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April 2011

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April 21, 2011

Bible on Audio


On this Easter weekend we wanted to update our Bible on Audio category and provide you with the ultimate Bible on Audio resource. We've gone through and added many new editions in our attempt to have the most comprehensive audio bible resource on the web. We now feature over 150 audio bibles on audio download, CD, MP3-CD, podcast, and even free download!

Listening to the Bible is a rewarding way to pass the time and feed your soul while driving, cleaning house, or taking a walk. Browse the Bibles on LearnOutLoud.com, listen to the samples we provide, and find a version of the Bible that you can listen to and finish within the next year. You probably never thought you'd be able to get through the whole Bible in your lifetime, but with audio books you'd be surprised how much progress you can make on the greatest epic of all time.

You can check out all the audio bibles we have right here:

The Bible On Audio

We'll devote this blog to highlighting the best audio bibles out there. We'll start with some of the Bibles we have on audio download right here on LearnOutLoud.com:

Bible on Audio Download:

ESV Hear the Word Audio Bible

The Bible: The New Testament Narrated by famed actor Gregory Peck

The Ultimate Bible: The Old Testament, King James Version Narrated by Theodore Bikel, Alfre Woodard, Michael York, and more

And we also feature a number of individual books of the Bible. They can all be found right here:

The Bible on Audio Download

Bible on Audio CD:

We'll also point out some of the very best Bibles on Audio CD that we are currently selling. Check out some of these bestselling Bibles:

Inspired By...the Bible Experience - TNIV Dramatized Complete Bible on CD and MP3 CD featuring performances by Angela Bassett, James Brown, Levar Burton, Dr. Juanita Bynum, Ruby Dee, Kirk Franklin, Cuba Gooding Jr., Samuel L. Jackson, Bishop T. D. Jakes, Tyler Perry, Blair Underwood, Denzel Washington, Forest Whitaker, Vanessa Williams, and many more.

If you'd like to hear more about this popular Bible check out: The Bible Experience Podcast

The Word of Promise: Complete Audio Bible NKJV - Dramatized Complete Bible with compelling narration by Michael York and outstanding performances by Jim Caviezel as Jesus, Richard Dreyfuss as Moses, Gary Sinise as David, Jason Alexander as Joseph, Marisa Tomei as Mary Magdalene, Stacy Keach as Paul, Louis Gossett, Jr. as John, Jon Voight as Abraham, Marcia Gay Harden as Esther, Joan Allen as Deborah, Max von Sydow as Noah, and Malcolm McDowell as Solomon.

Truth and Life Dramatized Audio Bible: New Testament - RSV Dramatized Complete Bible with 70 actors including international stars: Neal McDonough as 'Jesus,' Julia Ormond as 'Mary, Mother of God,' Blair Underwood as 'Mark,' Stacy Keach as 'John,' Michael York as 'Luke,' Brian Cox as 'The Voice of God,' Sean Astin as 'Matthew,' Kristen Bell as 'Mary Magdalene, ' Malcolm McDowell as 'Caiaphas,' and John Rhys-Davies as the Narrator.

Bible Alive!: Dramatized New Living Translation - Superb acting by a cast of Tony Award-winning performers, inspirational music and dramatic sound effects enhanced with state-of-the-art digital sound, and rich narration by Emmy Award winner Stephen Johnston make this world-class, dramatized production of the Holy Bible, New Living Translation, an unforgettable listening experience.

And you can find many more in our Bible audio book sale section:

Over 75 Bible Audio Books on Sale on CD, Download, and MP3-CD

And we sell the Bible in just about every imaginable translation. We'll highlight some of the most popular ones that we sell:

Popular Bible Translations:

NIV Audio Bible Dramatized

TNIV Audio Bible: Complete Bible

The Holy Bible - Complete KJV Bible

NKJV Complete Bible

Holy Sanctuary Bible Dramatized - New Living Translation

One Year Chronological Bible - NLT on MP3-CD

ESV Hear the Word Audio Bible

The Message: The Bible in Contemporary Language by Eugene H. Peterson

Try out these many translations of the Bible on Audio!

