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LearnOutLoud's Biography Podcast
by Plutarch
Available on:

With the the LearnOutLoud Biography podcast series we will explore the lives of notable people throughout history.

A History Of: Alexander the Great Podcast
by Jamie Redfern
Available on:

A look at the life of Alexander the Great, from his birth in Macedonia and his conquests to the edge of the world and back.

Fire and Adjust: Interviewing Today's Top Military and Veteran Entrepreneurs Podcast
by Ron Fugle
Available on:

Inspiring interviews focused on the Military and Veteran Community. Learn from some of today’s most successful Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, Managers and Influencers as they leave us with the Tips…

Who Was Who: 5000 BC - 1914
by Irwin Leslie Gordon
Available on:
Audio Download (Free)

A short, humorous biography of famous people from 5000 BC to 1914. — S. McGaughey

New Books in Biography Podcast
by Marshall Poe
Available on:

Interviews with Biographers about their New Books.

Reflections with General James Mattis
by James Mattis
Available on:
Audio Download (Free) | Online Video (Free)

Conversations host Harry Kreisler welcomes General James Mattis (U.S. Marine Corp. ret.), former Head of Central Command for a discussion of his military career.

American Wife
by Taya Kyle
Available on:
Audio Download ($24.99) | Audio CD

The widow of American Sniper Chris Kyle shares their private journey, a moving and universal chronicle of love and family, service and patriotism, grief and sacrifice, faith and purpose.

Veterans Chronicles Podcast
by Gene Pell
Available on:

Veterans Chronicles is an hour-long program that tells the stories of America's greatest heroes in their own words.

A History Of: Hannibal Podcast
by Jamie Redfern
Available on:

The Story of Hannibal and the Punic Wars.

A Long Way Gone
by Ishmael Beah
Available on:
Audio Download ($23.27) | Audio CD

This is how wars are fought now by children, hopped up on drugs, and wielding AK-47s. In the more than fifty violent conflicts going on worldwide, it is estimated that there are some 300,000 child soldiers.

1 - 10 of 316 Titles
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