety Show
    Mon, Nov 14, 2016

    Tommy shows us the Android SDR, Peter makes an Auto-Pi, Emile continues his COMM TCPIP Remote, George talks about RG-142 and correct Connector Installation.1:24:04

  • Ham College episode 22
    Sun, Oct 30, 2016

    In this episode we cover more circuits and schematic symbols..48:28

  • AmateurLogic 96: Our 11th Anniversary
    Mon, Oct 17, 2016

    It's our 11th Anniversary and we give away the Icom IC-7300 with accessories from MFJ to one lucky ham.Peters got tips before you buy an Antique Radio. Emile continues his cheap network experiments. Tommy joins the DStar QSO Party. George builds the Arduino Pushbutton Radio.1:25:35

  • Ham College episode 21
    Wed, Sep 28, 2016

    In this episode we conclude discussing Noise and Interference, and begin covering Schematics.56:24

  • AmateurLogic 95: What Goes Up
    Mon, Sep 12, 2016

    It's out of this world. In this episode D-Star hotspots just got easier to use. Tommy shows us the DVMega Blue Stack. George Interviews Bill Brown, WB8ELK in Huntsville and learns about his Pico Balloon experiments. Emile brings to light a possible Commspiracy.Details of our 11th Anniversary Icom IC-7300 giveaway and more.1:23:49

  • Ham College episode 20
    Mon, Aug 29, 2016

    Noise and Interference part 1.1:12:15

  • AmateurLogic 94: Plain Brown Wrapper
    Mon, Aug 15, 2016

    In this extra long episode Peter adds a display to his Arduino Uno. Emile visits the W5SLA hamfest. George explains how a triode tube amplifier works.Our friend from the Great White North, Mike Morneau, VE3MIC demonstrates the Universal Digital Repeater Controller operating D-Star on a competing format repeater.We unwrap a 'Mystery Package' that arrived from a foreign country. George and Tommy sample fine Canadian cuisine and Marmite for the first time. Which wins the title of most awful taste ever, Marmite or Vegemite?Plus plenty of the usual fun and some great viewer photos.1:55:40

  • Ham College episode 19
    Thu, Aug 11, 2016

    More about Multi-mode transceivers and a few demonstrations.1:03:27

  • AmateurLogic 93: There's RF in Those Woods
    Tue, Jul 12, 2016

    ALTV's 2016 Field Day excursion. The crew takes to the woods for this annual event. The fun ensues.1:26:21

  • Ham College episode 18
    Sat, Jul 02, 2016

    All about Multi-mode transceivers and the benefits of certain modes. More related questions from the amateur radio technician exam pool.1:07:51

  • AmateurLogic 92: Hamvention 2016 Part 2
    Sat, Jun 18, 2016

    Part 2 of Tommy and George's Hamvention 2016 adventure. Recorded before a live audience at the Icom booth on Saturday, May 22nd.Will Jourdain, AA5WJ from Icom AmericaGordon West, WB6NOA Amateur radio author and Ham Nation hostJoe Eisenberg, K0NEB CQ Magazine kit editorMartin Jue, K5FLU MFJ EnterprisesJohn Amodeo, NN6JAChris Brault, KD8YVJ Youth ham extraordinaireMike Morneau, VE3MIC Royal Canadian amateur1:34:32

  • AmateurLogic 91: Hamvention 2016 Part 1
    Sat, Jun 4, 2016

    Part 1 of Tommy and George's Hamvention 2016 adventure. Recorded before a live audience at the Icom booth on Friday, May 21st.Fishing Tales with Darth?Michael Kalter, W8CI on what's new at Hamvention.Don Kunst, W3LNE, Boy Scouts K2BSA VP.Arthur Kunst, W3WM has some great stories about his 76 years in amateur Radio! You don't want to miss this.Valerie Hotzfeld, NV9L and Bob Heil, K9EID join us and talk about Ham Nation and their passions for the hobby.It's a bonus episode of AmateurLogic. Look for part two coming soon.1:08:10

  • Ham College episode 17
    Sun, May 29, 2016

    Part two of our look at the Digital Modes. VOIP. Ohm's Law questions.1:01:54

  • AmateurLogic 90: Everybody's Talking About Antennas
    Sat, May 14, 2016

    Tommy's Antenna Hanging. Emile's Wet Noodle. Peter has a free antenna reference. George builds the Hula Loop. Plus viewer email and more.1:02:10

  • Ham College episode 16
    Sun, May 1, 2016

    Part one of our look at the Digital Modes.1:05:29

  • AmateurLogic 89: Wires, Wireless & Pi Smack Down
    Sat, Apr 16, 2016

    George shows us how to make a 'Lineman's Splice'. Emile introduces us to his Ubiquiti Wireless Point-to-Point bridge. Tommy benchmarks the various models of the Raspberry Pi with some interesting results. And Peter presents the Raspberry Pi 4???1:04:13