There are also a number of popular narrations of the Bible by outstanding voice actors and narrators. Here are a few:

Great Narrators of Bible:

James Earl Jones Reads the Bible - New Testament

Over a Dozen Listener's Bible Editions of the Bible Narrated by Max McLean and the Fellowship for the Performing Arts

Numerous Edition Narrated by renowned actor Alexander Scourby

The Gospel of Jesus Narrated by Garrison Keillor

Johnny Cash Reads The Complete New Testament - NKJV (This one is out of print but you can get it used on Amazon or on audio download on Audible.com)

There are many more great narrations with audio samples available to listen to.

And finally on Kids.LearnOutLoud.com we've got over 30 Audio Bibles to choose from. You can browse all of our Audio Bible for Kids & Teens right here:

The Bible on Audio For Kids

And we'll point out some of the best ones:

Audio Bibles for Kids & Teens:

REMIXED: The Greatest Bible Stories Ever Told!

Bible Stories for Growing Kids

The Singing Bible

The Word of Promise: Next Generation - New Testament - International Children's Bible Translation Dramatized New Testament features the voices of such world-class young actors as Annasophia Robb, Marshall Allman, Emily Osment, Cody Linley, Sean Astin, Jordin Sparks, and Corbin Bleu.

Share the Bible with children with these engaging audio bibles for kids.

And we'd like to point out that in our Bible section we also have some great audio books and courses that are about the Bible. Here are some ones we offer on audio download on LearnOutLoud.com:

Audio Books & Courses About the Bible:

The Bible and the Roots of Western Literature Audio Course by Professor Adam Potkay

The Hebrew Bible Audio Course by Professor of Jewish Studies Lawrence H. Schiffman

Don't Know Much about the Bible by Kenneth C. Davis

A Book You'll Actually Listen To on the Old Testament & A Book You'll Actually Listen To on the New Testament by Mark Driscoll

What the Bible Is All About by Henrietta C. Mears

The Invitation: A Simple Guide to the Bible by Eugene H. Peterson

Learn more about the Bible with these helpful resources.

And lastly we'll feature some of the great free bibles and Bible podcasts that are out there.

Free Bibles on Audio:

The King James Bible: New Testament

The King James Version Bible Professionally Narrated by Emmy Award winning narrator Stephen Johnston

The World English Bible

World English Bible: Old Testament Narrated by Volunteers at Librivox.org

World English Bible: New Testament Narrated by Volunteers at Librivox.org

Twentieth Century New Testament Narrated by Volunteers at Librivox.org

In addtion to free complete Bibles there are also a lot of free books of the Bible and other parts of the Bible that can downloaded:

Free Parts of the Bible:

The Words of Christ presented by ThoughtAudio.com

The Song of Songs by King Solomon

The Book of Job



And we think you'll enjoy these free Bible podcasts:

Bible Podcasts:

1 Year Daily Audio Bible Podcast

King James' Version of the Holy Bible: New Testament Podcast

Scriptures Podcast: New Testament Podcast

The Bible Podcast

And for kids there is also these podcasts:

1 Year Daily Audio Bible for Kids Podcast

Once Upon a World: Bible Stories for Children Podcast

We could go on talking all of the Bibles we have but I think we'll stop there. Have a great Easter every one!


April 10, 2011

3000 TeachOutLoud Audio Books, Free Downloads, & Podcasts Published!


Over 3000 educational titles have now been published through our self-publishing TeachOutLoud service! Thanks to all the great authors and publishers who've added their audio content over the years. It's been almost a year since we last featured the best new titles published on TeachOutLoud, so we're devoting this blog to these great new titles separating them out by premium audio downloads to purchase, free audio downloads, and podcasts.

