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Great Speeches Of The 20th Century, Volume 1

Great Speeches Of The 20th Century, Volume 1

The Political Arena

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Before radio, the only way a candidate could get his message across to the voters was by criss-crossing the country and speaking directly to the people. The events were usually covered by the local newspapers, but there was no such thing as a paid political broadcast, no convenient way to get the significance out to 40 or 50 million people in one evening. Almost as soon as the ability to record the human voice for posterity was developed, recordings were recognized as a great political tool. Presidential candidates and other political figures jumped on the bandwagon and soon speeches were available to anyone with 75 cents to pay for them.

Volume 1: The Political Arena
1. The Farmer And The Republican Party - William Howard Taft
2. Address To The American Indians - President Woodrow Wilson
3. Address To The Boys' Progressive League - Former President Theodore Roosevelt
4. Inaugural Address - President Franklin D. Roosevelt
5. Inaugural Address - President Franklin D. Roosevelt
6. Election Eve Campaign Speech - Governer Thomas E. Dewey
7. Inaugural Address - President Harry S. Truman
8. 'Checkers' Speech - Senator Richard M. Nixon
9. Presidential Campaign Address - Governer Adlai Stevenson
10. Republican Convention Address - Dwight D. Eisenhower
11. Presidential Debate - Senator John F. Kennedy And Vice-President Richard M. Nixon
12. Presidential Campaign Address - Senator Barry Goldwater
13. Address To The Nation - President Lyndon B. Johnson
14. Presidential Campaign Address - Senator Robert F. Kennedy
15. Inaugural Address - President Richard M. Nixon
16. Resignation Address - Vice-President Spiro Agnew
17. Resignation Address - President Richard M. Nixon
18. Democratic Convention Acceptance Speech - Governor Jimmy Carter
19. Inaugural Address - President Ronald Reagan
20. Keynote Address For The Democratic Convention - Governor Mario Cuomo
21. Address To The 1984 Democratic Convention - Reverend Jesse Jackson

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