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"I ordered my first product from your website a few weeks ago, and I can't tell you how please I am with the website and the service. The editorials and comments on your website were informative, the ordering process was seamless, and the post-order follow-up was very thoughtful. I will definitely continue to visit your website and will not hesitate to recommend your company to my family and friends."
Tri Tran (Irvine, CA)

"My experience at your web site certainly met my expectations and I am quite impressed with your offerings. It seems to provide an excellent opportunity for those looking to sell their wares and those looking to buy them. I especially think any opportunity for learning and the ease of locating what you are looking for is a great asset.
Good luck and "I'll be back"!!"
Steve Rovin (Newington, CT)

"The handling of my order was impeccable. I received my CDs in a very short time and I couldn't be happier. Thank you very much for the free audio material as well. I'm LOVING the autobiography of Ben Franklin."
Joshua Warchol (Wallingford, CT)

"Your service was a 10+ Thank you very much!"
Bobbielynn Berry (Jacksonville, FL)

"We were very happy with both the service from your company and the product we purchased. We will recommend your company to friends and family and continue to purchase things from you in the future."
Ann Murphy (Olympia, WA)

"In this age where sadly fewer and fewer people can read - or have the time to - your business will surely prosper! Nice selection of authors and works, too!"
Andrew Banner (Tyler, TX)

"LearnOutLoud is my favorite destination on the internet, because I am interested in learning and it offers me so much. I think you have an expansive "curriculum" of subjects, great authors, opportunity to chat with other people, and attention to the quality of the products and services offered. I am happy to see the addition of TeachOutLoud.

I learned about podcasts from you and have been using those, too. The addition of audio has opened up a new realm of learning for me. While I have loved the idea of Amazon since they began, and have always experienced wonderful customer service there - with Learn OutLoud I feel involved and active in learning, not just as a customer, and there is more of a sense of community, to me.

It was your podcast that caught my interest back in February. It was on a thought or idea for the day, and was breif, interesting, and informative about Buddhism. Learning Out Loud also has some new opportunities that I haven't explored yet: video and blog. I use a Palm PDA so I have to check and see if Itunes will allow me access on my PC and also work on my Palm.

So - bottom line? After all of the above, I hope you can see that, to answer your questions, I received my order OK and your company had exceeded my expectations. I am gratful for the mission you have taken on and the quality of your efforts. This is what I imaginied the Internet could become back in the 90's, and now there is one shining star in a dark night sky."
Fred Eichholzer (New Hartford, NY)

"We were happy that we finally found a place where we could order audio books. My son enjoys listening to audio books, and the price was very reasonable. Again, thanks for your wonderful customer service!"
Pat Musgrave (Wiggins, CO)

" I just wanted to let you know that my experience was a 10 without a doubt!! It arrived in great condition and I am currently enjoying both sets of CDs!!! I will definitely be back for any other CDs I might want to purchase. AND will definitely refer friends and family! Thanks for all your help!"
Elizabeth Bradford (Raleigh, NC)

"I just had to say that I love your site. I have been browsing for a while and telling myself to go to bed as it is now 3am. But, I keep looking and trying to make up my mind about what to listen to. I will be coming back tomorrow! I look forward to this site, browsing, and listening! What a wonderful idea!"
Betty Tindle (Deaver, WY)

"I got great delivery on my order and am quite happy with Learnoutloud.com. Prices are good and service excellent."
Bruce Palmer (Charlotte, VT)

"Thanks for the prompt service and for carrying Henty's audio books. I would like to see more of them. The narrator for Cat of Bubastes did a great job. I was glad to find your company."
Valerie Grant (San Angelo, TX)

"Excellent service, and I will be glad to pass your name on to my friends. What I do with my old tapes is contribute them to my local public library. "
Tony Chianese (Ridgefield, CT)

"Learn Out Loud goes beyond being the web’s best educational audio and video store by really engaging people around their interests and encouraging them to explore new ones."
Jade Van Doren (Los Angeles, CA) CEO/Founder, Ocelot Solutions page.

