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Reflections on the Mind of Plato by Joseph Norio Uemura

Reflections on the Mind of Plato

Six Dialogues

by Joseph Norio Uemura

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Unabridged Edition
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4 Hrs. 45 Mins.


In the twenty-four centuries that have passed since the Athenians put Socrates to death, every generation has interpreted the meaning of Plato's work differently. Joseph Uemura guides us through six dialogues in an effort to promote a dialectical quest rather than seek a final resting place.

Plato's Dialogues treat the big questions that confront any thoughtful person. Euthyphro explores religion, Phaedo reflects on mind, Theatetus examines knowledge, Sophist probes being, Phaedrus considers art, and the Republic ponders society.

All great literature must be experienced first-hand. Because it is not self-explanatory, it must be interpreted and evaluated. Professor Uemura's reflections serve as a touchstone by which to test every new reading of Plato's work.

Dr. Joseph Uemura is Professor Emeritus at Hamline University. He has taught philosophy at Hamline University, Morningside College, and Westminster College, and he is holder of two Endowed Professorships, including Hamline's first Paul and Jean Hanna Professorship and Westminster's Sheldon Jackson Professorship. He is the author of Seven Dialogues on Goodness (1983), American Philosophers on Religion (1976) and many articles. He was Editor and Founder of the Hamline Review (1968) and the Morningside Review (1961).

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