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Moby Dick
by Herman Melville
Available on:
Audio Download ($34.96) | Audio CD | MP3 CD

First published in 1851, this realistic account of a whaling voyage contains within a symbolic account of the conflict between man and his fate...

The Mystery of the Yellow Room
by Gaston Leroux
Available on:
Audio Download ($16.99) | Audio CD | MP3 CD

The Mystery of the Yellow Room is Gaston Leroux's masterpiece, and it turned out to be his most successful book during his lifetime. It is one of the classics of early-twentieth-century detective fiction.

David Copperfield
by Charles Dickens
Available on:
Audio Download ($13.00)

David Copperfield was Dickens's favorite novel.

The Invisible Man
by H.G. Wells
Available on:
Audio Download ($11.00)

Griffin is a scientist who theorizes that if a person's refractive index is changed to exactly that of air and his body does not absorb or reflect light, then he will be invisible.

A Place on Earth
by Wendell Berry
Available on:
Audio Download ($16.98) | Audio CD

The rhythms of this novel are the rhythms of the land. A Place on Earth resonates with variations played on themes of change; looping transitions from war into peace, winter into spring, browning flood destruction into greening fields, absence into presence, lost into found.

Don't Know Much About Mythology
by Kenneth C. Davis
Available on:
Audio Download ($29.90)

It has been 15 years since Kenneth C. Davis first dazzled audiences with his instant classic Don't Know Much About History, vividly bringing the past to life and proving that Americans don't hate history…

by Dan Brown
Available on:
Audio Download ($21.33) | Audio CD

In this riveting new thriller, Brown returns to his element and has crafted his highest-stakes novel to date.

The Prince
by Niccolo Machiavelli
Available on:
Audio Download ($11.99) | Audio CD | MP3 CD

The prince has long been both praised and reviled for its message of moral relativism, and political expediency.

The House of the Seven Gables
by Nathaniel Hawthorne
Available on:
Audio Download ($20.97) | Audio Cassette

When ruthless Colonel Pyncheon acquired the land for his house by a false accusation of witchcraft...

A Scanner Darkly
by Philip K. Dick
Available on:
Audio Download ($23.25) | Audio CD

Caustically funny, eerily accurate in its depiction of junkies, scam artists, and the walking brain-dead, Dick's industrial-grade stress test of identity is as unnerving as it is enthralling.

851 - 860 of 1665 Titles
     Prev   1 ...  82   83   84   85  86  87   88   89   90  ...   Next  


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