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May 2010

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May 17, 2010

Free Pimsleur Downloads

SpanishPhase1Unit01blogfeature.jpgA few weeks ago we announced that for the first time ever you can download Pimlseur's comprehensive language learning courses on MP3 audio download. To help introduce you to these programs we are now offering 50 free Pimsleur language learning lessons that you to download in 40 different languages. Each free lesson contains 30 minutes of spoken language practice, with an introductory conversation, and isolated vocabulary and structures to learn.

If you're traveling to faraway lands this summer and don't know the language, then Pimsleur courses are the perfect way to comprehensively learn a language quickly. Browse all of the Pimsleur courses we currently have to offer. Each course includes a sample from the first unit of the course:

Browse Over 80 Pimsleur Language Learning Courses

And please download these free language learning lessons to try out the Pimsleur method and learn some basic language vocabulary as well:

Albanian, Unit 1 Free Download

Arabic - Eastern I, Unit 1 Free Download

Arabic - Egyptian, Unit 1 Free Download

Armenian Eastern, Unit 1 Free Download

Armenian Western, Unit 1 Free Download

Chinese - Cantonese, Unit 1 Free Download

Chinese - Mandarin I, Unit 1 Free Download

Croatian, Unit 1 Free Download

Czech, Unit 1 Free Download

Danish, Unit 1 Free Download

Dari - Persian I, Unit 1 Free Download

Dutch, Unit 1 Free Download

English for Arabic Speakers, Unit 1 Free Download

English for Chinese (Cantonese) Speakers, Unit 1 Free Download

English for Chinese (Mandarin) Speakers, Unit 1 Free Download

English for French Speakers, Unit 1 Free Download

English for German Speakers, Unit 1 Free Download

English for Haitian Speakers, Unit 1 Free Download

English for Italian Speakers I, Unit 1 Free Download

English for Korean Speakers, Unit 1 Free Download

English for Persian (Farsi) Speakers, Unit 1 Free Download

English for Portuguese (Brazilian) Speakers, Unit 1 Free Download

English for Russian Speakers, Unit 1 Free Download

English for Spanish Speakers I, Unit 1 Free Download

Farsi - Persian, Unit 1 Free Download

French I, Unit 1 Free Download

German I, Unit 1 Free Download

Greek (Modern) I, Unit 1 Free Download

Haitian - Creole I, Unit 1 Free Download

Hebrew - Modern I, Unit 1 Free Download

Hindi, Unit 1 Free Download

Hungarian, Unit 1 Free Download

Indonesian, Unit 1 Free Download

Irish, Unit 1 Free Download

Italian I, Unit 1 Free Download

Japanese I, Unit 1 Free Download

Korean I, Unit 1 Free Download

Lithuanian, Unit 1 Free Download

Norwegian, Unit 1 Free Download

Ojibwe, Unit 1 Free Download

Polish I, Unit 1 Free Download

Portuguese (Brazilian) I, Unit 1 Free Download

Portuguese - European, Unit 1 Free Download

Romanian I, Unit 1 Free Download

Russian I, Unit 1 Free Download

Spanish I, Unit 1 Free Download

Swahili, Unit 1 Free Download

Swedish, Unit 1 Free Download

Swiss German, Unit 1 Free Download

Tagalog, Unit 1 Free Download

Thai, Unit 1 Free Download

Turkish, Unit 1 Free Download

Twi, Unit 1 Free Download

Ukrainian, Unit 1 Free Download

Urdu, Unit 1 Free Download

Vietnamese, Unit 1 Free Download

Enjoy these free language learning lessons from Pimsleur. Learn a new language this summer!


May 12, 2010

Free Audio Downloads Section on TeachOutLoud

Free Audio Downloads

Over 700 free educational titles have now been published through our self-publishing TeachOutLoud service. So we've now added a new section to our TeachOutLoud site devoted entirely to free audio downloads and podcasts that have been published there. You can now browse over 700 free titles in our TeachOutLoud Free Stuff Section:

TeachOutLoud Free Stuff

You can browse by all our categories. Here are the categories along with how many free titles we have in each category:

Arts & Entertainment (152 items)

Biography (11 items)

Business (110 items)

Education & Professional (90 items)

History (16 items)

Languages (27 items)

Literature (31 items)

Philosophy (38 items)

Politics (29 items)

Religion & Spirituality (170 items)

Science (15 items)

Self Development (231 items)

Social Sciences (25 items)

Sports & Hobbies (68 items)

Technology (22 items)

Travel (26 items)

To access this new free section you can now click FREE STUFF tab which is always at the top of all TeachOutLoud pages on www.teachoutloud.com.

With over 700 free titles to choose from we wanted to give you some guidance as to some of the best free titles we've discovered over the course of TeachOutLoud publishing history. Here are some the best free audio downloads on TeachOutLoud that you may want to check out:

Book Writing for Fun and Profit & The Book Author's Copyright Protection by Brian Scott

Free Motivational Audio Book: Monday Again?! by Marquese Martin-Hayes (which has been download over 1500 times now!)

10 FREE Audio Downloads by Evangelist Ron Mitchell - Covering numerous aspects of Christian living.

Free Business Law Lectures by Prof. Jay Garrett with Texas A & M University - Commerce

35 Free Excerpts from The Laugh Makers: A Behind-The-Scenes Tribute To Bob Hope's Incredible Gag Writers by Robert L. Mills

Ten Language Learning Podcasts from LingQ.com

15 FREE Audio Downloads by Michael Greer - Including numerous inspirational and motivational titles.

Destroy Your Self-Defeating Voice & Your Neuroplasticity Mindset by Raj Gavurla

Developing Emotional Power (Free Download) by Nationally Acclaimed Speaker John Santangelo

30 Wasted Years: A Journey in Self Motivation (Free Download) by Jeff Grundy

AM Focus for Free! by Patrick Porter, Ph.D.

