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by Chris Anderson

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by David Vise
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Audio Download ($26.60) | Audio CD | Audio Cassette

In 1998, Moscow-born Sergey Brin and Midwest-born Larry Page dropped out of graduate school at Stanford University to, in their own words, “change the world” through a search engine that would organize every bit of information on the Web for free.

by Daniel Goleman
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Audio Download ($10.95)

In this dialogue, renowned internet theorist Clay Shirky describes how online groups function best, how the internet can be utilized to improve our society, and how social intelligence is changing the face of group interaction online.

by Steve Wozniak
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Audio Download ($17.99) | Audio CD | MP3 CD

The mastermind behind Apple sheds his low profile and steps forward to tell his story for the first time. From the invention of the first personal computer to the rise of Apple as an industry giant…

by Chris Anderson
Available on:
Audio Download ($26.66) | Audio CD

Wired magazine editor and best-selling author Chris Anderson takes you to the front lines of a new industrial revolution as today’s entrepreneurs, using open source design and 3-D printing, bring manufacturing to the desktop.

by Laura Stack
Available on:
Audio Download ($4.99)

Is email the right tool for communicating effectively? Laura Stack will help you evaluate whether email is the appropriate method for your specific communication need.

by Clifford Nass
Available on:
Audio Download ($29.98) | Audio CD

Here are startling insights into persuasion, trust, empathy, and teamwork based on how we treat our computers....

by David Rose
Available on:
Audio Download ($17.99)

In the tradition of Who Owns the Future? and The Second Machine Age, an MIT Media Lab scientist imagines how everyday objects can intuit our needs and improve our lives.

by Rick Savoia
Available on:
Audio Download ($19.95)

Premium edition of the original podcast series about the business of tech. Features discussions with IT service professionals and vendors to help you start and manage your own computer business.

by James Gleick
Available on:
Audio Download ($23.27) | Audio Cassette

As one of our leading science writers, James Gleick has always been ahead of the curve....

1 - 9 of 9 Titles


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