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The Abundant Life by Jerrold Mundis

The Abundant Life

by Jerrold Mundis

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Are you always running out of money or worried that you will? Does your salary never seem to stretch far enough? Are you living beyond your means and unable to see a way out? Is your financial situation one of the major sources of stress and anxiety in your life? You can change all of that, now and forever. The Abundant Life will show you how.

The Abundant Life offers a clear, simple, step-by-step system that will help you permanently free yourself from what author Jerrold Mundis calls "underearning." This highly effective program is not a get-rich-quick scheme. Nor does it advocate pinching pennies, working overtime, or taking a job you hate.

Instead, The Abundant Life will show you how to change your relationship with money at the deepest levels. When you do that, you will pave the way for lasting change and create a path on which money can easily flow into your life.

As you progress through The Abundant Life, you may be shocked to find out all the ways you've been saying "no" to money through the years - and the unsuspected ways you can bring much more money into your life, without expending a lot more effort.

You'll discover:

* The common characteristics that indicate a problem with underearning.

* How to let money into your life - money that isn't borrowed and that exceeds your basic needs.

* The three things NOT to do - starting right now.

* A powerful tool that shows you where your money has been going (you'll be surprised!).

* Practical techniques that will substantially increase your earning power.

* The mistaken attitude that keeps your focus on financial problems, not solutions, and how to eliminate it.

* Proven steps to getting out of debt and staying debt-free forever.

* Three lists that will change what you're doing with money immediately and lead you to a financial miracle.

* How to use money more effectively and pleasurably.

* And much, much more!

The Abundant Life will show you how to make a permanent and empowering change in your thoughts and feelings about money - a change that promises to produce a life of abundance!

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