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by Dale Carnegie
Available on:
Audio Download ($17.95) | Audio CD

In today’s world, where more and more of our communication takes place across wires and screens, Carnegie’s lessons have not only lasted but become all the more critical.

by Daniel P. Petrozzo
Available on:
Audio Download ($12.60) | Audio Cassette

Get instant access to cutting-edge ideas and the hard-won wisdom of one of today's leading experts on information technology (IT)...

by Michael Crichton
Available on:
Audio Download ($4.95)

Michael Crichton, the father of the “techno-thriller,” has sold over 100 million books worldwide in thirty different languages. While this would be an astonishing feat for any writer, what makes Crichton’s accomplishment unique is his commitment to the integrity of the human knowledge quest.

by Mitch Joel
Available on:
Audio Download ($29.98) | Audio CD

At last, here's THE audiobook that 21st century entrepreneurs have been waiting for - the inner-secrets of how highly successful Internet capitalists make millions by knowing who to reach and how to reach them online.

by Jaclyn Easton
Available on:
Audio Download ($19.95)

Going Wireless delivers the unexpected by showing how wireless is transforming every type of enterprise from micro-businesses to multi-national conglomerates.

by Jeffrey Stibel
Available on:
Audio Download ($29.98)

In this age of hypercompetition, the Internet constitutes a powerful tool for inventing radical new business models that will leave your rivals scrambling. But as brain scientist and entrepreneur Jeffrey Stibel explains in Wired for Thought, you have to understand its true nature.

by Pekka Himanen
Available on:
Audio Download ($16.62)

Nearly a century ago, Max Weber's The Protestant Ethic and The Spirit of Capitalism articulated the animating spirit of the industrial age. Now...

by Chris Anderson
Available on:
Audio Download ($26.66) | Audio CD

Wired magazine editor and best-selling author Chris Anderson takes you to the front lines of a new industrial revolution as today’s entrepreneurs, using open source design and 3-D printing, bring manufacturing to the desktop.

by Eric Schmidt
Available on:
Audio Download ($25.98) | Audio CD

In an era when everything is speeding up, the best way for businesses to succeed is to attract smart-creative people and give them an environment where they can thrive at scale. HOW GOOGLE WORKS explains how to do just that.

by Douglas Merril
Available on:
Audio Download ($23.27) | Audio CD

This is a book written by Douglas Merril (Former CIO of Google) and James A Martin about getting organized and develop fresh, innovative, and flexible systems of organization tailored to our individual goals, constraints, and lifestyles.

1 - 10 of 33 Titles
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