"My order was great! I am a student at Princeton Theological Seminary in Princeton, New Jersey and my order with LearnOutLoud was for a midterm that I had concerning the philosophy of Plato. I have spread the word about your organization...Look forward to talking to you soon."
Isaac Curry (Princeton, NJ)

"I bought two audio books from LearnOutLoud to be my "traveling companions" on a recent road trip. What a great decision! Not only did the long drive seem to fly by, but, I felt great knowing that I was using the time to learn something new and interesting that I may not have made the time to read in print.

One of the best aspects of buying from LearnOutLoud was the opportunity to hear snippets of the book before purchasing. This greatly influenced the books that I chose to buy since it gave me a better sense of both the content and style of narration. Also, I appreciated the ability to choose between many different audio formats. Thank you, LearnOutLoud!"
Linda Mahnken (San Francisco, CA)

"I received the order and am very happy with it! I listen to the CD's in my car on the way to work and in driving home in the evening. Very happy with the learning out loud Russian Conversation 1 product!"
John Czajkowski (Fayetteville, NC)

"The CDs arrived on time, and my wife and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the book on the way back and forth to skiing. We will definitely purchase more."
David Stepner (Saratoga, CA)

"I LOVE Learn Out Loud. Your site offers some great content, and your New "Ear's" Resolution was shared with all of my readers as well."
Phil Gerbyshak, MakeItGreat.org

"I was very happy with the online search feature and product selection on the web site. Also, I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly I received my order. I will definitely use LearnOutLoud.com again!"
Jeremy Vandervoet (Glendale, CA)

"I received my order and loved it! I have passed on the good word and hopefully future business!"
Kristina Spang (Greenville, WI)

"I just came across your site while doing Christmas shopping and was very happy with my purchase—the site is well designed and you’ve got a lot of resources and content, which is great. I think it’s going to be a winner."

"I received my Egyptian Arabic cds quickly, and I began using them that night. I am very pleased with my purchase from your company, and if I ever need to learn another language, I will definitely go through you guys again. You get a 10. :)"
Tess Kelley (Boothwyn, PA)

"LearnOutLoud has introduced me to a lot of great sites and podcasts. Beyond being the best audiolearning site I've come across, LearnOutLoud has become the crossroads for free learning on the web."
Wynn Williamson, The Stingy Scholar

"I am really having fun with LOL. My Ipod is full of cool stuff that I am really enjoying while I ride, run, etc. Thanks for manifesting it and providing such positive material for us "lovers of learning". There's something about listening to great works while being active that downloads the message straight to the soul. You're doing a great thing in the world. I send lots of love and blessings your way for continued success."
Shelly Horten (Las Vegas, NV)

"I received my order and was very impressed with the promptness! Keep up the great work!"
Diane Harker (Belfield, ND)

"Browsing through the numerous books in the Spirituality category, I was able to find "The Marriage of Sense and Soul" by Ken Wilber; something I've been wanting to read for a long while. I love the fact that this book is on tapes!! The search and purchase processes were very easy, the steps were very clear and informative. I had no question about how long it would take to receive my purchase in the mail... and it arrived promptly in perfect condition. I couldn't be more satisfied with an online process! I will definitely utilize LearnOutLoud.com as a resource for future learning and casual reading purchases!"
Kelly Cookson (San Luis Obispo, CA)

"The experience was awesome! The package arrived quickly and the customer service was great. I will definitely be a repeat customer and will most definitely recommend your website."
Julia Siebert (North Highlands, CA)

"I was introduced to Learnoutloud.com from a friend almost a year ago, basically since this site was up and running. I was once told from a college professor, to read anything and everything you can get your hands, not matter what the topic. It was solid advice and I have tried to stick to that over the past 10 years, as knowledge is a wonderful thing to have, and something that no one can take away from you. As life progresses, I get busier and busier, so LOL has been an excellent resource for me.

