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War Of The Worlds by Sidney Williams

War Of The Worlds

Minds Eye Theater

by Sidney Williams

Title Details

Audio Original
Running Time
1 Hr. 37 Mins.


The War of The Worlds A clever H.G. Well adaptation by Sidney Williams. This is the first Dramatized Audio do the novel in the period in which it was intended. ISBN: 1-59971-032-3 Also Recorded in the UK The acting is Great Starring Martyn Tott, Nell Brooker, Simon Watts, John Tott,Patricia Tott. Music and special effects are all new creations of talented Steve Digre. All this effectively evokes a period feel. A faithful adaptation of the Wells novel, but small enough changes to make it very interesting. Produced By Troy Thayne for MindsEyeTheater.com This First Installment is free for the blind and disabled. Visit http://www.fearyoucanhear.com also for more information.

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