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Heavens Above: Stars, Constellations, and the Sky by James Kaler

Heavens Above: Stars, Constellations, and the Sky

by James Kaler

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Unabridged Edition
Running Time
7 Hrs. 30 Min.


Have you ever gone outside at night to admire the stars? And wonder what they all are, and what stories they have to tell? Have you ever thought you'd like to know and understand the constellations or know the names of the stars? Here you can learn to find your way across the celestial landscape and begin to understand these patterns of the ages. Learn why the Big Dipper, not a true "constellation," might be seen all night, or why the Southern Cross is invisible from New York. Find out the meanings of the celestial figures, where they came from, and why we still use them today thousands of years after the first ones were invented.

This course guides listeners through the sights of the naked- eye sky, wherein we directly witness the effects of the turning and revolving of the Earth, the artistry painted by the human mind using the sky and stars, and how the view changes with time and with our place on the planet.

Lecture 1 Sky and Stars

Lecture 2 Constellations

Lecture 3 Circles of Earth

Lecture 4 Celestial Circles

Lecture 5 Rising and Setting

Lecture 6 That Old Sun

Lecture 7 Star Names

Lecture 8 The Sacred Zodiac

Lecture 9 Wobbles

Lecture 10 Astronomy, Astrology, and UFOs

Lecture 11 Mythical Magic

Lecture 12 Singular Sights

Lecture 13 Modern Design

Lecture 14 The Milky Way

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