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Ozark Stories

Mark Twain Style Ozark Mountains Fishing Stories (AUDIOBOOK) are based on the adventures of author Rolland Love who wrote and reads the stories. Here's what you can expect 1 hour and 20 minutes of  “Real Fishing Stories”. You can even listen to them with your kids around the campfire, in the tent by lantern light, or at home in their beds to get ‘em fired up for the big camping or fishing trip. Or, download and burn a CD to listen to on your next road trip. The stories are enjoyed by fisherman and non-fisherman of ALL AGES.


Amazon Kindle — Featured Author Review — Rolland Love “Love’s deep-rooted passion for the Ozarks comes to life in a series of fantastic fishing tales that Huck Finn and Tom Sawyer could have only dreamed of." 

“Rolland, it's your voice, I love your sophisticated "Hillbilly" twang and the sound effects enables the mind to visualize the scenes and just about be there. Can’t wait to take my Grandson fishing and pop in the Fishing Stories CD.” -Larry Bodinson, PI 

"Rolland, I really like your Mark Twain style of writing and storytelling, also the fact you don’t rely on graphic language or sex to cover up a weak story line. I vividly remember your compelling novel the Blue Hole.” Molly Martin, Scribes World


“To Understand Overland Park writer and storyteller Rolland Love, think Mark Twain,” Nick Kowalczyk, The Kansas City Star


Table of Contents

Introduction to the Ozark Mountains
Fishing in the Ozark Mountains Back in the Day
Fishing the Outer Limit in the Ozark Mountains
Giggin’ Suckers
First Ozark Mountains Camping Trip
Catchin’ Bluegill at the Mill Pond
Catchin' Catfish Using a Cane Pole
Catchin’ an Cookin’ Bullfrogs
BIG Trouble at the Outhouse “Privy”

 LOVE stories from the Ozarks - http://tinyurl.com/qy5av83

 A visit with LOVEhttp://tinyurl.com/nddopzw