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Secret Songwriter, Tips and Techniques by Richard Brown

Secret Songwriter, Tips and Techniques

How To Write A Great Commercial Song

by Richard Brown

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Contents Include. OVERTURE: An Introduction to Marketable Songwriting. Chapter One: LET'S START WITH THE SONG'S STRUCTURE. You have to start somewhere, and this is a great place to begin, It's kind of like laying the foundation of a house, but much easier to build, and a whole lot more fun. Chapter Two:
HOOKLINE AND SINKER "The Hook, The Hook" Yes, the hook is everything, well almost everything, It's totally meant to bend the ear, but a hook is something that should not be feared. Chapter Three: FINDING YOUR HOOK. It's easier than you think, Life is full of hooks, Just look around, Listen, and release your creative juices. Chapter Four: FINDING YOUR SINKER > The rest of the lyrics. Creativity, Play on Words, Tricks of the Trade. To rhyme or not to rhyme, Should you or Shouldn't you, Depends on the flow from deep inside your pen. Chapter Five: MUSIC > Cheerful earful, catchy tune, agreeable sound, pleasing melody, cordial composition, delightful ditty, raunchy number, cool tones. Chord Progressions, the meat and potatoes. The Nashville Number System > Wow, is this ever easy. Music is just a bundle of numbers which translate into a cluster of sound. Variations on a Theme, and more easy ways to compose. Chapter Six: AREN'T COMPUTERS WONDERFUL > Playing, Composing and Recording Your OWN Music, With Your Personal Computer. It's Easy and Fun with today's incredible music/software programs that even the most inexperienced can soon comprehend. Chapter Seven: COPYRIGHT PROTECTION (Safe Songwriting)
Copyrighting your material is much easier than most people tend to think. All you ever need to know about protecting your invaluable creative works. Chapter Eight: MORE IMPORTANT THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW: IN SUMMARY: Don't make the mistakes of the Un-informed. Chapter Nine: THE TOP TEN (Final Words Of Wisdom) The 10 MOST Important things you need to know. Chapter Ten: A WORD ABOUT COLLABORATION Translation > working together in Harmony: Sometimes two heads ARE better than one.
23 FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS. The Secret: Is there really a SECRET to writing a GREAT Song ?
Appendix 1: Over 90 SONGWRITING ORGANIZATIONS Most of them are FREE to join, and packed full of useful information and invaluable contacts. We've got the big national ones and scores of local organizations listed. If there's a Songwriting organization in your neighborhood you can find it here.
Appendix 2: PERFORMING RIGHTS ORGANIZATIONS > You need these guys to get paid for your songs, and > Best Of All < Most are FREE (or charge very little) to join. Get the information on all the Performing Rights Organizations in the world right here. Appendix 3: MUSIC INDUSTRY PROFESSIONALS IN SEARCH OF MATERIAL > Address’s, Phone Numbers, E-mail address’s, and Web Sites of: PUBLISHERS, RECORD PRODUCERS, RECORD COMPANYS, MANAGER/AGENTS. Appendix 4: SONGWRITING CONTESTS >
Address’s, Phone Numbers, E-mail address’s, and Web Sites: Appendix 5: WEBSITES OF INTEREST > Website address's related to Songwriting, Lyric Writing, General Music, Digital Music and MP3. Appendix 6: Songwriting Associations with links to their websites > See if there's one in your area. Appendix 7: New section just added > Over 675 Music Publishers many of which are in search of fresh new material. Address's, phone numbers, and many include e-mail address's and links to their websites. THE FINAL REFRAIN. Chapters One, Two, Three and Four of this E-book deal with writing lyrics that are MUSIC Friendly. Even though your lyrics may look and read absolutely wonderful on paper, does not mean they will necessarily sound good when interpreted by a vocalist as a song composition in melody form. Chapters Five and Six deal with composing an appropriate and ear pleasing melody and chord structure to your lyrics, quickly and easily, without having had years of formal training in Music Theory and/or Composition. The remaining Chapters, Appendixes and Excerpts deal with General Songwriting Information, and Useful Facts pertaining to the Business of Music and Songwriting.

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  • Published: December 2007
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