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April 2005

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April 4, 2005

Author Pages Are Up!

Been alot going on over here at the Learn Out Loud HQ. On my end, the week's work was putting up some author pages which when all is said and done are probably the best resource I could possibly invent for finding every audio resource by a given author. You even get a nice biographical sketch researched by yours truly and a snazzy picture. I want to give you all a set of links for the current pages that are up. So without further blabbering here you are:

Dan Millman
Joseph Campbell
Wayne Dyer
Tom Peters
Andrew Weil
Zig Ziglar
The Dalai Lama
Deepak Chopra

Below the biographies you will see 2 or three featured items and then a list of every title I compiled by each other. This list was culled from every online audio book retailer I have at my disposal (the list is growing geometrically), and many of them are titles offered only by the author. So hopefully you'll find some things there that you didn't know existed before. Enjoy!


April 4, 2005

The Gargantuan Power of Anthony Robbins

We've put up I believe every single audio and video title that Anthony Robbins offers now. Today I finished putting up the individual PowerTalk! series that Audio Renaissance has released. These consist of one tape of Tony Robbins talking about a subject and on the second tape conducting an interview with one of the leaders in the field on that topic. And the people he gets are major in the self development and business fields: Dr. Wayne Dyer, Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. Leo Buscaglia, Dr. John Gray, Dr. Stephen R. Covey, Dr. Barbara De Angelis, former UCLA coach John Wooden, and a few others. You can get all these titles individually, you can get them in the Professional Series which focuses on financial goals, or you can get the Personal Series which focuses on relationships and emotional development, or you can get them as a complete set with PowerTalk I & II. So check them all out on our Anthony Robbins page:



April 3, 2005

Rental Sites

Just about every week or so I come across a new audiobook rental site most of which are designed like a Netflix scenario where you get a certain number at a time with no late fees and you pay a certain amount a month. Here I thought I'd list them off so anyone can check them out. Of course we'll be writing up detailed pages on all these sites very soon and probably an article comparing and contrasting them to see what might be best. Here's what I've found so far and you can click on them to check them out:

Simply Audiobooks
Audio Adventures
Audio to Go
Audio Queue
Audio Book Club

And the one I found today:


Booksfree.com and Kitabe are MP3-CD based which I'm sure cuts down on their shipping costs since you can fit a whole audiobook on one MP3-CD. But you'd need a MP3-CD player or maybe you can transfer them to your iPod and how many good audio books are available on MP3-CD? We'll find out for you.


April 2, 2005

Upcoming Topic Page for the Bible

Busy day working the Topic Pages which we'll be featuring on our live site real soon. Our first topics are "Bible on Audio", "Travel USA", and "Real Estate". I've been entering in every audio Bible known to man including Bibles in every format: CD, Cassette, MP3, and Digital Downloadable Bibles, including Bibles read by a full cast with music to Bibles read by the single voice of James Earl Jones. And you can get just the Old Testament or just the New or just about any indivdual book you want, and you can get them in the King James Version, or the NIV or the English Standard Version or the New Living Translation or any other major translation. My main resource so far has been The Bible Source. They're much better organized than Amazon when it comes to browsing Bibles and they've even got some listening samples so you can get a taste for what you're buying. But when I finish our Bible Topic page I assure you it will be the best and most complete Bible on Audio page on the whole WORLD WIDE WEB!