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12 Steps to Spiritual Rebirth by Guy Finley

12 Steps to Spiritual Rebirth

Commentaries on the Beatitudes

by Guy Finley

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Two thousand years ago the world was given a road map to lasting spiritual fulfillment.

The information contained in that map was so powerful, so complete, that anyone who followed its instruction could realize an entirely New Life -- would know a kind of Happiness, Success, Clarity and Freedom beyond imagination.

However, this road map that leads to a higher Reality was presented in a secret code... so secret that even though it is studied by millions of people throughout the world, most only read and understand it at a very superficial level. And only very, very few -- a literal handful -- have learned to use its rich hidden meaning to make dramatic and miraculous changes to their own inner and outer lives.

The celestial road map I'm talking about is a breathtaking section of the Bible where Christ spoke what are now known as the Beatitudes. And whether you've studied the Gospels your entire life, or you've never even read a single page of its timeless teaching, the deep esoteric meaning contained in Christ's words will first amaze you, and then awaken you to the unlimited potential of your own True Nature.

Now is your opportunity to become one of the few who understand how to unleash the healing power of Truth hidden in the Beatitudes.

In best-selling author Guy Finley's brand new audio program, "Twelve Steps to Spiritual Rebirth: Commentaries on the Beatitudes," you will learn the secret language that reveals, step by step, what is asked of you to know genuine rebirth.

There is no mistaking the truth of these timeless instructions, and you will know this for yourself the moment you hear them. During this groundbreaking program it will be revealed to you -- in simple words -- the secret meaning behind each of the powerful allegories that are the heart and soul of the Beatitudes.

You will hear how these celestial principles come together to tell of a complete program for your spiritual development. You will see how the Beatitudes are organized into four distinct groups of higher lessons, each one representing a specific step needed to realize a fearless and truth-filled Life; and you will be given detailed, down to earth instructions to put these powerful principles immediately to work in your life.

Not only will you gain a new understanding of your place in the vast cosmic scheme and how to fulfill your unique role in it, but you'll be given the power to take these lessons into your daily life to find new energy and deeper meaning in your relationships, your career, and everything you do.

Here are just a few of the revelations that will change forever your relationship with life. You will come to know:

-- The secret interior work that prepares you to fulfill your rightful place in the universe.

-- The new understanding that elevates and improves every human encounter . . . empowering you to realize an endless resource of compassion, integrity, and genuine love.

-- The elevating truth that enables you to serve your own higher interests, even as it puts you into direct relationship with the Great Intelligence that gives rise to all great aspirations.

Perhaps you've sensed the importance of the Beatitudes, but were left puzzled by their cryptic clues. After all, exactly who are the "poor in spirit," and why is theirs the Kingdom of Heaven? Just what does it truly mean to "mourn" -- or to be "meek"? What possible place -- or powers -- do these ideas have given the reality of today's ruthless world? And what is the nature of that hidden desire described in the phrase "to hunger and thirst after righteousness"?

Now it's possible for you to understand the deeper, esoteric meaning of these familiar words (and it is very different from what most everyone thinks) so that they become your personal vehicle for a complete transformation of yourself.

The Way to the Life you long for is known... and it is all revealed in the Beatitudes once you know how to decipher their secret meaning using the knowledge found in the new audio program "Twelve Steps to Spiritual Rebirth: Commentaries on the Beatitudes."

Our lives are meant to be a great spiritual journey, a personal awakening to all that we are created to be. Clues have been left for us from the beginning of time to speed us on our way, but over the millennia the real meaning of these helpful messages has been distorted, suppressed, or deliberately "lost." This is why the release of "Twelve Steps to Spiritual Rebirth: Commentaries on the Beatitudes" is such a significant event.

Take this opportunity to finally learn the secrets of the ages that are your birthright. Then watch how every moment of your day becomes new, brought to life by your willingness to work for your own liberation.

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12 Steps to Spiritual Rebirth by Guy Finley
Reviewer Cindy Kryzak
 February 07, 2006
This audio is worth its weight in gold....it was exactly what I needed to hear. I now understand and can enjoy the gift of spiritual rebirth from a new and broader perspective.

Thank you, Guy Finley....

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