With the introduction of ipods, podcast, and digital media, I have been able to get back to that philosophy of reading/listening to all that I can get my hands on. Since I recently started to commute to Washington DC twice a month from Denver, and while in Denver my commute is over an hour, I have been loading up on podcast, books on CD -which I have been putting onto my ipod. In the past two weeks I have finished 3 books on CD, which would have probably taken me two months or more to read. With the recommendations page on LOL, I have been introduced to several excellent titles, that I would have otherwise not known about.

This site has been an excellent source for me, and I highly recommend it to anyone who has a desire for knowledge but does not always have the time to pick up a book. Obviously while driving, you should not be reading, with the books on CD, its made my commute more fruitful, and less stressful, as I am listening and learning while driving. Each time I go back to LOL, there is a new feature which makes this site better and better. Thank you LOL."
Matthew Howe (Denver, CO)

"My order arrived with no problem. This experience was definitely a "10" - thanks so much."
Mark Levy (Eugene, OR)

"I received my order and am enjoying the selection immensely. I was very excited to find LearnOutLoud and will continue to be a customer in the months and years to come."
David Mayne (Stevensville, MI)

"I want to thank you for your website. I think it is great that you are giving back by offering a free audio book every month. I have known about your site for a couple of weeks and have greatly enjoyed it. So far I have downloaded 3 free books and purchased 1. I plan on purchasing many more.The books that I have listened to, Thought Vibrations and No Ordinary Moments have been great. I love being able to download the programs quickly."

"I have to tell you, it's a wonderful site! I am a special education teacher in IL and we use it all the time. It is really amazing. Just thought I would let you know and say hi."

"Good day, I will like to thank you very much for all your effort at learnoutloud throwing knowledge to the world for whosoever that can play with a computer mouse i really appreciate your effort, your site introduce me to the world of audio learning. I also like to thanks you for daily innovation you are bringing to Learnoutloud through various podcasts such as free audio book of the month, Great speech of the week, Wealth wisdom and so many other ones, i have not miss any of this podcast, infact i really enjoy 'Way to Wealth' by Benjamin Franklin, it is still running on my Ipod. Thanks you so much for bringing progress to our world."

"By the way, iTunes University and related podcasts like yours are fantastic ways to share learning worldwide for free rather than to a limited paying audience."
Dr. Patrick Hunt (Stanford University)

"I thank you SO much for this! I again reiterate how much I truly treasure your services and organization, Learn Out Loud. It is such a blessing for me and I am sure for many others."
Best Regards, Julie

"This is praise, not a question. I'm in Oklahoma, and I'm in college; for various reasons, I have been somewhat delinquent in my studies of philosophy. I recently downloaded your philosophy podcast from iTunes and I am loving it!! Thank you very much!"

"Dear Learn Out Loud (LOL). I wanted to take a moment to thank all of you in this organiztion for making so many free products available for anyone who wants to download them. I think it is an incredible gesture of goodwill that your company does this. Since I had to take a medical retirement and learn to live off of SSDI, your free products have been an absolute joy and resource in my life. Again, my thanks to all. I am respectfully yours,"
John Braun (Milton, FL)

"Dear LearnOutLoud.com I am so excited that I found such a site to download audio books! Excited by the fact the I am currently studing at the University of Papua New Guinea and I have this tendency of partially forgeting what I read but my listerning is good so what I hear in audio form I do not forget. Thats why i record my lectures in audio formats and listen to them in my mp3 player. I believe this is gonna be one of my favourite sites now!!!"
rainbo piari (Papua New Guinea)

"LearnOutLoud.com is an excellent resource for all things audio (other than music). They are what the internet is supposed to be all about. I constantly recommend the site to my friends."
Al Riley (Manchester, NH)

"Not only did the LearnOutLoud site offer me ideas and resources to aid in the instruction of my students, the representative called me personally. I was given suggestions and real life connections for one of my students."
Su Sheridan (Elkhorn Middle School, Frankfort, Kentucky)

