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Survival Is Not Enough by Seth Godin

Survival Is Not Enough

Zooming, Evolution, and the Future of Your Company

by Seth Godin

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Abridged Edition
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2 Hrs. 54 Min.
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  3.3  Stars Based on 2 ratings


It's come to this. All the confusion and chaos and change and turmoil in our working lives have finally tipped the balance. We now need a new way of doing business.

Most of us view change as a threat, and survival as the goal. Yet we work too hard to consider just getting by as our primary goal. In Survival Is Not Enough, best selling author Seth Godin provides a groundbreaking new way to organize companies to thrive during times of change. It contains a simple yet revolutionary idea: We can evolve our companies the same way nature evolves a species.

Darwin was right. Evolution is a fundamental force of nature, and Godin demonstrates how this force can be unleashed in any organization. The first step is to eliminate the anti-change reflex that's genetically coded into all of us. Once a company learns to "zoom" (embrace change without pain), it is much more likely to evolve. And a company that evolves can become ever more profitable.

Whether the market is up or down, whether technology is hot or not, in all industries, from retail to tech to restaurants, the organic approach to organizations described in this book will always outperform the competition. As long as our world is unstable, evolving businesses will win.

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Reviewer LOLJPB
 February 17, 2006
General Content: I’m not sure what it is but I can’t seem to get into Seth Godin. It’s not that what he’s saying doesn’t make sense but rather than I’ve heard it before. Perhaps some of his other stuff is better (I’ve only listened to this and Unleashing the Idea Virus) but so far I’m not impressed. For instance, the beginning of this book talked a lot about the need to embrace change which I’ve heard before in books like “Who Moved My Cheese?” and “Thriving on Chaos”. There just doesn’t seem to be much new stuff here.

Having said that there are some good ideas in here (even if most of them sound familiar). Godin’s discussion of positive feedback loops is interesting and makes a great case for the power of the Internet. And his comparison of AOL vs. Amazon.com was quite interesting. Still, I couldn’t get past some of the slightly cheesy ideas (e.g. “Put an “Z” on your resume!”) and overall I wouldn’t consider this a must read.

Audio-Specific Content: I listened to the abridged (two cassette) version of this book. It is read by the author which was probably a mistake. With all due respect to Mr. Godin, he doesn’t have the greatest voice for narration. It can actually be a little Elmer Fudd-ish at times (sorry Seth…). This is an example of a situation in which a professional narrator would probably have made this an easier and more enjoyable listen.

Reviewer LOLDavid
 February 17, 2006
I’m not a big business book guy but I found this to be pretty good advice for businesses in the new economy. Godin pushes building change into the DNA of your company and applies the theories of evolution to his theories of business strategy. I don’t know that his idea of zooming to the future is totally revolutionary since I think we all understand that businesses need to change with the times. I like his ideas on getting feedback and taking advice from everyone working for your business. And unlike a previous reviewer I think Mr. Godin is a fine narrator.

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