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Robot Overlordz Podcast

Robot Overlordz Podcast
by Mike Johnston

Future Show Podcast

Future Show Podcast
by Jonathan Myers

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The Lessons of History
by Will Durant
Available on:
Online Video (Free)

What, if anything, can be learned by studying history? This is the question Will and Ariel Durant...

State of Fear
by Michael Crichton
Available on:
Audio Download ($4.95)

Integral Naked is an online behind-the-scenes exploration of cutting-edge thought. From philosophers to musicians to spiritual adepts, get naked with some of the most provocative thinkers on the planet today.

Foundations of American Cyberculture
by Greg Niemeyer
Available on:
Audio Download (Free) | Online Video (Free)

This new course will enable students to think critically about, and engage in practical experiments in, the complex interactions between new media and perceptions and performances of embodiment, agency, citizenship, collective action, individual identity, time and spatiality.

Aubrey de Grey Says We Can Avoid Aging
by Aubrey de Grey
Available on:
Audio Download (Free) | Online Video (Free) | Video Download (Free)

Cambridge researcher Aubrey de Grey argues that aging is merely a disease -- and a curable one at that. Humans age in seven basic ways, he says, all of which can be averted.

At the Dangerous Edge of the Knowledge
by Michael Crichton
Available on:
Audio Download ($4.95)

Michael Crichton, the father of the “techno-thriller,” has sold over 100 million books worldwide in thirty different languages. While this would be an astonishing feat for any writer, what makes Crichton’s accomplishment unique is his commitment to the integrity of the human knowledge quest.

Ray Kurzweil on How Technology Will Transform Us
by Ray Kurzweil
Available on:
Audio Download (Free) | Online Video (Free) | Video Download (Free)

Inventor, entrepreneur and visionary Ray Kurzweil explains in abundant, grounded detail why, by the 2020s, we will have reverse-engineered the human brain and nanobots will be operating your consciousness.

From Here to Infinity: An Exploration of Science Fiction Literature
by Michael Drout
Available on:
Audio Download ($34.95)

Science fiction literature and films have contributed indelible images to the popular imagination, from H.G. Wells's War of the Worlds to Ray Bradbury's Martian Chronicles to the fiction of "cyberpunks."

2000x: Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow
by Kurt Vonnegut
Available on:
Audio Download

Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow portrays a massively overpopulated America, where six generations of the Schwartz family live together in a one-bedroom apartment...

The World Is Flat, Release 3.0
by Thomas L. Friedman
Available on:
Audio Download | Audio CD

When scholars write the history of the world 20 years from now, and they come to the chapter "Y2K to March 2004", what will they say was the most crucial development?

Futures in Biotech Podcast
by Marc Pelletier
Available on:

Explore the world of cloning, protein folding, genome mapping, and more with the most important researchers in the field. Hosted by Marc Pelletier and Leo Laporte. Part of the TWiT.tv podcast network. Released every Wednesday.

1 - 10 of 124 Titles
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