"Every LearnOutLoud resource I have previewed or purchased has been of the highest quality audio experience."
Mary Orem (Piedmont, South Carolina)

"LearnOutLoud.com is one of the good sites which provide all kinds of teaching material on the web to download to save time of the consumer. Providing samples of audio and video helps us decide quickly what to buy. Many Thanks to LearnOutLoud.com."
Muhammad Asif (Rawalpindi, Pakistan)

"LearnOutLoud is the best source of timely literature for the thoughtful PC user and its newsletter can make your week with its selection of vital and timely choices."
Sal Williams (Clewiston, FL)

"I like LearnOutLoud.com simply because it is available to use at my own discretion and with out the usual pressures of commercial avarice and the consequent heavy armed hassle. It is a website that I feel has the end user's (like me) interest at heart. Every query I have submitted has received prompt and courteous attention."

"I would just like to praise the effort put into operating this website. I can't believe that i've never discovered this amazing site before. I mean, the numerous resources have really broadened my knowledge of subjects and the larger world. Good on ya LearnOutLoud!!"
Lee (Liverpool, England)

"LearnOutLoud.com keeps up with my tech savvy lifestyle. I love that I can download a quality piece of literature to listen every month for free. I can find anything that I am looking for. In short, LearnOutLoud.com gives me the tools I need to include in my life the arts and entertainment or fill my continuous curiosity to learn."
Jacqueline (Ramona, OK)

"I'm a commuter that spends on average 3 hours everyday in my car. To make this time more productive, audio books have taught new insights into my business, helped enrich my spiritual life and is currently teaching me a new language. I recommend LearnOutLoud to all my friends and associates. If your tied up, getting stressed out in traffic (I commute everyday from Hamilton to downtown Toronto) listening to traffic reports or music, your wasting your time. Filling your mind with anything positive can only produce positive results. Thanks LearnOutLoud!"
Larry Kotzer (Hamilton, ON, Canada)

"LearnOutLoud.com has put in reach for me materials and minds and experiences that were previously inaccessible and have filled up voids (like travelling, running and waiting in queues) with productive educational time."
Peter (Brisbane, Australia)

"There are few things that are truly free in life anymore. This is a rare find, with no strings attached. Love it."
Aura McMann (Omaha, NE)

"I've really appreciated listening to the free downloads at my leisure. The talks I've downloaded are inspirational and informative. Thanks for the offerings."
Sylvia McConico (Tucson, AZ)

"I am a reader at heart, but came across this web site while researching a particular topic and must admit to have fallen in love with the vast collection of knowledge in one place. The fact that I also like to keep busy and thus could listen to the information while performing other tasks was icing on the cake!"
Shona (Port of Spain, Trinidad WI)

"LearnOutLoud is a wonderful resource for anyone who is interested in lifelong learning (hopefully that's all of us) The site offers a number of topics to suit varying interests and needs. In addition to audio recordings available for purchase, LearnOutLoud makes available FREE audio downloads. Thank you for this wonderful resource!"
Ryan Preciado (Oakhurst, California)

"I'm really grateful to have found Learnoutloud.com, I've found so many interesting audiobooks and podcasts that are in my favorite genre's to listen to! I listen to them all the time on my Ipod while driving!"
Mike Kercher (Jackson, Mich.)

"I am especially fond of my LearnOutLoud.com newsletter and look for their free resource email daily. The offerings are always thoughtful and well presented in the daily topics of interest. I have improved my self and my daily life because of LearnOutLoud and my family has enjoyed the stories (i.e. Christmas) and look at life in new ways from what they've learned from the philosophy offerings. Being a writer of poetry, I have really enjoyed the poetry readings they offer. I highly recommend LearnOutLoud for persons who want to broaden their minds and be lifelong learners."
Tracey Nafekh (Summerfield, NC)

"LearnOutLoud is a GREAT resource for anyone interested in self-education."
Michael Dean (Madison Heights, Michigan)

