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John Selby
Website: johnselby.com
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John Selby is a psychologist, life coach and spiritual consultant who has developed a number of new techniques for consciousness management and short-form meditation. He is the author of over two dozen books with half a million copies in print. His current focus is delivering his new mind-management methods via experiential-audio guidance on the web, at http://johnselby.com. At sixty, he is actively teaching and producing new online programs, and also expanding into cell-phone delivery of his short-form meditation and at-work programs. His new books, TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR MIND and EMPATHY ON DEMAND, aimed at the business community, follow his psychological QUIET YOUR MIND and spiritual SEVEN MASTERS, ONE PATH texts. He lives in Hawaii and teaches extensively in the States and Europe.

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by John Selby
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John Selby's "Take Charge Of Your Mind" delivers a powerful yet easy-to-master cognitive method for shifting away from worries and stress at work, and becoming more creative, empathic and charismatic.

1 - 1 of 1 Titles