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I was born and raised in Budapest, Hungary. My upbringing was fairly normal, classical European education and Protestants upbringing but my maternal grandmother was a Catholic closet mystic. Much of her wisdom I could not understand when I was with her but she lived to be 99-year old and I understand her gentle guidance on me now at a ripe age. All in all the Christian doctrine never made much sense to me despite my thirst for knowledge and God. As it turned out I never got my confirmation only christening. So am I a Christian or a Pagan? 
I liked going to church in Europe where places of worship are majestic and old, and while I was practicing it was largely forbidden or frowned upon by the dictators of Soviet era Budapest. I guess it was ok as an act of political rebellion as long as I did not listen to the priest much.
I came to the USA at age 21 with nothing but the clothes on my back. My sponsor was also a protestant minister who was a big-time capitalist all the same. I guessed it was ok in the USA but American style religion just never suited me. I seldom attended church; I have tried Unitarian Universalism as it was the closest organized religion I could stomach. I still love those Unitarians.

The best way to describe me is as a philosopher with a mystic bent. I have started a reprint publishing venue to offer Right Hand Path, occult books that actually reveal truths and can be of benefit the reader spiritually. 

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by Andras Nagy
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Pythagoras' secrets and teachings were not to be divulged to outsiders. The story goes that Pythagoras himself had to be waiting for 10 years, before gaining admittance into the Mystery School.

by Jesuha the Christ
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An idol is a false impression, or a false belief; some form of anti-Christ. All forms of anti-Christ oppose the Christ.

1 - 2 of 2 Titles


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