But first browse over 3000 educational titles have now been published through our self-publishing TeachOutLoud service. You can browse all the titles right here:

Browse All TeachOutLoud Offerings

Here are some highlights of audio downloads recently added through TeachOutLoud:

Practical Mental Influence by William Atkinson

Thought Vibration - The Law of Attraction by William Atkinson

The Green Book by Libyan leader Muammar al-Gaddafi - First published in 1975 this short book laid out the political philosophy of Gaddafi and was "intended to be required reading for all Libyans"; offered by FreshBeat Audio, the latest imprint of CoolBeat Audiobooks

7 Habits Of Highly Successful Internet Marketers by Annette T. Thomas - for more info visit www.seomarketingmedia.net

Conscious Kernels Audio Books - Specializing in Science of Mind, New Thought, Religious Science and Metaphysical subjects with titles like:
Building a Prosperity Consciousness
Meditation for Mental Manifesting
The Four Pillars of Life

Train Your Brain to Stop Overeating by Damien Young, Cht,Cpt,Spn and you can check out the introduction for free here: Instinctive Weight Loss System - The Introduction

Don't Waste Money on Google AdWords: Learn to Think Like a Search Engine and Make Money with Google AdWords by Christopher Prince

Financial Mistakes of New College Grads by Joe Templin

Three Titles from a New Audio Book Publisher: Open Book Audio Including:
The Blind Visionary by Virginia Jacko & Doug Eadie
Financial Mistakes of New College Grads by Joe Templin
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain

To find out more about his new publisher check out The Open Book Audio Podcast.

The Psychology of a Winner by Paul Robinson

Four Audio Books about Adoption by Mardie Caldwell, Founder and CEO of Lifetime Adoption

Three Audio Books and a Free Podcast from The Out-of-Body Travel Foundation

Japanese Reader Shitakiri Suzume the Cut-Tongue Sparrow - Read, Listen, and Learn Japanese!

Two Cheap Meditations by Dr. Gina Henderson: Celestial Experiences: 15-Minute Guided Meditation and Rest Easy Meditations

Ananda: Live in Bliss - Meditations for all Purposes by the popular TeachOutLoud author Pramod Uday

Half Dozen New Titles by Raj Gavurla author of Winning at Entrepreneurship

Three Nutrition and Medicine Titles from Australia's LP Distribution:
Bovine Colostrum
Your Body's Many Cries for Water
Your Health

A Dozen Astrology Downloads by internationally-respected astrologer Lauren Delsack

Easy Russian for English Speakers by Max Bollinger - Results Focused Audio Training; Learn to Meet, Greet, Do Business in Russian; Make Friends, Dates and Discover The Mysterious Russian Soul

16 Kids' Audio Stories on MP3 Audio Download from the One To Grow On! Children's Audio Series by Trenna Daniells

Six Christian Living & Growth Downloads from Foundation Rock Ministries with Dr. John and Pastor Karen Mastrogiovanni

Six Audio Downloads by Elizabeth Stanfill (With Two Free Downloads) - Creator of DestressYourself.com and expert in Critical Incident Stress Management, General Stress Management, and Overcoming Burnout Including:
Releasing Worry
How To Destress Yourself

A Way To Personal Happiness by Ronni Bar

Nine Affordable Downloads from The Faeries and Angels Radio Network

Secret Jobbers Success Seminar by Khalilah Murarsheed

SharePoint Roadmap for Collaboration by Michael Sampson - Using Microsoft SharePoint to Enhance Collaboration

Monkey Madness Prevention: Taming Stress Forever by Dr. William Carlyon & Todd Dunlap - A self-improvement book delivered like a variety show, musical and comedy revue all rolled into one

Over 25 Short, Affordable Health Audio Book Downloads by online health author and editor Jim Lowrance

Open Road Adventures offering four self-guided audio driving tours throughout Minnesota on audio download

Step By Step to Stand-Up Comedy
by Greg Dean - A 7-hour truly comprehensive guide to Stand-Up Comedy from the man who has the longest running stand-up comedy school in America

Downloads from HGRB Services which is a national home services agency specializing in free online consultation of and a series of audio works and other important information for American homeowners and homerenters on home improvement issues

Imagery Training Package by Michael Blackburn - set of nine MP3s contains practice exercises to help you develop all aspects of your imagery and visualization skills

Support these wonderful authors by downloading one of their audio books today!


