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Audio Bookshelf is a publisher and retailer of 50 unabridged audiobooks with all items available on tape and most of them available on CD. Many of their audiobooks have Curricular Connections which can be viewed for free online and used to assist teaching in the classroom while using their audiobooks for class curriculum. Their products are divided by age group with most books aimed towards high schoolers or adults. Product pages have summaries and quotes from reviews. Their items can be purchased by downloading the order form that is at the bottom of the left menu bar and sending the completed form in or by calling 1-800-234-1713.

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by Gary Soto
Available on:
Audio CD | Audio Cassette

Gary Soto, also an award-winning poet, is renowned for getting at the heart of a young person's everyday life. In these eleven stories…

by Lew Dietz
Available on:
Audio CD | Audio Cassette

The true story of a harbor seal that charmed the world, this audio will capture young imaginations.

by Carol Gorman
Available on:
Audio CD

In 1952, 11 year old Charlie Nebraska befriends a transient 25-year old black professional baseball player, Luther Peale. Their unique friendship has the whole town talking! Luther helps Charlie and his friends become better baseball players and Charlie helps Luther confront racial discrimination. A mix of sports, suspense and heroism!

1 - 3 of 3 Titles


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