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Sri Siva's Personal Transformation by Sri Siva

Sri Siva's Personal Transformation

by Sri Siva

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From time immemorial, the meditation masters of the Tamil Siddha tradition in India have worked to perfect techniques that help people manipulate their physical reality. The focus of their teachings is "heaven on earth," the attainment of total material and spiritual abundance in the here and now.

At the heart of these teachings lies a collection of mantras - magical sounds that were revealed thousands of years ago to the yogis of India, during sessions of deep contemplation.

Since their discovery, these mantras have been believed to be the language of the gods, and the most clear and effective way for humans to communicate with the Divine. Meditation master and renowned scholar and mystic Sri Siva has created a program that will introduce you to some of the most powerful and specific mantras ever discovered. He will teach you exactly how to use these potent "secret sounds" to create real, dramatic changes in any area of your life, with remarkable speed.

Discover potent secrets from a living Indian master

In Personal Transformation, this respected and revered guru will show you how to use the mystical art of mantra meditation to achieve practical results in your life today. The meditations you will learn and practice will empower you to create very specific changes in your life.

By following Sri Siva's guidance, you can:

  • Enhance your physical, psychological, and spiritual beauty
  • Manifest the material comforts you desire
  • Eliminate earthly problems like debt and litigation
  • Empower yourself with a personal connection to God
  • Counteract negativity in your life and in the wider world
  • Create profitable new professional opportunities
  • And much more!

This 12 part system is designed to guide you through a one-year journey to total spiritual and material abundance. Each month, you'll focus your practice on one specific area of your life. Sri Siva's firm yet gentle guidance will stimulate your powers of reflection, opening your mind to the truth of your reality and the changes you need and want to make in that area.

The full spectrum of meditative mantras

For years, Sri Siva remained virtually silent about the enormously powerful meditation practice in which he had been trained. He shared these mystical secrets with only a select few, including trusted friend and student Dr. Wayne Dyer. Dr. Dyer focused on one particular meditation in his program, The Secrets to Manifesting Your Destiny.

In Personal Transformation Sri Siva himself speaks at last, revealing not just one powerful sound, but the full spectrum of meditative mantras that address the most important issues in your life, including finances, health, relationships, longevity, business profit, risk taking, and enlightenment.

A system more than 2,000 years in the making, Personal Transformation will give you the wisdom, knowledge, and practical tools you need to systematically transform every aspect of your life and enjoy the inner and outer abundance we are all meant to have.

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