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The Time Machine
Available on:
Audio Download ($11.95) | Audio CD

A classic comes to life when a time traveler steps out of his time-transport machine into the year 802,700.

Lady Windermere's Fan
by Oscar Wilde
Available on:
Audio Download ($14.38) | Audio CD | Audio Cassette

Oscar Wilde's first play confronts the hypocrisy of public "morality" compared with genuine, private kindness. When it opened in 1892, Lady Windermere's Fan was an instant success...

Moby Dick
by Herman Melville
Available on:
Audio Download ($34.96) | Audio CD | MP3 CD

First published in 1851, this realistic account of a whaling voyage contains within a symbolic account of the conflict between man and his fate...

The Princess and the Goblin
by George MacDonald
Available on:
Audio Download ($15.99) | Audio CD | MP3 CD

Young Princess Irene is sent to the country to be raised in a half farmhouse, half castle located in the side of a mountain.

The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam Explained
by Paramahansa Yogananda
Available on:
Audio Download ($20.95)

Listeners will be awakened by deep spiritual truths within this famous poem as Walters sings the verses, reads the quatrains, and follows each with Yogananda's expanded, clarified meaning.

Bleak House
by Charles Dickens
Available on:
Audio Download ($29.99) | Audio CD | MP3 CD

A complex plot of love and inheritance is set against the English legal system of the mid-19th century, with all its tortuous avenues and disguised resolutions.

On the Waterfront
by Budd Schulberg
Available on:
Audio Download ($4.95)

Terry Malloy, the seemingly soulless street survivor, unwittingly lures a rebellious longshoreman to his death in Budd Schulberg's searing drama about the New York waterfront....

Present Laughter
by Noel Coward
Available on:
Audio Download ($4.95)

A galaxy of friends, lovers, relatives and theatre acolytes sparkles around stage star Garry Essendine like bubbles in fine champagne. While Garry struggles to plan his upcoming trip....

David Copperfield
by Charles Dickens
Available on:
Audio Download ($23.18) | Audio CD | Audio Cassette

This much-loved novel was, by Dickens' own admission, his 'favorite child'. It is easy to see why, with its colorful characters ranging from the repulsive...

From Time to Time
by Jack Finney
Available on:
Audio Download ($13.95)

Here is the sequel a generation has been waiting for! When Time and Again was published in 1970, it generated a loyal following that grows larger with each passing year.

851 - 860 of 1756 Titles
     Prev   1 ...  82   83   84   85  86  87   88   89   90  ...   Next  


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