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The Power of Authentic Self-Expression by Robert Rabbin

The Power of Authentic Self-Expression

by Robert Rabbin

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In a telephone interview, Robert Rabbin discusses the power of authentic self-expression. (Includes all 8 parts.)

Part 1 Breaking Out of the Self-Suppression Habit

Do our ideas about spiritual teachers cause us to reach for an imagined, idealized state, that we can never achieve?

There is a very important distinction between natural, familiar, and habitual. What is it?

Why do typical workplaces ask you to leave everything that makes you human outside the door?

We banish ourselves from our own home, then try to find our way back home. What's going on?

How do we get lost and confused?

Part 2 Authenticity - An Entirely Different Paradigm for Living

We don't lack specialized knowledge. What is it that we do lack?

Is there a point to experiencing playfulness in life?

How can we be free to live an original, authentic life?

Why, when we're "lost and confused," that is, disconnected from our creative source are we vulnerable to formulas or prescriptions that we think will restore us to a meaningful and fulfilling life?

Can any belief ever heal you from the self-inflicted wound of moving against your own creativity and authentic self-expression?

Part 3 Playing with the Crayons of Existence

Do the systems we hope will liberate us ultimately help us to stay small and conformed?

Why do we feel most passionate when we can move in the world without a fixed identity?

Is the idea that "everything is consciousness" true, or dogma?

How can we know the difference between false comfort and the real comfort we find in the freedom of self-expression?

There is a simple, universal urge we can count on. What is it?

What do we really mean when we say "That's just not who I am "?

Part 4 Honestly and Energetically Interrogating Our Own Stories

Why do we tell ourselves the stories we do? Do they matter?

Does the "antidote" we're seeking usually come to us in the form of a dogma or ideology?

What is one of the most common ways we create numbness in our lives?

How do many corporations literally block the fuel line to people performing well?

Why don't most of us have fulfilling, gorgeous, exciting relationships?

Part 5 Can We Live Without Being Defined by an Identity?

Could spiritual teachers survive the challenges of reality TV?

What's wrong with only hanging out with like-minded people?

Are we using stories to place something between us and the immensity of life?

Where is our deep sense of connection to life?

Who am I, and where do I belong?

Part 6 - The Power of Our Beliefs and Stories

Why are stories and beliefs so powerful in our lives?

What are the motives for creating and living in a story?

What is the purpose of meditation?

How can we connect to subtle dimensions of possibility?

Part 7 - Flirting with a Life That is About Opening to Receive

Joseph Campbell said sometimes we have to let go of the life we want in order to receive the life that's waiting for you. Why is this significant?

How can we get a different perspective on our dilemmas?

How can we access a different kind of knowing that leads to clarity?

Is there really a "higher self"?

Part 8 - Moment to Moment Truth Telling

Is "What do I want" the best question we can ask ourselves?

How does our understand of time relate to some of the problems we have in life?

What is the value in moment to moment truth telling?

We feel constant agitation to take the next step and do the next thing. Can we escape that agitation?

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  • Published: November 2009
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