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Think & Grow Rich: The 21st Century Edition by Napoleon Hill

Think & Grow Rich: The 21st Century Edition

by Napoleon Hill


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Napoleon Hill’s classic Think and Grow Rich has sold more than 60 million copies worldwide. It revolutionized the whole concept of self-help writing and to this day remains the standard against which all other motivational literature is measured. This classic of classics on the subject of personal achievement has helped literally millions of people to lead richer, fuller lives. It is said that Napoleon Hill has made more millionaires and inspired more successes than any other person in history.

The hallmark of the original edition of Think and Grow Rich was that in every chapter Napoleon Hill cited real-life examples based on his first-hand knowledge of 500 of America’s most successful self-made businessmen. This audiobook of Think and Grow Rich: The 21st Century Edition features the complete text of the original edition, including every one of Napoleon Hill’s stories, and carefully integrates into each chapter contemporary examples and commentary.

For example, in the original Hill tells how Asa Candler took a country doctor’s recipe and turned it into the Coca-Cola phenomenon. This new audiobook edition not only tells the Asa Candler story, but it adds the stories of Debbie Fields and Mrs. Fields Cookies, Howard Schultz and Starbucks, and how Paul Newman launched Newman’s Own brand products. These modern parallels clearly demonstrate that Hill’s principles are as up-to-date as today, and still guiding those who succeed. Motivation and Modern Management

The 21st-Century Edition also correlates the latest management theories with Hill’s Principles of Success, and cross-references his Success Consciousness techniques with today’s motivational bestsellers. It clearly demonstrates that Napoleon Hill’s classic anticipated concepts as contemporary as Emotional Intelligence and Creative Visualization, and that the methods taught by superstars such as Tony Robbins and Steven Covey are perfectly aligned with his philosophy of personal achievement.

Napoleon Hill got the answers to those questions firsthand from over 500 of America's most successful self-made businessmen. Though born into poverty himself, Napoleon Hill became the protege of steel baron Andrew Carnegie who introduced him to the most famous self-made multi-millionaires who personally revealed to Hill the secrets they had used to pull themselves out of poverty and create their own success. Hill was welcomed into their businesses and homes, he interviewed them for long periods, studied their habits, analyzed their methods, and learned the secrets of their success. For almost thirty years Napoleon Hill collaborated with America’s most creative and successful entrepreneurs, inventors, businessmen, industrialists, and political leaders, learning first-hand why they succeeded while others failed. Hill devoted those years to researching and proving his theories, then refined them into thirteen powerful principles that can be used by anyone to create their own success and realize their dreams.

This audio editon of the undated Think and Grow Rich clearly spells out Hill's thirteen principles of success using real examples from his inside knowledge of the rich and powerful. It reveals the principles behind each success, and shows how you too can take the techniques and make them your own. When you know this—and it tells you step-by-step what to do and how to do it—you will have the blueprint to your personal, professional, and financial success.

Much more than a self-improvement audiobook, Think and Grow Rich: The 21st Century Edition offers you a complete philosophy of personal achievement. It will teach you methods to create success consciousness within yourself, and it will provide you with a detailed blueprint for achieving that success. Think and Grow Rich: The 21st-Century Edition is an audiobook that will not just change what you think, it will change the way you think.

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Think, Grow, and Get Rich in the process!!!
Reviewer Juddha
 July 12, 2010
Think and Grow Rich is one of the VERY FEW books that promises to help you determine Who you want to become? What it is you want to do? When it‘s going to happen? Why THE MISSION IS POSSIBLE? And how you’re going to attain it? All through the aid and application of the “unknown and unused knowledge and power” they termed the “Carnegie Secret.”

1. Ready-Think 2. Get Set-Grow 3. Go-Get Rich

Let life come and live generously,
Host & Philosopher
Juddha Shaddai Fitzgerald

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  • Published: 2002
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