PM Dreamtime Session for Free! by Patrick Porter, Ph.D.

Billy Brown And The Mystery Package for Free!

Over 30 Titles from Law of Attraction teachers Beth and Lee McCain including 20 free podcasts titles

Over 30 Free Titles from Lorman Educational Services including discussions of: Physicals: Should Physicians Know?, Fairness Between Departments with Different Standards, and Corporate Code of Ethics

Sweeney Todd Audio Tour For Free!

50 Audio Titles by Dr. Leslie M. Moore, as she teaches in the areas of yoga and metaphysical studies including 20 free titles.

The Science Of Being Great by Wallace Wattles; special edition put together by Michele Blood

Three Free Titles from Success Coach Steve Chandler: Desire, Freedom, and The Owner/Victim Choice

Dare to Live Without Limits and The Power of Attraction - Free inspirational downloads from author and motivational speaker Bryan Golden.

Free Hindi Scriptures including a 4-Part Audio Book of the Krishna Leela and a 6-Part Audio Book Valmiki Ramayana narrated by Prati Dhwani

Spiritual and Personal Growth Titles from Dr. Maurice Turmel including 2 free downloads

Free Personal Finance Audio from the Northern Trust Corporation

Sales success programs from Al Argo, including a free title The Think Thank Tank.

Albert Anderson on Human Nature & World Community - Free downloads on philosophical topics delivered by Philosophy Professor Albert Anderson

Meditatio Talks (Meditation Talks): To the Monks of Gethsemani Abbey by Fr. Laurence Freeman

Introduction to Your Mind (Two free guided meditations)

Two great free titles by professional freelance writer Brian Scott Go Ahead, Make Me Laugh! Comedy Writing and How To Plan A Home Office That Works For You

14 Downloads on Jewish Philosophy by Rabbi Nathan Glick (Now All Free!)

Lisa Hendey on The Handbook for Catholic Moms (Free Download)

17 Downloads Including Over 10 Free Downloads from Life & Business Soul Coach Michelle Casto

Six Audio Programs by Robert Rabbin (Including Three Free Downlaods - He is the creator of RealTime Speaking and a renowned public speaking guru, message master, and communication strategist

Over 300 Free Downloads from Unleavened Bread Ministries! - A committed group of self-sacrificing Christians offering teachings to empower true disciples to walk in the steps of Jesus

Six Downloads (Including Three Free Downloads) by the Possibility Diva Kim Harris Including Free Downloads 7 Prosperity Principles and Best of Dialogues w/Kim

Two Free Meditations by Wellness Coach Patty McLucas: Body Scan and MBSR Meditation

15 Free Audio Downloads from Clear Web Services - with advice on SEO services, cost per click, web design and online marketing

Free excerpts from Free Trade Doesn't Work: What Should Replace It and Why by Ian Fletcher of the U.S. Business & Industry Council

Hey que tal? Podcast - Free Spanish Lessons from Argentina by Pablo Apiolazza

26-Week Internet Marketing Plan Podcast - Host David Bain interviews successful internet marketers

WIN Without Competing! Podcast with Dr. Arlene Barro - author of WIN Without Competing! which explains step-by-step how to implement the Right Fit Method to achieve career success

Jennie HK's Podcast where she encourages you to decide what your lifestyle priorities are first, and then craft a business that will enable you to live into those priorities - whether it is around your kids, a thirst for travel or simply being able to work from home

Kids Stories and Fairy Tales - The Palace of Stories Podcast

Managing Thought: Forward Thinking Gentle Reminders Podcast by speaker & author Mary J. Lore offering gentle reminders and advice on how to manage your thoughts in everyday circumstances

Untether.tv Video Podcast with host Rob Woodbridge featuring Casual Conversation with Mobile Industry Rock Stars

Heritage in Focus Podcast from the Heritage Foundation

The Art of Retouching Video Podcast - Host John Ross Conducts Video Tutorials of Adobe Photoshop Image Manipulation and Retouching

History of Japan Podcast - Cameron Foster leads a tour through the best and most important bits of Japanese history

Addiction Education Blog Podcast - Howard LaMere and Dr. Darryl Inaba on addiction education, recovery and addiction in the news

French Flashcard Podcast with host Lexis Rex

PhotoTips Video Podcast Hosted by Pro Photographer James Beltz

Two New Podcasts from the Meditation Society of Australia: Learn to Meditate Podcast and the Childrens Meditation Podcast

5 Podcasts on Dog Arthritis by Chris Durin

The Gnostic Podcast - Host Jay Forrest Proclaims and Explains a Modern Gnostic Christianity

Better You Radio Podcast with Professional Certified Coach Terri Zelenak-Hase

The Partially Examined Life Podcast - Philosophy Podcast featuring Mark Linsenmayer, Wes Alwan, & Seth Paskin discussing many different philosophers and their ideas

Live Wire! Radio Podcast - featuring music, scintillating conversations, sketch comedy and performances from the Aladdin Theatre in Portland, Oregon

Help! My Business Sucks! Video Podcast - with Andrew Lock helping entrepreneurs to "get more done and have more fun"

Law Advice Now Podcast - Free Legal Advice to All with David Sibert

Smart Simple Marketing Podcast by Marketing Consultant Sydni Craig-Hart

Little Things Matter Podcast - Todd Smith Teaches How to Improve Your Life One Thing At A Time

Think and Grow Rich Podcast

And we could go on and on with the fascinating free stuff that has been published. You can check it all out here:

Over 700 Free Audio Downloads on TeachOutLoud