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Wealth Creation by Bartley J. Madden

Wealth Creation

A Systems Mindset for Building and Investing in Businesses for the Long Term

by Bartley J. Madden

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Unabridged Edition
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6 Hrs. 6 Min.


Wealth creation insights by the creator of the company life-cycle framework known as the CFROI valuation model.

Investors searching for companies whose future profitability will far exceed that implied in current stock prices, those in business making decisions to improve company performance, and politicians crafting legislation - all use some form of a wealth creation framework.

In this book, author Bartley Madden addresses how to think about the complex dynamics in generating wealth, and the practical benefits to be gained from upgrading one's wealth-creation framework. Throughout this guide, Madden shares six critical insights:

A systems mindset focuses not so much on the individual pieces of a system, but on how all the pieces work together to achieve the goal envisioned for the system. The systems way of thinking described in Wealth Creation helps to avoid unintended, bad consequences, and to generate insights for leveraging change that produces big gains in wealth.

Economic systems - the rules and relationships that exist to create wealth by delivering value to customers - are devilishly complex and therefore solving economic problems requires extensive knowledge. Seen in this light, knowledge growth and wealth creation are two sides of the same coin. A prerequisite to making better buy/hold/sell investment decisions and business judgments is an improved understanding of how wealth is created. An especially useful approach described in this book is to connect business firms' financial performance to stock prices via the firms' competitive life-cycle framework.

A deeper understanding of business firms makes it plain that customers, employees, and shareholders have mutual, long-term interests. In other words, a free-market system geared to serving customers through competition is a system in which participants share the wealth that is jointly created.

There is a huge opportunity for sustained, higher economi...

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