And year ago we added a new section to our TeachOutLoud site devoted entirely to free audio downloads and podcasts that have been published there. You can now browse over 1200 free titles in our TeachOutLoud Free Stuff Section:

TeachOutLoud Free Stuff

With over 1200 free titles to choose from we wanted to give you some guidance as to some of the best new free titles we've discovered that have been added in the past year. Here are some the best new free audio downloads on TeachOutLoud that you may want to check out:

Two great free titles by professional freelance writer Brian Scott Go Ahead, Make Me Laugh! Comedy Writing and How To Plan A Home Office That Works For You

14 Downloads on Jewish Philosophy by Rabbi Nathan Glick (Now All Free!)

Lisa Hendey on The Handbook for Catholic Moms (Free Download)

17 Downloads Including Over 10 Free Downloads from Life & Business Soul Coach Michelle Casto

Six Audio Programs by Robert Rabbin (Including Three Free Downlaods - He is the creator of RealTime Speaking and a renowned public speaking guru, message master, and communication strategist

Over 300 Free Downloads from Unleavened Bread Ministries! - A committed group of self-sacrificing Christians offering teachings to empower true disciples to walk in the steps of Jesus

Six Downloads (Including Three Free Downloads) by the Possibility Diva Kim Harris Including Free Downloads 7 Prosperity Principles and Best of Dialogues w/Kim

Two Free Meditations by Wellness Coach Patty McLucas: Body Scan and MBSR Meditation

15 Free Audio Downloads from Clear Web Services - with advice on SEO services, cost per click, web design and online marketing

Free excerpts from Free Trade Doesn't Work: What Should Replace It and Why by Ian Fletcher of the U.S. Business & Industry Council

To access this new free section you can now click FREE STUFF tab which is always at the top of all TeachOutLoud pages on www.teachoutloud.com.


Along with free MP3 audio downloads, TeachOutLouders can now publish audio & video podcasts. Here a collection of some of the best educational podcasts added in the past year. Listen to them right on LearnOutLoud and most of them have links over to iTunes as well if you want to subscribe there. Enjoy these great free podcasts added through TeachOutLoud!

Hey que tal? Podcast - Free Spanish Lessons from Argentina by Pablo Apiolazza

26-Week Internet Marketing Plan Podcast - Host David Bain interviews successful internet marketers

WIN Without Competing! Podcast with Dr. Arlene Barro - author of WIN Without Competing! which explains step-by-step how to implement the Right Fit Method to achieve career success

Jennie HK's Podcast where she encourages you to decide what your lifestyle priorities are first, and then craft a business that will enable you to live into those priorities - whether it is around your kids, a thirst for travel or simply being able to work from home

Kids Stories and Fairy Tales - The Palace of Stories Podcast

Managing Thought: Forward Thinking Gentle Reminders Podcast by speaker & author Mary J. Lore offering gentle reminders and advice on how to manage your thoughts in everyday circumstances

Untether.tv Video Podcast with host Rob Woodbridge featuring Casual Conversation with Mobile Industry Rock Stars

Heritage in Focus Podcast from the Heritage Foundation

The Art of Retouching Video Podcast - Host John Ross Conducts Video Tutorials of Adobe Photoshop Image Manipulation and Retouching

History of Japan Podcast - Cameron Foster leads a tour through the best and most important bits of Japanese history

Addiction Education Blog Podcast - Howard LaMere and Dr. Darryl Inaba on addiction education, recovery and addiction in the news

French Flashcard Podcast with host Lexis Rex

PhotoTips Video Podcast Hosted by Pro Photographer James Beltz

Two New Podcasts from the Meditation Society of Australia: Learn to Meditate Podcast and the Childrens Meditation Podcast

5 Podcasts on Dog Arthritis by Chris Durin

The Gnostic Podcast - Host Jay Forrest Proclaims and Explains a Modern Gnostic Christianity

