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Understanding Your Inner Genius by Laura Helmuth

Understanding Your Inner Genius

by Laura Helmuth

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In Understanding Your Inner Genius, presenter Laura Helmuth reveals the latest scientific thinking on genius and intelligence - from the making of a genius, to the increase of worldwide IQ scores, and the mysteries of acquired savantism. With Dr. Helmuth as your guide, you'll explore the groundbreaking work conducted by distinguished psychologists, psychiatrists, neuroscientists, and educators. With myth-busting exhilaration and more than a bit of controversy, scientific studies point the way to increasing the intellect.

We all start learning automatically from the moment we're born, if not before; our brains are made for it. But it's also normal for parents to want to help their children in their intellectual development. In this course, you'll learn the results of scientifically sound studies that suggest you encourage your child to try new tasks and praise your child for persistence and resilience.

Learning new skills and working puzzles are both great ways to keep your mind active and have a lot of fun. But scientists warn that companies are often marketing mind-exercising products with strong claims about their effectiveness - claims that have not been backed up by scientific studies. What does work? Research shows you can best maintain a mental edge as you age by physical exercise, having a positive attitude, and social engagement.

In Understanding Your Inner Genius, you'll be surprised to discover the myths that many, if not most, of us take as fact, including the left brain/right brain dichotomy, among others.

But if you still believe some of these myths, don't worry. Understanding Your Inner Genius will introduce you to the new, scientifically valid concepts that take the place of these myths - concepts you can use to your advantage when educating your children, your students, or yourself.

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