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Igniting Your Soul at Work by Robert Rabbin

Igniting Your Soul at Work

Unleashing Authentic Insight and Action

by Robert Rabbin

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When Robert first announced to the world that he was called to teach mysticism to the leaders of corporate America, he was quickly told by a colleague to pack his life onto a shopping cart and walk with it to the nearest park to join all the other crazy bums. But Robert managed to survive somehow to tell his tale. And it is a tale that kisses us on the lips and punches us in the guts all at the same time. It is a tale your cells will immediately recognize. There is no need for cognition here. Listen to his words and your soul will surely remember what it has known since before the universe was formed.

To be sure, this isn't your ordinary type of leadership book, manual or mandate that seeks to foster the usual kind of leadership, and teaches people along a horizontal path. Robert's path of teaching is vertical.

Horizontal leadership development focuses on the kind of learning and growth that expands current thinking, knowledge, skills and competencies.  It focuses on developing one's current mindset or consciousness rather than transforming it. Many of us are consumers of such programs, as they take up 99% of human resource budgets.  Yet this type of leadership can only go so far and often remains impotent in the face of the many of the challenges we face.

Robert leads us in another direction, to that of vertical development, where we can begin to expand our worldview to allow greater understanding, wisdom and effectiveness to reveal itself. To make quantum leaps in your leadership, Robert says, you need to commit to transforming your consciousness: on re-perceiving how you see reality and the world and transforming how you make meaning and sense of the problems and challenges you are faced with. This leadership enables us to shift gears and move beyond doing things as they have always been done to redesigning, reinventing, and innovating, but from a very different address.

All the great changes that we need to make in the world today require such a vertical shift in leadership. How do we fill the world with contemporary sages and kick ass saints, who are as adept at surrendering themselves to this place of authenticity as they are at innovating initiatives of breathtaking power? Igniting Your Soul at Work provides some inspiring answers to that question.

—From the Foreword by leadership expert, Laurent Labourmene

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  • Published: April 2011
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