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Citadels of Power by Thomas J. Finan

Citadels of Power

Castles in History and Archaeology

by Thomas J. Finan

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Professor Thomas J. Finan conducts an enthralling series of lectures on a subject that is an enduring part of the popular imagination: the castle. Professor Finan examines the castle from a variety of contemporary perspectives, including those of history, archaeology, geography, and landscape studies. The course also covers the morphology of medieval fortifications and castles and considers the social and landscape natures of castles, as well as the role of the castle in Europe.

Lecture 1 What Is a Castle? Why Study a Castle?

Lecture 2 Earthen and Timber Castles

Lecture 3 Building a Castle

Lecture 4 The Norman Stone Keep

Lecture 5 The Concentric Castle

Lecture 6 The Social Organization of Castles

Lecture 7 The Landscape of Castles

Lecture 8 Sieges

Lecture 9 Castles in the Kingdom of England

Lecture 10 The Castles of Wales

Lecture 11 Castles of Ireland and Scotland

Lecture 12 Castles in France

Lecture 13 Crusader Castles

Lecture 14 The End of Castles

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