"After being in Nanning, China for a year and one more to go, I don't know what I would do without LearnOutLoud.com, this one site has allowed me to enjoy the books that I normally would not have access to or would take weeks for me to get at great expense."
Kevin Wiley (Nanning, China)

"I love LearnOutLoud.com. I have been using your service for about 4 years now and I am so impressed. I greatly enjoy the daily messages and the free audio books. I have told so many people about your service and I will continue to share your site."
Debbie Major (Greeley, Colorado)

"LearnOutLoud.com is a unique and powerful resource for all things learning. A one-stop plethora of information."
James Frisbie (Indian Hills, CO)

"I find LearnOutLoud to be a very great resource of audible books for learning new subjects as well as educational in and of itself..."
J.R. Terrell (Commerce, GA)

"I believe that LearnOutLoud.com is an incredibly informative and comprehensive site that offers almost everything under the sun that you could possibly be interested in. It is a great resource, convenient and offers great deals!!"
JHernandez (Austin, TX)

"I Love LearnOutLoud.com."
Judy (Boise, ID)

"I love LearnOutLoud.com for it's content, free access, and variety of subjects."
Sylvia (Calgary, Alberta)

"For a retired / disabled person like myself who is on a fixed income, entertainment isn't usually in the budget. Now I can enjoy classic literature and audio books for free. Thanks LearnOutLoud.com! This small pleasure really means a lot to me."
Mrs. K. Huard (S. Barre, MA)

"Thanks for providing such a great resource. We listen while cooking, cleaning and just for the sheer enjoyment of hearing a great story well read."
Terri (Ft. Worth, TX)

"I love the variety of materials - especially the free ones - and how easy it is to download the files. Thanks!"
-Scott L. Peterson (Aurora, CO)

"Learn Out Loud is one of the best places online to find material which, for a price, you can download to read or listen on various devices. The site is easy to navigate, has more than what you're looking for, and has free stuff. In a world out to make a buck on everything, free is refreshing."
Sharon Tomlinson (Hampton, SC)

"I think LearnOutLoud.com is a fantastic site to browse for all types and genres of audio books. I use their site more than Amazon.com! Thanks!"
Ann M.

"LearnOutLoud is a web site which offers a multitude of publications. I like the fact that regular free audio books and articles are offered. The administrators of this site never annoy me with constant advertising. So even if I don't buy or download free stuff often, I am happy to continue receiving these informative but non-intrusive emails. Thank you"

"I was looking for a certain audio book and was only able to find it on LOL.com. The free downloads gave me a chance to experience audio books & makes me feel like my dollar goes farther."
Jim (Sweetwater, Texas)

"I love LearnOutLoud! It keeps me informed and aware."
Sal Williams (Clewiston, FL)

"An amazing selection of audio books on a wide variety of topics - some are free!"
B. T. (Bountiful, Utah)

"LearnOutLoud has a wonderfully eclectic selection of audiobooks; you can learn something new every day, or increase your knowledge of just about any subject that you're particularly interested in."
Alma (Middletown, NJ)

"I often travel via Public Transit and thoroughly enjoy listening to inspirational speakers and audio books on the trip. LearnOutLoud.com has been a treasured resource for download material. Thank you LearnOutLoud!"
Matthew Hill (Vancouver, B.C.)

"Learnoutloud is a wonderful site for discovering new material and authors. By offering free books, many times I have browsed the audio books related to the free offer and discovered something new or simply bought another book from the original author. Learnoutloud is truly one of my favorite sites!"

"I've been a member for quite a few years and I love Learn Out Loud! They have a wide selection of reasonably priced books. Their newsletters always have something interesting and they have a monthly 'Freeby.' Responses from the Support guys are fast, efficient and genuinely respectful."