Better You Radio Podcast with Professional Certified Coach Terri Zelenak-Hase

The Partially Examined Life Podcast - Philosophy Podcast featuring Mark Linsenmayer, Wes Alwan, & Seth Paskin discussing many different philosophers and their ideas

Live Wire! Radio Podcast - featuring music, scintillating conversations, sketch comedy and performances from the Aladdin Theatre in Portland, Oregon

Help! My Business Sucks! Video Podcast - with Andrew Lock helping entrepreneurs to "get more done and have more fun"

Law Advice Now Podcast - Free Legal Advice to All with David Sibert

Smart Simple Marketing Podcast by Marketing Consultant Sydni Craig-Hart

Little Things Matter Podcast - Todd Smith Teaches How to Improve Your Life One Thing At A Time

Think and Grow Rich Podcast


What do you want to teach the world? LearnOutLoud is proud to announce TeachOutLoud, our revolutionary service for audio self-publishing. If you've got a class you teach or a book you've written, this is your opportunity to record an audio version and make it available to the world. There's no cost to participate in TeachOutLoud and it's really easy to get started. Just click the link below to find out more information:


Browse Over 3000 Titles That Have Been Published Through TeachOutLoud (Including 1200 Free Downloads and Podcasts!)

Want to teach what you know and make some extra money doing so? Publish your own titles through TeachOutLoud! In these tough economic times we are serious about making you some extra money through TeachOutLoud. Please email us at suggestions@learnoutloud.com and we'll provide you with suggestions for texts you can narrate that we are positive will be popular on LearnOutLoud.com! And you'll be aiding fellow lifelong learners with the knowledge you spread! Publish today!


April 5, 2011

Top Nightingale Conant Audio & Video Programs

931-1.jpg Nightingale-Conant has established itself as one of the world's foremost publishers of self help and business strategy programs. They now publish and sell over 400 audio & video programs covering many aspects of self development as well as strategies for business and attaining wealth. Nightingale-Conant titles are not stereotypical audio books written by the author and then narrated by someone else. They are usually presentations or seminars recorded specifically for audio and delivered by the authors themselves. Their programs are designed to guide you to success whether it involves your career, your emotional development, your relationships, or your personal wealth. They are now available on CD, DVD, and many of them are now on audio download.

We've just added over 180 of their latest releases to our site which you can browse:

Browse Over 400 Nightingale-Conant Programs

For the most part we don't currently sell these programs directly. We just link to Nightingale-Conant as an affiliate. They're so good we definitely wanted to highlight some of the new ones we've added in this newsletter:

New Nightingale Conant Personal Growth Titles:

eyeQ by Infinite Mind, LLc

Gary Null's Perfect Health System

Life, Hope And Healing by Bernie Siegel

Sound Health, Sound Wealth by Luanne Oakes

Earl Nightingale Video Classics

Creating Lasting Change by Anthony Robbins

Putting Your Creative Genius to Work by Michael J. Gelb

Roger Love's Vocal Power

Success Mastery With NLP by Charles Faulkner

The Peaceful Warrior's Path to Everyday Enlightenment by Dan Millman

This I Believe by Vic Conant

The New Dynamics of Goal Setting by Denis Waitley

The 90 Second Rule by Jim Fannin

Optimal Health by Jim Loehr, Nick Hall, and Jack Groppel

The Awakening Course by Joe Vitale

Choice Point 2012 by Gregg Braden

New Nightingale Conant Business Titles:

Getting Things Done with Work-Life Balance by David Allen

John Cummuta's Wealth Generator System

Power Negotiating for Sales People by Roger Dawson

Dream Job by Dan Miller

Empires Of The Mind by Denis Waitley

Innovation Revolution by Tom Peters

The Entrepreneurial Challenge by Paul Zane Pilzer

The Jim Rohn Classic DVD Series

Wealth Without a Job by Andy Fuehl

The Seven Years to Seven Figures System by Michael Masterson

Lots of great new audio & video learning programs from the godfathers of personal growth: Nightingale-Conant!