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The Fourth Mega-Market by Ralph Acampora

The Fourth Mega-Market

Now Through 2011

by Ralph Acampora

Title Details

Abridged Edition
Running Time
4 Hrs. 30 Min.


What do you call a bull market that lasts at least 10 years and includes steep corrections and cycles of vicious rotation, but results in a quadrupling of the Dow, a stratospheric rise in new technology, and the creation of staggering amounts of wealth? Ralph Acampora, one of Wall Street's most influential analysts, calls it a mega-market. Acampora shows how the current mega-market has clear parallels to three earlier markets, and explains to investors how the lessons of the past can be utilized to their advantage in the marketplace.

History shows us the ways that investors will react under certain circumstances, and Acampora shows us that looking back is the best way to see what's coming ahead. He teaches listeners to recognize patterns that can help explain market performance, and offers advice on spotting and protecting yourself from the inevitable corrections that occur with regularity in every mega-market. He makes exciting predictions of where the mega-market will go before it ends and how it will get there. He helps us to understand ways to invest our money and ride the current wave to wealth.

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