"LearnOutLoud.com is a heaven sent website. As a photograph retoucher, I like to entertain myself through the internet, unfortunately I need to keep my eyes on what I am working on. It had seemed like I had exhausted all my website options until I stumbled upon LearnOutLoud. I love listening to the podcasts and books. I have learned so much just by sitting here and being attentive to what I am hearing. Thank you LearnOutLoud for always offering free things to listen to. You are providing a great service to society."
Jimena Saravia (San Francisco, California)

"Learn Out Loud allows me access books while I am doing other tasks. Thank You."
Kevin Bucy (Dallas,Texas)

"'Uh, I don't know....' Then you haven't visited this site! With answers served up your way, whether you're on phone or still recharging batteries for that old cassette player, there's no reason not to know anymore. It's a 24-hour buffet for the questionning mind ! Love it!"

"I love LearnOutLoud.com! It'd one of the greatest educational tools on the Net today!"
Mike (Pine Bush, NY)

"Learn out Loud is an incredible way and manner, for people to learn, but moreso I have found it a rejuvenation of my being able to learn, as in this busy busy world, and working a lot on computer, I can have Learn Out Loud Audio in the background and play and replay until I understand the full gist of the subject I am studying, while I am working. Also, it is a way in which I am able to access this information as time is so limited in our world, to sit and read a book, also with waning eyes; is almost impossible these days. It is a venue for those who are still computer active and working, but can no longer sit for long periods and read written books as one becomes visually challenged with smaller print. I love the feature that once you buy a download you can access your account, and if you work at different work stations (as I do) you can download the audio book and continue listening, or re-listen as I do with the spiritual audios. This has been a gift returned to me. Years ago I avidly devoured a book a night, today I can not, my eyes are older and weaker, even with cataract surgery and glasses, I felt robbed unable to read; this has been a gift back to me; and I am certain a gift to many others. Bless you Learn Out Loud, your just awesome."

"Learn Out Loud provides the widest range of popular audio learning materials available on the Internet. It should be the first stop for anyone wishing to turn otherwise wasted time into a knowledge-upgrade moment."
Michael Tutt (Orange, California)

"Before LearnOutLoud, hours of driving every day were filled with mind-numbing 'talk radio.' Now, these hours are productive and my life is richer, thanks to your service. Thanks!"
David Stinson (Nevada, Texas)

"I am a person with visual impairment and I have benefitted much from your site for some years now with free or low cost audio books to increase knowledge and entertainment. Please continue with the good work, I have introduced your site to many of my blind friends and they have only positive responses. Thank you again."

"Our free download is so helpful to financially weaker section. Generally the materials published are a great boon for the students, professionals and people from all walks of life. Finally a true word - I am using the materials from your website since two years only, now I am completely a new person (Highly motivated and mentally a strong person)."
F.X. Anandkar (Bangarapet, India)

"I have used Learn Out Loud for a while and just their free offers changed my in a most positive way. Many friends have noticed the change in me. Thanks, keep up the good work"
Michael O'Brien (Boston, MA)

"I have recommended LearnOutLoud.com to everyone I know or meet who loves to 'read' - it has been huge in my life!"
Diane Boyd (Webster, NY)

"I love learn out loud and have suggested it to several friends. To get a free book every once in a while is wonderful and to be pointed to interesting podcasts saves a lot of time."
Carol Anne Anderson (Corvallis, Oregon)

"I love LearnOutloud.com. I love her audio books they are of high quality."
Cyiril Kalabare (Warri, Nigeria)

"I like LearnOutLoud.com for the useful knowledge it contains. many of the resources i find very important for my educational growth."
Roman Kuritsyn (Russia, Belokurikha)

"Sooo much variety - all on one site."
Michael (Kings Park, NY)

"LearnOutLoud.com is a great resource for down-loadable books on almost any topic. My favorites are from the self development category. I have recommended LearnOutLoud to all my homeschooling relatives."
Bonnie Garrison (Springfield, Illinois)

"Learn out Loud is my go to spot for audiobooks!"
- Lyman Reed (Santa Clarita, CA)