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April 2007

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April 17, 2007

We've never seen the iTunes homepage look prettier!



iTunes has just added the LearnOutLoud podcast "room" where you can check out all of our podcasts.

Click here to check out our podcast room on iTunes



April 13, 2007

Infinite Mind's Last Interview w/ Kurt Vonnegut

This Wednesday, April 11th American author Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. passed away at the age of 84. Watch one of his last interviews which was conducted by John Hockenberry of the The Infinite Mind series, and recorded live in the virtual on-line community Second Life. It's an entertaining interview with questions from the Second Life audience and Vonnegut's thoughts on America towards the end of his life. He also discusses his final work which is a collection of essays entitled A Man Without a Country.

The Infinite Mind is produced by Lichtenstein Creative Media which focuses on mental health, human rights and other social issues. LearnOutLoud features over 40 audio downloads from The Infinite Mind.

For audio books from Vonnegut check out:


Breakfast of Champions

Essential Vonnegut Interviews

A Man Without a Country


April 9, 2007

Everyone is getting an iPod


OK, not everyone. But I saw this story out of Michigan and wonder if iPods aren't going to become as integral to students' lives as laptops.

Michigan's "no iPod left behind" budget proposal

The audio revolution continues.


April 2, 2007

The Death Knell for DRM

Another nail in the coffin. Major kudos to the guys at EMI and Apple for making this happen.

EMI Music launches DRM-free superior sound quality downloads across its entire digital repertoire