  • Ham College episode 15
    Sun, Mar 27, 2016

    Satellite communications.45:13

  • AmateurLogic 88: March Madness
    Sun, Mar 13, 2016

    Tommy brings up a 3D Printer Primer, Emile introduces Repo Claus, Peter talks about Raspberry Pi SD card corruption, and George shows another easy way to use copper clad PC boards with solder islands.1:20:13

  • Ham College episode 14
    Mon, Feb 29, 2016

    Radio wave propagation.01:12:42

  • AmateurLogic 87: FLDigi Mac
    Mon, Feb 15, 2016

    Tommy explores FLDigi with his Icom IC-7100 and Mac computer. Peter's Introduction to Satellite TV Pt 2. Emile visits Hammond Hamfest and Crossband repeats. Plus lot of fun and a few headaches.1:08:20

  • Ham College episode 13
    Wed, Jan 27, 2016

    All about repeaters. More questions and answers from the Technician class question pool. Learn how you can win an Icom T-shirt and cap.01:05:54

  • AmateurLogic 86: We're Back
    Mon, Jan 11, 2016

    Peter introduces Satellite TV. Tommy explores FLRig with his Icom IC-7100 and Mac computer. Emile makes a cheap APRS Tracker. George visits a transmitter site in the wilderness and more.1:15:21

  • Ham College episode 12
    Fri, Jan 1, 2016

    All about repeaters. More questions and answers from the Technician class question pool. Learn how you can win an Icom T-shirt and cap.01:05:54

  • AmateurLogic 85: 2015 Christmas Extravaganza
    Mon, Dec 14, 2015

    The 2015 AmateurLogic Christmas Extravaganza. Peter troubleshoots his Ugly Balun. Tommy shows us a cheap, small, efficient voltage regulator. Emile demonstrates the Cheap Spectrum Analyzer. Mike, VE3MIC joins us to introduce some new ALTV products just in time for the holidays.1:20:25

  • Ham College episode 11
    Sat, Nov 28, 2015

    Tommy and George discuss 'Your First Radio'. More questions and answers from the Technician class question pool. Learn how you can win an Icom T-shirt and cap.01:06:14

  • AmateurLogic 84: Windows Pi
    Sat, Nov 14, 2015

    George demonstrates Windows 10 on the Raspberry Pi. Tommy talks about DHAP RF Commander. Peter builds the Pixie kit and has a few highlights from the DATV QSO Party. Plus the 'Cheap Old Man' is back! Emile gives us a shack update and shows how to time sync your computer over the air with WWVB.1:12:30

  • Ham College episode 10
    Sat, Oct 31, 2015

    In episode 10 we talk about Joseph Henry and discuss inductors. More questions and answers from the Technical class question pool. Learn how you can win an Icom T-shirt and cap.56:55

  • AmateurLogic 83: Our 10th Anniversary
    Mon, Oct 12, 2015

    ALTV's 10 Anniversary Special! We relive some of the highlights of the past decade of AmateurLogic.1:42:04

  • Ham College episode 9
    Sun, Sep 27, 2015

    Ham College episode 9 is now available for download.In episode 9 we discuss the different types of resistors and potentiometers. Deciphering the resistor color code. More questions and answers from the Technical class question pool. Learn how you can win an Icom T-shirt and cap.1:05:30

  • AmateurLogic 82: More to Come
    Mon, Sep 14, 2015

    More fun from the Huntsville Hamfest with the whole crew! Details about the 10th Anniversary Contest. And your viewer emails.1:08:10

  • Ham College episode 8
    Sun, Aug 30, 2015

    Ham College, the new show for those new to the hobby and those wishing to get into Amateur Radio.In episode 8 we discuss the radio bands available to hams. More questions and answers from the Technical class question pool. We also tell you how you can win an Icom T-shirt and cap and about the AmateurLogic.TV 10th Anniversary contest where someone is going to win a nice HF transceiver and accessories.55:14

  • AmateurLogic 81: Huntsville with Peter
    Thu, Aug 20, 2015

    George and Tommy finally meet Peter in person at Huntsville Hamfest!1:12:40

  • Ham College episode 7
    Sun, Jul 26, 2015

    Ham College, the new show for those new to the hobby and those wishing to get into Amateur Radio.In episode 7 we talk about and demonstrate Radio Waves. More questions and answers from the Technical class question pool.52:28

  • AmateurLogic 80: A Country Field Day
    Mon, Jul 13, 2015

    George, Tommy and Wayne head back to the country for Field Day. We tried a few new things this year that worked out pretty well. Plus your viewer emails and more.1:16:20

  • Ham College episode 6
    Sun, Jun 28, 2015

    Ham College, the new show for those new to the hobby and those wishing to get into Amateur Radio.In episode 6 we talk about and demonstrate diodes. More questions and answers from the Technical class question pool.1:01:48

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