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The Power to Never Again Feel Powerless by Guy Finley

The Power to Never Again Feel Powerless

by Guy Finley

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The evidence is overwhelming: "Success" is just not enough. It's true!

Today more people have acquired greater wealth than any time in our history, and yet the facts are clear: there is more stress, fear, and heartache than ever before! A coincidence?

Not hardly. Then what are we seeing?

Proof that worldly accomplishment is not the same as achieving success of the soul, and that one without the other is empty of meaning -- a lot like taking first place in a race for which your reward is another chance to run again. What's the alternative?

The truth may sound too simple, but here it is: We must wake up and see that what we don't need is another way to win a race that leaves us losing what we want most of all.

And what does the heart long for above all else?

It would be best for you to fill in the blanks, but here are a few ideas to get you started. What we really long for is:

- Happiness with no strings attached

- Peace of mind that can't be compromised

- Relationships without resentments or fear

- An unbreakable sense of security

- Confidence to accept any challenge life brings

- A Love that leaves no one out of its embrace

Where are we to find such uncompromised wonders? Closer than you think.

The one true power in this universe for which there is no substitute is within your own True Self. Think of it: the sky never fears or worries about any kind of cloud that passes through it. Why? Its own nature is an unassailable castle that cannot be overcome! The same holds true for who you really are!

You don't need new "techniques and powers" to win what your heart desires most of all. What you do need to succeed is to stop believing in being powerless!

- Remain in possession of yourself, regardless of the trials you face

- Never again trust your happiness to the hands of someone else

- Realize true command over yourself and every possible condition

- Turn every event to your own good and the good of everyone around you

- Never feel powerless again!

All of these wonders will be yours because you can make contact with a natural authority that lies deep within you -- a powerful presence that not only knows the correct way to handle any moment, but uses every experience to develop even greater self-command.

We all know that any moment in life can challenge our sense of who we are. Events may not go as we wish. People may annoy us or hurt us. Our own imaginations may present us with dire possibilities that can take the wind out of our sails and leave us feeling disheartened and discouraged.

But never again do any of these conditions have to be a problem to you. Instead you can develop a new way to meet life . . . an unstoppable attitude based in a whole new understanding . . . that immediately reveals the true nature of any problem for what it is in reality: a passageway into a new life free of negative states. What a power! And it's yours for the asking.

When life delivers a blow, when people let us down, when our own thoughts turn against us filling us with self-doubt, we can meet such moments with a kind of soul magic that makes us immune to any and all states of despair. We can learn how to turn our eyes towards a Light that already lives within us . . . and by its illumination see that we have never been without all the power we need to succeed in fulfilling our true purpose in life.

In best-selling author Guy Finley's groundbreaking new audio program or DVD, The Power to Never Again Feel Powerless, you will be gently introduced to this living Light within you, and you will discover the secrets of how to welcome its healing force in your own life.

The moment you begin putting these vital truths into practice . . .

- You will feel the deep sense of peace that comes with knowing that who you really are is stronger than any disappointment or loss.

- You will know for a fact that you need never be intimidated by the thoughtless cruelty of others.

- You will become a living example of strength and integrity to everyone around you, lending new comfort to your loved ones.

- You will learn the secret of the ages that allows you to use life for a purpose higher than being used by negative states and dark influences.

What vibrant energy and true happiness you will experience when you:

- Know in your heart that everything comes to you for the good of your soul.

- Let go of what you can't control, and take full advantage of what you can.

- Develop a relationship with a loving energy that never fails you.

This is your perfect opportunity to gain a new, liberating understanding. You can learn, step by step, how to free yourself of the sense of being powerless and put yourself in the loving hands of the greatest power in the universe. Its Strength will become your strength. Its Wisdom will become your wisdom. Its Compassion will become your compassion.

The simple way to effect this revolutionary change within yourself is fully revealed in Guy Finley's The Power to Never Again Feel Powerless.

And this remarkable program comes in a variety of formats to fit your preference. In DVD format you can actually watch Guy Finley deliver these timeless secrets. His gestures and expressions will deepen your understanding of the material. On CD or audio cassette, you can conveniently listen to the talk wherever you go -- in the car, using a Walkman, in the quiet of your room.

Never again will you be the victim of another's cruelty or your own weakness in the face of it. Forever be free of fear, so that you're always at ease regardless of what life brings.

Discover the wonderful sense of certainty born of realizing that not only do true Higher Powers want you to succeed in life but -- that with your permission -- they go before you to see that it's so!

We are talking about a "power" unlike any you have ever known.

Order now and welcome into your mind and heart the principles that grant you The Power to Never Again Feel Powerless. Then, stand back and watch as worries, doubts, and every kind of fear start to disappear from your life.

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