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Trump: Think Like a Billionaire
by Donald Trump
Available on:
Audio Download ($17.95) | Audio CD

It's not good enough to want it. You've got to know how to get it.

Money Girl's Quick and Dirty Tips for a Richer Life Podcast
Available on:

Money Girl provides short and friendly personal finance, real estate, and investing tips to help you live a richer life.

Trump: How to Get Rich
by Donald Trump
Available on:
Audio Download ($18.95) | Audio CD

Real estate titan, best-selling author, and TV impresario Donald J. Trump reveals the secrets of his success.

How to Negotiate in Tough Situations
by David Knox
Available on:
Audio Download ($19.00)

You will welcome the next pricing objection, commission objection and offer negotiation.

Suze Orman at Google
by Suze Orman
Available on:
Online Video (Free)

Suze visits the Google campus to talk about making the most of your money.

The Real Book of Real Estate
by Robert T. Kiyosaki
Available on:
Audio Download | Audio CD | MP3 CD

The Real Book of Real Estate is the bible of real-estate advice and techniques every investor needs to navigate through the ups, the downs, and the in-betweens of the real-estate market and come out on top.

The Millionaire Real Estate Agent
by Gary Keller
Available on:
Audio CD

The Millionaire Real Estate Agent shows you how to do all three so you can Live Large - professionally and personally.

How To Make Money With Real Estate - Using The Basics
by Zach Keyer
Available on:
Audio Download ($14.95)

When you hear stories or watch television programs about flipping houses or investing in rental properties, do you say I could do that! but never take the next step?

Property and Liberty
by Robert B. Brown
Available on:
Audio Download (Free)

The course will explore the relation between property law and limits of liberty in different cultures and at different times.

The Automatic Millionaire Homeowner
by David Bach
Available on:
Audio Download ($19.95)

From the author of the bestselling Finish Rich series and The Automatic Millionaire, a new book from David Bach that shows readers how real estate is the surest and quickest way to finish rich.

1 - 10 of 63 Titles
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