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Winning Every Time by Lis Wiehl

Winning Every Time

How to Use the Skills of a Lawyer in the Trials of Your Life

by Lis Wiehl

Title Details

Abridged Edition
Running Time
4 Hrs. 38 Min.


Whether you're hoping to obtain a raise from your boss, convince an insurance claim representative to reimburse your medical treatment, or persuade your spouse into spending less time watching TV and more time with you, Winning Every Time will be your guide for truly practical and helpful advice about how to make that case effectively, and win it hands down. Too often we argue conclusions without the benefit of a premise, react from anger instead of presenting hard facts, feel defensive when sensing resistance, or fail to make calm, irrefutable counterarguments. In this dynamic, groundbreaking book, Lis Wiehl shows how to apply the skills, smarts, and strategies of a lawyer and stay in command whenever life makes you feel as though you are on trial.

Writing in an engaging, accessible style, Wiehl teaches you how to become your own best advocate, so you can plead your case with precision, and win the hearts (and change the minds) of even the most recalcitrant "juror." You'll learn the eight easy-to-follow rules of persuasion to winning a case:

  • Know What You Want: The Theory of the Case
  • Choose and Cultivate Your Audience: Voir Dire
  • Marshal Your Evidence: Discovery
  • Advocate with Confidence: Making the Case
  • Counter the Claims: Cross-examination
  • Stay True to Your Case: Avoid the Seven Deadly Spins
  • Advocate with Heart: Let Me Tell You a Story
  • Sum It Up: The Closing Argument

    Along with practical advice on how to state your case effectively and come out on top, this remarkable book features incisive stories from real people who have transformed their lives through advocacy. With amazing, result-oriented strategies, Winning Every Time will help you stay in command whenever life makes you feel as though you are on trial.

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